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USDA Shuts Down Foster Farms Facility Due To Live Cockroaches



The USDA has shut down a poultry processing plant operated by Foster Farms, the very same establishment which has been linked to a salmonella outbreak last year. The suspension of operations raises questions about the conditions of production at a plant that supplies poultry for human consumption.

According to a USDA Notice of Suspension, Food Safety and Inspection (FSIS) personnel suspended production at the Livingston, California plant after observing live cockroaches on the floor where poultry was being slaughtered. The Notice goes on to say that since September 2013, there have been numerous incidents involving live cockroaches during production.

On Tuesday 7 January 2014 live cockroaches were observed on a plastic tub and on Wednesday live cockroaches were observed in a hand wash sink while slaughter operations were taking place with "exposed products" slaughterhouse floor.

Based on these findings, the USDA wrote in the Notice of Suspension sent to Foster that these are indications that "that your establishment is not being operated and maintained in sanitary condition, or in a manner to ensure that product is not adulterated". They go on to say that Foster Farms failed to prevent conditions that could lead to unsanitary conditions where products could pose a public health threat.

Cockroaches can be potentially harmful because they crawl about on many surfaces where they may pick up harmful organisms which can then make humans terribly sick.

Foster Farms is already linked to a salmonella outbreak last year, The USDA's recent action suspending a facility, suggests that problems at Foster Farms have not yet been resolved.

The USDA says the facility will remain closed until they receive written reassurances that Foster Farms has taken "corrective and preventative measures" against pests.


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