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Monkey Bars Give You A Total Upper Body Workout



When you're looking for ways to become physically stronger, I suggest that you incorporate body weight exercises as part of your routine. Pushups, pull ups, chin ups and dips do wonders for the body. There's nothing like working out against your own body weight. 

Today, I'm going to add a new exercise to the repertoire. I'm talking about the monkey bars. 

The monkey bar exercise is simple enough: start at one end of the bars and move down to the other end. But it's the how which is all the fun!

How to do the monkey bar exercise

You'll need a monkey bar for this exercise. You should be able to find monkey bars at most playgrounds, outdoor fitness courses and some indoor gyms.

  1. Stand under the first bar.
  2. Use your leg muscles to propel you toward the bar.
  3. Grip the bar with both hands.
  4. Quickly grip the second bar with your left hand.
  5. Now, grip the third bar with your right hand. 
  6. Grip the fourth bar with your left hand.
  7. Continue the process until you reach the end of the monkey bars.
  8. Repeat the process going in the opposite direction.

The monkey bar exercise requires a great deal of upper body strength, good motor coordination, and endurance. 

The monkey bar exercise strengthens your shoulders, wrists, forearms, back and abdominal muscles. You're propelling yourself from bar to bar without losing your grip. The monkey bar exercise has an aerobic component, too. You're moving quickly which requires oxygenated muscles. The faster your heart beats, the more oxygen pumped to your muscles and the more calories burned.

You can't do monkey bars with an assist. The best way to learn the monkey bar exercise is to get up there and do them.


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