How Do You Shred Body Fat While Building Muscle?
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Time Your Carbs For Weight Loss

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Okay, you've decided to get into shape. You're exercising regularly and eating right. You look good but you want to look even better. You're not satisfied with the trim look. That's not enough. You want a lean, muscular body. You want to shed excess body fat. For this to happen you've got to work hard - get lots of exercise, plenty of rest and eat healthy foods. You know all of that. But what about carbohydrates? Can you really eat carbs and still lose weight? The answer is yes. And this article is going to tell you how to do it.


You Can Eat Carbohydrates And Still Lose Body Fat Weight

People usually lose weight when they restrict the amount of calories they consume. For most folks that's the whole idea behind dieting. The problem comes in, though, when they wind up burning up muscles instead of fat. That's why I wrote the article "How Do You Shred Body Fat While Building Muscle?" It was written primarily for overweight to moderately obese folks who want to become healthier. If you haven't read it, I suggest that you do.

Carbohydrates are not the enemy. That's a myth created by people who have a misunderstanding about how the body functions, the body can't survive for very long if it is deprived of carbohydrates. And the body will go to great lengths to stay alive including the conversion of protein to glucose. In other words, to stay alive your body can and will break down muscle and use it as fuel. This is unsafe and unsustainable. But most folks don't have to worry about this because we get more than our fair share of carbs.

Many of the foods we eat are high in calories and low in nutritional value. We eat more carbs than our body can handle, so we store most of it as fat. That's how we tend to gain weight. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret that trainers and bodybuilders have known about for a long time: you can actually eat carbs and still lose body fat. The secret to accomplishing this is timing.


Time Your Carbohydrate Intake To Help Your Body Lose Fat

Perhaps you've heard this piece of advice: "Don't eat dinner after six p.m." It essentially comes from the notion that the body will stop burning fuel after a certain time and the food you eat will become stored as fat. That idea is incorrect.

The body is always burning fuel in a process known as basal metabolism, we require energy to power activities such as breathing, pumping of blood to all of the cells of the body, nervous system activity, waste removal e.g. liver and kidneys and other basic functions. Since these are basic, life sustaining functions they don't need a lot of energy. You burn up less fuel when you're asleep than you do while sitting on the sofa watching television.

But the basic premise isn't wrong: time the intake of the foods you eat so that you can get the most use out of them while shedding body fat. That's what carbohydrate timing is all about. So this means that if you know that you're going to be less active during the evening and night time, do not eat carbohydrates during those hours.

Carbohydrates are an excellent energy source but they also cause insulin levels to rise which slows metabolic activity. To make the best use of carbs, they must be used for fuel, otherwise most of their energy will be stored away as body fat.

When you're an active person, you need to eat carbohydrates during those peak hours of physical activity. If you're strength training at the gym, roller blading in the park, or walking on the treadmill, carbs in the system will improve your performance. In this case you would choose a high fiber vegetable or high fiber fruit to help give you energy for your workout.

Most of the energy for your workout, though, would come from proteins and healthy fats. Then after you've finished your workout you would choose from whole grains, sweet potatoes, even some starchy foods e.g. corn or white potatoes. But only after you've finished your workout. These foods will help your body to get the carbs it needs while sparing protein as a fuel source.

That's it. You continue to eat proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates but you restrict most of the carbs to when you need them the most. Remember that carb timing isn't the only way to burn body fat while exercising. 

If you don't want to go hard core, you can still shed fat by eating more carbs throughout the day provided that you balance it with strength training three days per week and cardio five days per week.  If you take the timed carbohydrates option, you may reduce the amount of time spent on cardio exercise because you don't want to risk muscle loss.

Remember to consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.

Rejoice in the Lord and His ever loving kindness. God is God!

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