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Fixing Water Leaks and Water Leak Detection

Fixing Water Leaks and Water Leak Detection by Marianne B. Conway

Fixing Water Leaks

For help and information on leaks, bursts, burst mains, water pressure and other water or sewerage related problems your water supplier should have a dedicated emergency line.

If the leak is inside your house, then you should call a plumber. It will be your or your landlord’s responsibility to fix this. You should turn the water supply off at the mains to prevent further damage.

If the leak is from your water meter or between your house and the boundary of your property (your service pipe) you are usually responsible for repairing it. You will need to hire a contractor to find out where the link is then carry out the repair. Your water supplier should be able to provide you with a list of contractors.

After the pipe has been repaired most water companies should reimburse you with a one off payment towards the repair on receipt of the invoice. There will usually be maximum amount payable and certain conditions, for example, that the repairs were carried out within 30 days of finding out about the leak.

If the leak is outside the property boundary then you should contact your water supplier to arrange repairs.

Dripping Taps

A dripping tap can be an annoyance as well as a waste of water, a waste of energy if it is a hot tap, and can leave nasty stains on your bath or sink. It is also easier to fix than you might think, often just a replacement washer is needed, and by doing it yourself, you could save on expensive plumbing costs.

You'll need a spanner, a flathead and crosshead screwdriver, a cloth and some wire wool, washers
There are a few different types of taps:

- Taps that turn on and off with a quarter of a turn - ceramic discs inside a replaceable cartridge.
- Taps that take several turns - rubber sealing washers, different sizes depending on whether they are basin or bath taps.
- Mixer taps - often small washers.

As different taps will have different size washers, it is worth checking which one you need first and taking the old one in as an example or buying a selection so that you are sure you will have the correct size.

You will need to turn of the water supply to the tap, this will either be by turning the supply off completely - usually under or near the kitchen sink - or if the supply pipe to the tap has an isolating valve, you can turn the water off here by turning the valve ball will a screwdriver. Once done, you should open the tap up fully to check the water is off. A trickle of water may come out but that should be all.

Take off the screw handle. Depending on what type of tap it is you can either just:

- Pull it off.
- Unscrew the screw from under the hot or cold indicator disc and then pull it off.
- Undo the small screw set in its underside - if an old style tap.

Once the handle is removed, you should now see the stem of the tap with a brass nut holding it in place. Unscrew this buy turning it anti clockwise with a spanner, then lift out the tap stem.

The washer is on the bottom of this piece, you need to prise it off and clean any corrosion or scale off the stem with wire wool and a cloth before putting a new washer, the same size back on. You may be able to just push it back on, or it may be held on by a small nut.

Reassemble the tap correctly and turn on your water supply. You should have fixed the dripping tap and saved yourself some money.

Marianne B. Conway
Water Leak Detection Water Leak Detection Equipment

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The Difference Between Insured and Bonded Contractors

The Difference Between Insured and Bonded ContractorsThe Difference Between Insured and Bonded Contractors  by Leeanne Kunnert

When hiring a contractor there is a big difference between contractors that are insured, a contractor that is bonded or one that is both insured and bonded. Exactly what are those differences and how do they affect you as a homeowner?

When a contractor is bonded and insured it offers an incentive for homeowners to hire them over a contractor that is not. Reputable home improvement specialists purchase bonds and insurance to protect consumers they work for while offering recourse in case something should go wrong.

A contractor's bond offers protection to consumers against contractors failure to complete the job as the contract states, doesn't pay for the proper permits or other financial obligations and such. In order for a contractor to become bonded they must pay a premium to a surety bonding company. Once the premium is paid by the contractor they are given a bond number and certification that confirms the surety company has agreed to provide protection to the consumer against several different issues that can arise from contractor error.

If you as a consumer feel that the work completed by the contractor is subpar or if materials and subcontractors aren't paid they can contact the surety company direct to submit a claim. The state and municipality where you reside will determine the bonding requirements contractors must meet to ensure they have the proper contractor bond. Be sure to research these requirements before you hire a contractor to do work within your home or business.

A contractor that states they are licensed to perform work is different than those that are bonded. Two types of insurance commonly associated with contractors in the construction industry: liability insurance and workers compensation.

Liability insurance protects against property damage that occurs because of work that is performed by the contractor. It does not however cover issues related to poor quality workmanship. Those issues are covered under a contractor's bond. This is why hiring a contractor that is both insured and bonded is important to protecting you as a consumer.

Workers compensation insurance is purchased by contractors to project against workers lost wages and medical services when they are hurt on the job. The families of the worker are also compensation benefits through workers comp insurance in the event of a death that occurs while at work. This is important insurance to look for as a homeowner when hiring a contractor to avoid being financially responsible for injuries that occur on your property while contracted work is being done.

To protect against any wrong doing on the part of the contractor be it intentional or unintentional it is important for homeowners to require contractors working for them to be both insured and bonded.

Construction Bonding Specialists, LLC are dedicated Surety Bond Professionals that are aligned with several Treasury Listed and AMBest Rated Surety markets which allows them to assist with virtually all Bid, Performance and Payment, Financial Guarantee and Supply bond needs. Find out more information at http://www.bondingspecialist.com.

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Your Roof Is Your Home's Hat

Your Roof Is Your Home's HatYour Roof Is Your Home's Hat  by Leeanne Kunnert

Your homes roof offers the first line of defense against the elements. It is essential that the rood is structurally sound. In order prevent minor issues from turning into major ones it is vital to recognize potential problems and handle them as they arise. Small roofing issues can usually be easily repaired without having to install a complete new roof on your home. However, there are times when an issue may seem minor when roofing contractors will suggest that a new roof is in your best interest. Homeowners should consider the following when determining if it could be time to throw in the towel and replace the homes entire roof.

The Age of Your Roof

Roofing contractors agree that shingle roofs only last about twenty to thirty years. Shingle roofing that is over thirty years old may look good from the ground but be suffering from a myriad of complex issues. Even if your homes roof looks great from the ground be sure to have a roofing contractor inspect the overall well-being of the structure to assess the overall condition of the roof.

Curling Shingles

There are two ways in which shingles can curl on a roof. Cupping is when the edges of the shingles start to turn upwards. Clawing is when the shingle edges are flat but the middle of the shingle starts to come up. No matter which way your shingles are curling the indication is the same. The shingles are weathered and are at risk for leaking. Roofing contractors suggest that roofs showing signs of curling should be replaced within the next year to retain the integrity of the roofs structure.

Missing Shingling

As far as the function of your roof is concerned replacing a few shingles that come loose or that are missing. It may difficult to find replacement shingles that match your current roof. If you start to notice the shingles being bare of granules or your roof turning into a checker board then it may be time to replace the roof instead of trying to keep replacing the missing shingles.

Cracked Shingles

When a shingle becomes cracked or damaged it is most often because of wind damage. If just a few of the shingles are cracked you are probably okay to just replace them. If you or your roofing contractor notices that the cracked shingles are located sporadically throughout the roof it may be time to start thinking about replacing your entire roof. When you see cracked shingles the roof has about two to three years left before it becomes an absolute necessity to be replaced.

Gutter Granules

Loose granules located in gutters are a familiar site after a roof has been replaced however if you begin to see these granules emerge after the roof has been in place for a few years it is a sure sign the roof is going to need to be replaced. The granules on asphalt shingles is in place to keep the sun off of the asphalt. When the granules start to fall off of the shingles the roof will begin to "bake" leading to quicker deterioration.

Other issues that roofing contractors say to look for is shingles covered in moss or algae, if you see sunlight from anywhere in your attic or if you notice that the roof is beginning to sag. As stated earlier, the homes roof is its first defense against the elements. It is crucial in providing protection for the structural integrity of your home.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs. You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

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Three Landscaping Ideas

Three Landscaping IdeasThree Landscaping Ideas by Ryan Wolfe

Your outdoor space is just as vital and important as you're inside space. Landscaping can not only raise your property value and make your neighbors happy; it can be an exciting and creative project, a new spin on yard maintenance. So maybe you've just bought a home with a big back yard space, but it's just sitting there like a blank canvas in serious need of some lawn care. On the other hand, perhaps you've let your former design go, and you're ready for something fresh, either way, lawn care, can improve not only the aesthetics of your life, but also the financial value of your home. You'll want to start thinking about designs, what types of yard care are you interested in. With so many to choose from it can be hard to discover what you want, there are, Japanese, Chinese, modern, classic, do you want stepping stones or gravel walk ways, should you have water features? There are so many choices; we couldn't possibly cover them all, so we'll talk about three ideas to help inspire you to start your yard care project.

1. The Country English Garden
To fans of Jane Austen, and the like, it won't be hard to find inspiration in this classic form of garden. You'll want to spend hours reading beside the common aromatic plants so often found in the classic English landscaping design. At the time it was practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, and now, it can help add a sweet and constant fragrance to your space. Some ideas for types of herbs to plant would be sage, and lavender, both have strong but highly pleasant scents. If you plant these near the door, you'll find yourself wanting to leave the door open and let the scent in. The lavender will add not only scent but also one of the staple colors of the country garden. The English garden design offers you a infinite supply of romance, and a place to enjoy yard care. These are just a couple features of the limitless English country design.

2. The Tuscany
The rich earth tones of Tuscany designs are not only popular but also work well in almost any environment. The lush design often either features stonework, in the form of outdoor tile, or graveled off areas that could easily be used to entertain. Consider adding things like creeping vines to give your yard a more rustic and authentic look. Create your own private get away by using tall shrubbery, or perhaps a wall of grape vines to accentuate the rest of you space. Your yard care will be a breeze in this rich and rustic getaway.

3. The modern garden
Modern gardens are all about clean lines, richness, yet keeping things under control as to offer low lawn maintenance, for a modern lifestyle. This look is accented by walkways made of clean rectangular blocks spaced reasonably apart, and often emphasized by lots of lush greenery. Moss can be used between the walkway stones to make the gray pop and add contrast to the lines.

These are just three ideas, which would add value to your outdoor space, keep in mind the yard care that suits you best.

Ryan Wolfe is a landscape designer in Portland, Oregon. His company, Valley West Landscapes, provides landscape design, organic yard care and lawn maintenance services in Portland, Oregon.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Three-Landscaping-Ideas/264784

Benefits Of Having A Well Maintained Lawn

Benefits Of Having A Well Maintained Lawn by Ryan Wolfe

Few surroundings can bring as much joy to the soul and relaxation to the body as a personal, well maintained lawn. Where bustling urban life brings constant sirens and horns, a lawn is the quiet oasis where one can escape to the deep countryside. Vibrant grass, bursting with creativity and life, can bring healing to the sick and happiness to those in despair. Lawn maintenance can make a world of difference in a home. There are several benefits of having a well maintained lawn.

Some of the most appealing aspects of a neighborhood are all the beautiful lawns that adorn homes. Grassy areas serve as an aphrodisiac bringing serenity and comfort. Flowers full of bloom and color draw natural light to home while showcasing the interior and exterior of a home. If trying to sell a home, nice landscaping can draw in potential buyers and increase the property value as well. Curb appeal matters. Everyone dreams of having a lawn that impresses those who pass and that the neighbors envy.

There are more benefits that a well maintained lawn can bring than just an improved appearance. After yard maintenance, an area draws the mind to dream of backyard barbeques, games with the kids, and outdoor summer parties. A grassy lawn can provide a safe area where kids can play at free will and you don't have to be concerned with the normal detrimental factors that a public park might have. Grass can reduce the shock of a fall and provide a cushion. More leisure time with family and friends is a huge benefit of having a well maintained lawn. Even in the sweltering summer heat a lawn can serve as a stage for entertainment. A yard is much cooler than concrete or asphalt and could make an area more than 14 degrees cooler.

If the receipt for an annual landscaping visit is becoming bigger than your wallet, keeping it well maintained throughout the year could save money. Soil can become unhealthy quickly if the grass is not kept at the proper height and the roots are not receiving the proper nutrients. If the soil does become damaged and is not given what it needs then it will bring havoc to turf and plants. With regular lawn maintenance, the pH of the soil can be checked and attended to. By keeping plants healthy and trimmed neatly will also save time and money in the long run.

A well maintained lawn is also smart for the environment by providing natural resources to the ecosystem. Healthy, dense lawns absorbs water much more efficiently than bare soil or hay and prevents run off and erosion of the imperative top soil. It also traps millions of dust and dirt particles that escape into the US atmosphere annually, penetrating our lungs and antagonizing our allergies. Lawns also serve as a water purifier before entering underground aquifers, capturing and breaking down pollutants by use of the microbes found in soil.

Ryan Wolfe is a landscape designer in Portland, Oregon. His company, Valley West Landscapes, provides landscape design, organic yard care and lawn maintenance services in Portland, Oregon.

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Best Season For Roofing

Best Season For RoofingBest Season For Roofing by Leeanne Kunnert

The material of choice for most northern roofs is asphalt. Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing material in a majority of homes for many reasons including cost, ease of installation and its longevity. Asphalt roofs, when installed properly, are known to last on average for twenty plus years. Is the lifespan of your asphalt roof reaching its peak? Maybe now is the perfect time to start considering your roof replacement options. Most homeowners want to complete home improvements when the time is right. When is the best time to install a new roof? It just may not be what you expect.

Winter Roof Replacement

Everyone that is familiar with northern winters understands that roofing isn't really a great option. The snow, ice and colder temperatures make roofing materials such as asphalt difficult to work with. The asphalt shingles become brittle and hard. Professional roofing contractors will tell you that these are not the ideal conditions in which to install a new roof. The cold is not ideal for roofers, roofing tools, sealants or much else that the northern climates offer during the winter season. New roofs in northern climates are better installed during another season.

Spring Roof Replacement

Spring roof replacement tends to be one of the least expensive times of the year to install your homes new roof. Spring is a great time to replace ones roof if the issues your roof has had are not worsened by waiting through the winter. Roofing contractors are not as busy as they will be in the upcoming seasons and roofing materials can often be found at a discount. Most manufacturers are offering discounts on materials from last season to clear the inventory for new arriving roofing supplies. This allows roofing contractors to bid lower on residential roofing projects than they normally could during the summer and fall seasons. If money is an object and you are working within a budget consider spring roof replacement.

Summer Roof Replacement

There is no denying that summer has become the best known time for home improvements for homeowners in the north. One thing to remember is that the heat of northern summers is never a joke. Northern summers can reach unbearable temperatures and out of control humidity levels. This can make roofing unpleasant for both roofing contractors and the materials they use. When installing roofs it is best to avoid the extremes within any season.

Fall Roof Replacement

The best time of the year to install a new roof for homes in the northern regions is the fall. The temperatures are perfect; not too hot and not too cold. Roofing contractors and their crews can work without the worry of heat exhaustion or hypothermia. With mild temperatures also comes easier installation. Roofing materials are easier to work with and the elements are not such a huge factor. It may also be the busiest time for roofers! To be sure you get an appointment when the timing is most convenient for both homeowner and contractor schedule your roof replacement now instead of waiting until roofing contractors are well on their way managing through their busy seasons.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs. You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

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Home Improvements That Pay Off 

Home Improvements That Pay OffHome Improvements That Pay Off  by Leeanne Kunnert

Certain home improvements yield a higher value than others. The first thing that comes to mind when going for renovations that increase the equity seems to always be kitchen remodels. More important than a new kitchen is those basic home maintenance items such as a new roof, updated siding, fresh paint, basically any renovation that keeps maintenance low and appeal high.

Sometimes home improvements are needed instead of wanted. As a handyman I have installed many new furnaces when homeowners dreamed of countertops of granite and showers that steam. Often times as a contractor I need to remind homeowners that reliable furnaces and dry basements are far more important than updated kitchens and luxury bathrooms.

As a handyman I talk to a ton of real estate agents, architects and other contractors. We all agree that buyers can't get past a roof that leaks however can get over a kitchen that would seat more people with the addition of an island. Homeowners are more likely to recoup their investment with the addition of new siding. Replacing the siding recoups around ninety three percent of its cost, replacing the roof and windows return about eighty percent or more.

Home buyers often take basic home systems for granted. When an offer is put in on a home it is expected that when the inspector checks the home out that the roof will not leak, the plumbing works, and heating and air conditioning systems are in order. Basic home maintenance items will eat up a new homeowner's budget quickly; in reality however they desire to use their financial resources to update the aesthetics of the home. Maintenance items within the home can quickly eat away at a homeowners updating budget quicker than quick.

If 2016 is the year that you are thinking of finally get to the home improvements you have been putting off here are a few things to keep in mind.

What are you going to get back on your investment? How does the value of your home relate to others within the area? If you live in a neighborhood where your home is already going for top dollar it is going to be difficult to get money back on any of your home renovations. Installing a ten thousand dollar garage addition to create a three car garage where two car garages are the norm may not be the best investment for your renovating dollars.

If homes in the area have only one bathroom it may not make sense to increase the number of bathrooms in your home. A bathroom renovation can cost anywhere between nine and twelve thousand dollars. Adding another bathroom to a neighborhood where one bath is the norm may not yield that expense in increased home equity.

It is important to understand that not all renovations are created equally. Handymen that tell you anything other than that are lying. Yes, you may want an in-ground pool but be sure that you know you may not get your money back out of the investment; be sure it is worth it for you. If the value you will receive from the renovation is greater than the amount you will be able to recoup go for it!

The Home Doctor, based in Livingston County including Brighton and Howell Michigan, offers a variety of home renovations to clients ranging from bathroom remodeling to age in place home modifications. Contact http://glenmillerthehomedoctor.com/ today all of your home renovating needs.

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Septic Tank Do's & Don'ts

Septic Tank Do's & Don'ts
By Juanita Swindell

It is a fact that most homeowners tend to forget completely about their septic system. It could be either because, well, it's not really something to get all excited about or maybe it's just a question of out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, out of sight or not, this is not something that you can afford to ignore for too long. This is after all, the place where all the waste accumulates.

The good news is, maintaining the septic system and tank is not as difficult as you may have thought. Simply following these few do's and don'ts will help keep it functioning efficiently for several years.


Do get a professional plumber to inspect the system for potential problems at least once a year.

Do make sure that you have a lint filter on your washing machine so that the link does not drain off with the water. Link can accumulate and in the drains and cause an obstruction in the smooth flow of water through the pipes.

Do take the time to learn where the septic tank and drainfield of your home are located. This will help save a lot of time and trouble when you have service visits for sewer maintenance.

Do put proper measures in place to make sure that the water from driveways and roof drains do not flow directly into the tank as this could cause it to get overwhelmed and it could start overflowing.

When you are cleaning up the kitchen sink, wash basins, toilets and the tub, try as much as possible to use environmentally friendly solutions. If you need to use commercial disinfectants and cleaners, use them only sparingly as these contain toxic substances that can kill the beneficial bacteria in the system.

Do get a permit from the health department before doing any repair work on the sewage system.


Do not throw solid wastes into the drains as this can cause a blockage after some time.

Also avoid throwing items that are non-biodegradable such as pampers, tampons and any type of plastic items.

Do not try to repair the drains or septic system yourself as the toxic fumes can be very dangerous. When you need to get any repair work done it is important to get it done by a professional contractor who is licensed.

Avoid planting deep rooted trees or large plants anywhere around the drain field as these roots tend to spread out in search of water and may damage the underground water-filled pipes.

Liberty Plumbic and Septic has highly skilled professionals who are experienced in all aspects of septic tank inspection and maintenance. Getting the system checked for potential problems is the most effective way to prevent having a disastrous drain leak or worse still, a backed up system. Also check out our new page on Septic Tanks Do's and Don'ts.

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Why You Cannot Do Without Sub Floor Ventilation

Why You Cannot Do Without Sub Floor VentilationWhy You Cannot Do Without Sub Floor Ventilation by Matt Reardon

Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Sub Floor Ventilation

Subfloor ventilation offers air flow in places where it is common to find mold, mildew, rotting wood and pests, usually in the subfloors of most houses and buildings. If left untreated, such conditions can lead to health complications.

How It Works

The whole point of a subfloor ventilation system is to replace the moist stale air with fresh dry air. The most basic form of this type of ventilation involves placing air ducts in strategic places around the building. After installation, natural ventilation is meant to take care of the rest. As stated, this is the most basic form, but in most cases it is not sufficient.

Simply having air ducts allowing air into and out of the subfloor is not enough, and you need the help of fans that help speed the process along. These fans will aid in expelling the moist stale air and replacing it with clean air from outside the building. Other forms of subfloor ventilation involve placing fans on one side of the building to draw in fresh air, then exhaust fans on the opposite side which are meant to expel the moist air. Some of these ventilations can be modified to not only extract moist air from the subfloor, but from other parts of the building that tend to be over moist.

It is important to note that subfloor ventilation only works well if you have avenues for replacement air.

Why You Need It

Below are a few reasons why subfloor ventilation is important:

1. Inhibits the growth of mold. Mold thrives in moist conditions, and one of the best places is your building's subfloor. If its growth is left unchecked, mold can lead to a number of health problems mostly respiratory conditions. Symptoms that mold causes include coughing, sneezing, asthma attacks, congestion, wheezing, and allergic reactions. The proper circulation of clean air will help in eliminating the mold.

2. Termite protection. Termites enjoy wood, and more so, are attracted to moist areas, such as a subfloor lacking proper ventilation. If the wooden structures have already started decaying as a result of the increased moisture, then the termites will only worsen the condition. They will eat into the wood, causing it to become weak.

3. Moist conditions in the subfloor can pose a risk to the building's structure. This is because moisture can increase the rotting of the wood. This weakens the timber, which in turn weakens the entire structure. You can prevent this from happening by installing subfloor ventilation.

4. Reduction in potential costs. If you think about the damage that moist conditions can cause, then you will realize that repairing them will cost quite some money. This will cater for the medical costs as a result of the respiratory issues caused by the mold as well as the repairs to the building's structure as a result of decay and termite infestation. All this can be prevented by simply installing a proper subfloor ventilation system.

Copyright (c) 2016 Matt Reardon

Mould Buster is known for their expertise in sub floor ventilation. They offer clients thorough services to ensure prevention of mould and moisture. The services are also pocket-friendly and clients are given a warranty for their peace of mind.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Why-You-Cannot-Do-Without-Sub-Floor-Ventilation/400286

Before You Get That Drainfield Installed

Before You Get That Drainfield Installed
By Juanita Swindell

If you're a homeowner or even a landlord, you know there's a lot to do to keep a house or other domicile in shape. One of those is keeping the plumbing and other internal bits going - and that includes getting a drainfield installed.

A drainfield is usually attached to a septic tank and consists of an arrangement of trenches containing perforated pipes and porous materials. It is covered by soil to keep animals and surface runoff from reaching the wastewater found in those trenches. Its main job is to ferry away wastewater and other waste materials from a building.

Why should I get a drain field installed?

A drainfield is a vitally important link in the chain of a modern septic system. Without a properly-working drainfield, you risk letting pathogens contaminate the soil around your building. These pathogens mainly come from human waste, in particular feces.

These pathogens not only poison the soil, they can also get into underground water sources. This carries a very real risk of spreading disease to anyone who drinks or otherwise uses the contaminated water. Responsible homeowners understand that keeping the soil and water clean benefits everyone. A proper drain field helps make this job easier.

Could I do the job on my own instead of paying a professional?

DIYers should be aware that while this job is not impossible to do by yourself, it certainly is not easy to get done. For one thing, you must choose the site for your drainfield carefully. It must be at least 10 feet away from any water source and an edible garden if you have one, but it must be close enough to the septic tank.

For another, you cannot just pick a site and start digging. The proper authorities must be notified so you can get a proper building permit. Many health departments require a percolation test to gauge the sustainability of the drainfield soil. It's important to establish this before you start working. Find out if authorities would prefer to have this done by a professional - laws regarding septic tank usage vary widely.

Even after all the proper paperwork and testing is done, you need to factor in the cost and the time it will take to complete the project. You'll need enough pipe length to set up the trench system, and enough gravel or other porous material to line the trenches. All of this will take time to position and install properly. Plus, if you don't do the job right, you risk back-up problems in the septic tank later on.

Are you staring a drainfield problem in the face, or are you looking to avoid one before it happens? Call Liberty Plumbing and Septic today for a professional job done quickly and at very competitive rates. Also check out our new Blog Post on Drainfield Installations.

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