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How to Choose the Right Dog Ramp

How to Choose the Right Dog Ramp by Tim Berrisford

Choosing the right dog ramp can be a nightmare. There are quite a few different types of dog ramps available and it is easy to make the wrong decision which would mean that you become the proud owner of the wrong ramp. To try to help you to choose the right dog ramp for you and your dog and importantly your car we have written this article to try to help you prevent making a costly mistake.

Most pet shops don't actually stock dog ramps as they are perceived to be a niche product and are a bulky item that doesn't return a high value per square foot of retail area. Pets At Home are the exception to this as they do sell a ramp called the Coopers dog ramp , but this is a very lightweight dog ramp that is extremely flimsy, without an anti-slip surface and this should be avoided at all costs.

For the reason above most purchases of dog ramps are made via the internet and Easy Animal is perhaps the largest seller of dog ramps on the internet, certainly we carry the largest range of any company available online. At easyanimal.co.uk we offer a fast free next day delivery on all the dog ramps that we sell, this really suits those people who phone us up to say that their dog is going to the vets the following day and they desperately need a dog ramp.
When you are looking to buy a dog ramp there are a few key factors that need to be considered which are as follows:
1. How heavy is your dog?
2. What vehicle do you need to fit the ramp to?
3. How fit and able are you?

Firstly the weight of your dog is of paramount importance as every ramp has a load capacity. If the weight of your dog exceeds this or even gets near to the capacity the ramp will certainly flex and with continued use will ultimately break. Should your dog fall from a ramp that collapses it will certainly lose any confidence to use a ramp or at worst injure itself. Some ramps flex more than others and this is a really important consideration when deciding which ramp to buy.

Secondly you need to know your vehicles height of the boot space if you are intending to get your dog into the rear space or boot of your vehicle. Basically the higher your vehicle the longer the ramp you will need. Most dogs prefer a very gentle incline, and certainly if your dog is nervous or hasn't used a ramp before then the lesser the incline the better.

The best way to determine the incline of the dog ramp is to take a tape measure and put one end of the tape onto the bumper of your vehicle then measure the length of the stated ramp and with the other end of the tape touch the ground, from the side you will be able to get an idea of the slope of the ramp.

What people who are considering buying a ramp need to do is to ensure that they buy a ramp that is long enough, one of the most common reasons for returning a ramp is because it is just too short or the incline too steep. Whilst long ramps are ideal it is crucial that considerations as to where to store the ramp are taken, again it is very important to look at the folded or stored dimensions of each dog ramp before making a decision to purchase. Will you have children in the car or other passengers, will you have the space to store the ramp and the dog when the car is fully laden? All these factors need to be well thought through and certainly it's a great idea to measure this thoroughly before deciding which ramp suits you best.

Thirdly a really important factor to consider is how fit and able are you, some dog ramps can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. Whilst lifting ramp is certainly lighter than lifting your dog the actual weight of these need to be considered especially if you are elderly or frail. Most people try to choose a ramp that is as light as possible, but as the weight of each ramp differs is is something that you will need to study in detail.

It is obvious that every buyer has a unique set of conditions, they will have a different breed of dog, a different age of dog, a different vehicle and so many other unique factors, and yet there are only a relatively small number of different types of dog ramps available. For this reason it is very clear that there has to be compromise when making that difficult decision as to which dog ramp to buy. At Easy Animal we offer a free helpline where potential dog ramp buyers can call us on 0800 849 8844 to get free impartial advice on which ramp may well suit you.

In the near future we will be producing a dog ramp review which will detail all the main pros and cons of each type and brand of ramp to help you to decide which is the best dog ramp for you.

Tim Berrisford runs the one of the leading online stores for dog training products within the UK. The company called Easyanimal.co.uk sells a comprehensive range of some of the top brands of dog training products available.

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Your Home Business and the Internet

Your Home Business and the Internet by Jasmine Stone

The internet is one tool that has revolutionized the way we do everything. The speed and connectivity offered by the internet has made the world smaller, and has brought people closer together. In fact, the internet has made us realize the fact that we now live in a global community and that everything we do affects the world around us.

The internet surely has gone a long way in changing the way we live. But how exactly has the internet changed entrepreneurs' home businesses?

As mentioned before, the internet has brought the world closer together. This means the every business has the potential for a global market. What does this mean? Well, the internet has made it possible for entrepreneurs' home businesses to have customers far away from home.

There used to be a time when "home business" meant that an entrepreneur would have to endure having customers from his or her immediate community. Having a home business usually meant that your market was limited, until such a time when you can get your venture out of the house and into the world.

Did you ever wonder how hard the big companies of today had to work in order to get out of their homes? You see, everyone has to start somewhere and most of the big corporations today often started as home-based.

The internet helps people shorten the time they have to wait until their business gets off the ground. The internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses get the push it needs to cater to a global market. You see, the internet actually allows you to have the whole world as a target. Because of this, many entrepreneurs actually take their business to the internet.

Home-based businesses aren't what they used to be. Now, because of the internet, entrepreneurs' home businesses actually mean that the lucky businessmen actually get to stay at home while they make their cash. More and more people are opening up online businesses because of the simple fact that they get to make money easier this way.

Remember that entrepreneurs are the richest people in the world. Lawyers may make a lot of money, executives may have big salaries, but entrepreneurs pay these people for their services. So who do you think is really at the top of the chain?

The internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses in a lot of other ways. With the internet, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips. This means that you practically have the whole world at the palm of your hand.

Because of this, entrepreneurs have access to every piece of information that can affect their business ventures. We all know how vigilant one must be of things that one cannot control. The market is a very erratic factor in business, with people changing their preferences all the time. Through the internet, entrepreneurs' home businesses can be prepared for any possible events.

Having all this information also allows you to take a closer look at competition. What sets those businesses apart? What is the competition's weakness? How can you get ahead in the market? These questions and more can be answered by a simple search on the internet.

The internet also allows you access to people. This means that you can reach important contacts and make business decisions faster. Entrepreneurs' home businesses prosper because the internet allows these businesses to have the best of help. The internet allows you to get expert advice and quickly.

The internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses by making opportunities easier to access. This means that entrepreneurs can keep a constant lookout for any chances of expanding their businesses. The earlier you learn of an opportunity, the better your chance of getting it.

So, in general, the internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses by giving them an edge. The internet speed things up and allows you to save time on making business-related decisions. Then internet also allows you to multi-task, that is, you get to do multiple things at once. Because of this, the internet is a very valuable technology indeed. But most of all the fact that you now have the world as your potential market gives you a little boost in confidence. Surely, there must be people in the whole world who are willing to pay good money for your product or service, right?

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 38




I was able to workout at the gym on two different days last week.  Here are the results:


Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

machine overhead press

90 lb x 6x1

180 lb x6x5


standing fixed barbell overhead press

80 lb x5x4

80 lb 4x1

80 lb x1x1

farmer's walk

85 lb dumbbells in each hand x2


Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

standing fixed barbell overhead press

90 lb x 5x5

Olympic barbell and weight plate arm press

45 lb x5x5

machine chest press

180 lb x6x2

200 lb x5x1

200 lb x4x1

200 lb x3x1


By far the machine press is my favorite exercise; I set the weight plates on, sit down and start pressing them overhead. I enjoy the standing barbell press, too; I'm using fixed barbells right now and will quickly progress through them so that I can use the Olympic bars and press for heavier weights as I had years ago. The barbell floor press will be done as it will be done, is all I can say. I'll keep you posted.


But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14


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Avoiding Dirt Bike Accidents

Avoiding Dirt Bike Accidents by Andrew Green

Is there any way I can avoid dirt bike accidents?

The quick answer to this questions is no, you will inevitably have a dirt bike accident during your time as a dirt bike racer. It's simply a matter of time, however you should be able to limit the number and severity of your accidents by the way you ride and the attitude you have when you're on the back of your bike.

Does attitude really play a part in reducing dirt bike accidents?

Absolutely, but there's a fine line that you need to be on, and riding on either side of the line can result in an accident. If you have little or no confidence then you are probably going to crash, albeit at low speed but even low speed accidents can hurt; especially if you are hit by someone who isn't doing such a low speed. A lack of confidence usually tends to mean a lack of practise so practise somewhere very quiet and gain as much confidence as you can in both your ability and your bike's behaviour.

On the other flip side of the coin, though, you can be too confident and become reckless and dangerous. This will probably lead to more dangerous accidents for you and possibly other riders around you. The trick here is to be confident but not too cocky when it comes to your riding.

Knowledge is power, even concerning dirt bike accidents.

The more you know all the factors involved in your dirt bike racing the more chance you have of dirt bike racing being a fun and less dangerous sport. Get to know your bike's abilities, your own abilities and as much as you can about the course before you start trying to break any records or win any races. This is where the fine line comes into it. If you're racing a track blind you still need to have the confidence to get out there and ride fast enough to make an impact. If possible walk around the track before and see what you're up against, even better watch some riders practising and see what they're doing; where they're going wrong and where they're doing well.

Dirt bike accidents can hurt like hell and do damage to you and your bike. If you know enough about your bike and your track and you have the right level of confidence then there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to race for years with only a few less serious accidents; but do bear in mind that accidents are basically a part and parcel of dirt bike racing and they will happen to you eventually.

Dirt Bikes HQ, http://www.dirtbikeshq.com/, for lots of information about dirt biking.

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When It's Cold Outside - It's Chili

When It's Cold Outside - It's Chili by Donna Hager

There are as many different kinds of chili as there are cooks. Will the history of chili tell us where chili originated and what chili recipe is the best?

Actually, I love chili anytime of the year, but during cold weather it is especially good, or as the novelist Margaret Cousins said, "Chili is not so much food as it is a state of mind. Addictions to it are formed early in life and the victims never recover. On cold, blue days in October, I get this passionate yearning for a bowl of chili, and I nearly lose my mind."

There are probably thousands of different chili recipes and I enjoy making and eating a variety of chili recipes. For me, it is a great food adventure. And although I may have my personal favorites, such as my version of a traditional chili, I really don't get too excited if someone else has his favorite that is much different than mine.

Some people like it spicy and hot and some prefer it mildly spiced. Some cooks use ground beef while others insist that the beef should be chopped. There are chili recipes that use chicken, turkey, pork, venison or other rather exotic meats. Some chili recipes use beer or meat stocks as part or all of the cooking liquid.

There are many vegetarian versions of chili as well. The use of vegetable stock and/or tomatoes eliminates the need for meat.

What kinds of beans, if any, should be in a chili? Here, too, you'll find a vast range of preferences. Pinto beans, red beans, kidney beans, black beans or white beans - there are recipes that use each or them or even a combination of several. But you should also know that there were no beans in chili originally!

What kind of chile peppers or chili seasoning should be used and how much? With this the great chili debate really heats up - so to speak. ( Chile refers to the pepper pod. Chili to the creation. )

And the great chili debate is not limited to what chili or chili recipe is best. Some people are so passionate about where the first bowl was made and who made it that they nearly come to blows.

In America, chili is something many people love to cook and eat, and some love to argue about. My Texas friends will undoubtedly defend their chili as the best ( and maybe the only true chili) in the world.

In his book, "Simple Cooking," John Thorpe wrote, "It can only truly be Texas red if it walks the thin line just this side of indigestibility: Damning the mouth that eats it and defying the stomach to digest it, the ingredients are hardly willing to lie in the same pot together."

What is amazing to me, however, is that even among residents of Texas there is disagreement as to the single best chili recipe. That has helped keep "chili cookoffs" alive and well, not only in Texas, but in a number of areas throughout the country. I have never desired to be a chili judge. If their life isn't in jeopardy, their digestive systems may be. When my husband once thought about accepting an invitation to judge such a contest I told him he'd sleep outside that night if he did. He declined the invitation to be a judge, thank goodness.

Is there such a thing as "the original Texas chili?" The history of chili is very unclear about this. There is a recipe that is at least traceable to a cattle range cook, or perhaps it was from the combined offerings of several old cowboys straddled up to a Texas bar. Nobody will swear that this is the first true Texas chili recipe, but most say it seems pretty close. Notice ...no beans.

Chili con Carne Recipe
An "Original" Chili Recipe

Cut up as much meat as you think you will need (any kind will do, but beef is probably best) in pieces about the size of a pecan
Put it in a pot, along with some suet (fat) enough so as the meat won't stick to the sides of the pot
Cook it with about the same amount of wild onions, garlic, oregano, and chiles as you have got meat
Put in some salt
Stir it from time to time and cook it until the meat is as tender as you think it's going to get.

Some chili recipes today are rather "tame" or mild because that is the way some people like it. But the history of chili is pretty clear that there never was anything really mild about chili and there was a very good reason.

Think about it. Even if chili did not originate in Texas, the cattle drives and range cooks certainly helped popularize it.

On the trail, the cook used what meat he had available. If if wasn't fresh-killed beef or buffalo or deer then it was likely jackrabbit or rattlesnake. The range cook certainly feared his own lynching if he tried to feed the cow hands freshly killed beef or buffalo without aging the meat. Out of necessity he had to attempt to disguise the meat's flavor and for this he used what he had on hand: onions, garlic, salt and chile peppers. The range cook also knew that spices helped keep the meat from spoiling. Chili became the meal of the day. And the term "Chili con Carne" is Spanish for "peppers and meat." (See, no beans.)

Some food experts and historians say that San Antonio should be given credit for popularizing chili because it was there that women called "Chili Queens" occupied parts of the Military Plaza and sold their highly seasoned stews called "chili" from small carts. Although these ladies sold chili from carts for many years, it became very popular by 1880. In fact the plaza became known as "La Plaza del Chile con Carne."

And it was then that the "Queens" began to refine and add sophistication to the dish they were selling. They brought it somewhere near todays stage because each one was constantly striving to improve her chili recipe, simply to attract more customers than any of the competition. The desire to cook up the best bowl of chili in the world is at least that old. Apparently chili cookoffs were born.

Here is an example of a Chili Queen's recipe: (Again, no beans)

Chili Queen's Recipe
Original San Antonio Chili

2 pounds beef shoulder, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
1 pound pork shoulder, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
1/2 cup suet (fat from meat, 1/4 cup beef fat, 1/4 cup pork fat)
3 medium-sized onions, chopped
6 garlic cloves, minced
1 quart water
4 ancho chiles
1 serrano chile
6 dried red chiles
1 tablespoon comino seeds, freshly ground (cumin)
2 tablespoons Mexican oregano
Salt to taste

Place lightly floured beef and pork cubes in the pork and beef fat in a heavy chili pot and cook quickly, stirring often
Add onions and garlic and cook until they are tender and limp
Add water to mixture and simmer slowly while preparing chiles
Remove stems and seeds from chiles and chop very finely
Grind chiles in molcajete and add oregano with salt to mixture
Simmer another 2 hours
Remove fat pieces and skim off some fat
Never cook frijoles with chiles and meat
Serve as separate dish.
(Institute of Texan Cultures)

So where was chili invented? Again the history of chili simply indicates there may not be an answer. We know that peppers and spices have existed since the beginning of time. Chile peppers show up in the ancient foods of China, India, Indonesia, Italy, the Caribbean, France, and the Arab states. The green chile pepper was brought to what is now New Mexico in 1598. And strangely enough, Canary Islanders who came to San Antonio as early as 1723 used local peppers, wild onions, garlic, and other spices to cook pungent meat dishes somewhat like the ones they prepared in their native land.

But it is reasonably clear how chili was popularized. The credit must go to the cattle trail cooks and certainly to the Chili Queens of San Antonio.

As a food, how important is chili to certain parts of American life and culture? The famous mountain man, Kit Carson, thought of chili when he supposedly uttered his dying words: "Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili."

Will we ever be able to crown one single recipe as the best? I don't believe so, and that's fine with me. I think everyone has great fun trying to do so.

The history of chili and its development makes me believe the great chili debate is destined to continue forever.

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Click on Traditional Chili, to access a favorite restaurant chili recipe.

Donna Hager has owned and operated an American-style restaurant for over two decades. More articles and hundreds of recipes can be found on her website that features real restaurant recipes, menus, cooking tips, and much more at Real Restaurant Recipes

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How to Stretch Muscle Properly

How to Stretch Muscle Properly by Maria Clara

Here are my useful tips to properly stretch muscle and avoid pain after workout.
You have to remember the three T's, first the Temperature, a warm muscle allows increased muscle length. Time, stretching should take 30 seconds in general and finally, the Tension, you have to stretch your muscle to the point where it is slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

The reasons why we have to stretch are muscles are for our overall body benefits. Stretching can increase flexibility and joint range of motion. It can also prepare our muscle and soft tissues for ballistic activity. Stretching can also enhance our physical performance; it decreases the risk of injury and post exercise soreness. Most importantly, stretching can improve our mood and can make us feel good and focus.

Here are my guidelines on how to stretch muscle in the way:

- You do not have to overstretch it, if you feel pain stop it right away.

- Stretch slowly and with control and gradual progress.

- Be patient with your progress, you should be able to increase your strength and endurance within a period, it may be weeks or months before you can see results from what you are doing, do not over do things.

- Stop stretching if you suspect that it is coming from the joints. The feeling of stretch should only come from the muscle not to the joints.

- Remember that strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand. A strong muscle should be loose and a tight muscle is a weak muscle.

- Breath normally do not hold your breath, it may cause you to feel dizzy.

- Use the right measurement and caution when stretching the neck and lower back, these are very critical parts so be extra careful.

- Stretch those muscles that feel tight, it has to be soften up to avoid cramps.
There you go; I hope these tips became useful to you. Remember the three T's and my safe guidelines on how to stretch muscles properly.

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Types of Glass To Consider When Choosing A Conservatory Roof For A Home

Types of Glass To Consider When Choosing A Conservatory Roof For A Home  by Chris Coxon

Conservatories are a nice little addition to any home. The beauty that these spaces offer inside and outside is unmatched. The biggest thing that you will notice is the natural light that shines through. When you are inside this room, it will uplift your spirits and you may feel that you can conquer any challenge that life throws your way.

Conservatories offer beauty because of a combination of the environment, the structure of the conservatory, the high number of glasses that make the wall and the roof. If you are thinking of building a conservatory, there are things that will definitely need to be considered. You will obviously need to find someone that can build this structure for you and you will need to find a supplier.

In many cases, the supplier will also be able to assist you when setting this up. They will be able to sell you different things for your conservatory and home including the roof, windows and the other little accessories that are needed. For your home, they will be able to offer you shiplap cladding, soffit vents, uPVC doors and more. When it comes to selecting a conservatory roof, you need to consider the type of glass that is to be used.

Glass that is laminated

This type of glass is quite tough and cannot easily be broken. This is the one reason why this glass is used when people are looking for added security in a home. People often have this misconception that when you choose this glass that they are all the same, they are not. This glass should not be mistaken for toughened glass. Toughened glass is quite strong and will not break. Laminated glass on the other hand is used on vehicle windshields, it does not easily break, but in emergency situations, if enough force is exerted, it will. You will also need to consider that this material is thicker than your average glass. This means that less noise can enter and your house will have better insulation.

Glass that can be self cleaned

If you're the type of person that hates cleaning, then these windows may be for you. It is amazing how glass technology has developed. This type of glass is carefully coated with a fine layer of photo catalytic material. This material breaks down dirt and debris on the glass when the sun's rays hit it. There is no need to spray it with water because it will be rinsed off the next time the weatherman calls for rain. This is the perfect material for those homeowners that procrastinate and even sometimes avoid this task.

Glass that can efficiently reflect heat

Reflective glass is great during the summer seasons. The sun's rays can have a damaging effect on you, but when you use this glass, it will reduce the power of the sun and the glare. You will be able to enjoy natural light much longer with having to be burned. There is a special material that coats the window and will allow the sun's rays to pass through and reduces the heat transfer in the process. This glass is quite popular in areas with a longer summer season. It does not provide the best insulation, but you will receive cost savings.
Conservatories offer you a lot of benefits, should you decide to add this beautiful extension to your home. The important thing to consider is finding a supplier that offers a good price on the materials sold and offers a wide range of products. Some examples of products they will offer include conservatory windows, frames, shiplap cladding, soffit vents and much more. Proper attention should be given when selecting a conservatory roof. Review the points above to select the one that will satisfy your needs.

Chris Coxon writes articles for Eurocell, a company that has become one of the market leaders in the UK by providing quality UPVC products. They offer reasonably priced soffit vents, shiplap cladding products, conservatory roof supplies and more supplies which use high-quality UPVC. This company provides dedication, innovation and commitment to helping you meet your personal building goals. This is reflected in the way they work and interact with different customers.

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Choosing a Good Dog Shear

Choosing a Good Dog Shear  by Stuart Michael

A good pair of dog shears goes a long way. They do not only last longer but also make the grooming experience quick and reliably without problems. Thus, it is important to find a pair that gives you all that.

First, choose a shear that does not require frequent oiling. Blades require oiling so that they can last longer and cut easier. However, one that needs to be lubricated too frequently may mean that it requires oil for it to cut well, instead of its blades. You will also want to pay attention to the maintenance tools that come with the dog shear. It best to complement same products with each other as the make or the chemical proportions may be designed to suit the shear. Some of these tools are like the oil for the blades, cleaning brushes, as well as spare sets of blades.

Other things you should look out for is the noise the shear may emit. Noisy ones may scare some dogs, which would make your shearing session difficult if your dogs resists. This may be dangerous for you and your dog as they may react violently to its sound. Hence, try to look for one that is quieter. Cordless shears are also handy to be used as you and your dog do not get tangled up with the wires. As for dogs with thick coats, you might want to consider a shear that is sustainable and heavy duty. You must ensure that the shear has a warranty. A product with a warranty is like a display of a company's confidence in its product. It also allows you to have the product replaced or repaired if it does not function as described.

Lastly, check out dog shear reviews using the Internet, especially if you are not an expert groomer. Basically, a good pair should have a decent amount of testimonials agreeing that certain shears work well. You can also compare their situation with yours so that you can find one that works well with your purpose to groom. On another note, try looking for dog shear reviews that are detailed and unbiased so that you will know what it might or might not provide, and compare it to what you think you will need.

Author is writing articles on many pets related topics and enjoys writing on topics such as Dog Shears and Dog Grooming Shear. You may visit for more details.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Choosing-a-Good-Dog-Shear/239203

Tips on Starting Your Home Business

Tips on Starting Your Home Business  by Jasmine Stone

There are many ways by which entrepreneurs get on the road to success. Some entrepreneurs choose to take advantage of franchise opportunities and from there, move on to greater glory.

There are a lot of things that can be said about franchising. For one thing, franchise opportunities let you penetrate the market with an already-established brand name. People already know the product or service so you won't have to go through the trouble of making a name.

Of course, you have the responsibility to make a name for your business and not just the product. This means you'll have to sell yourself. After all, people can get the product or service from other franchises, so what makes you any different? You'll have to show them that you are different from other businesses even if your products are the same. You'll have to do your best to convince people that getting the product from you is the best decision that they can make.

If you don't think that taking advantage of a franchise opportunity is the thing for you, maybe you should consider starting a small, home based business.

A lot of budding entrepreneurs put up small home based businesses for different reasons. Here are some of them:

1) Lack of funding - most entrepreneurs have small home based businesses because of the simple fact that, as a beginner, most do not have the funding to rent office space.

When you think about it, a small home based business is perfect for a budding entrepreneur. He or she actually gets to save money on the rent of commercial space. We all know how hard it can be to manage finances when you are starting a business, so saving all the money you can is a very good idea.

2) Convenience - for entrepreneurs, small home based businesses can be very convenient. When you think about it, they can stay at home all day and still make a living.

Entrepreneurs find small home based businesses convenient in other ways as well. Much legality is eliminated when you base your venture at home. Getting a lease on a commercial space may sometimes prove too complicated, as compared to having your business at home.

3) Customer base - some entrepreneurs start small home based businesses because of the fact that they may already have an established client base there. Some restaurants, for example, get started because of a person noticing that his or her cooking is very popular around the community.
Now, by starting a restaurant in the home, he or she would already have a customer base, willing to pay her for her cooking.

Many people know just how hard it can be to start your business as an unknown. By basing your business at home, you know that you will already have established connections and you know that people will find it more convenient to go to you for their needs.

Remember that you need to plan properly. Most entrepreneurs' small home based businesses fail because of poor planning. You need to learn how to separate your business finances from your home finances, and learn how to record each correctly.

In order for you to be able to properly handle your business, you might want to consult three people: an Accountant, a lawyer, and an advisor. Between these three people, you can get the big picture of what to expect when running a small home based business as an entrepreneur.

You have to be strong. Many people can tell you that business and personal life don't mix very well. But history has shown that entrepreneurs with small home based businesses often succeed at becoming globally competitive.

Three nerds in a garage have as much chance at succeeding in a business venture as an executive in an office with a view. Technology today has made possible that all resources be within your grasp. All you actually need to do is find the will to take the first step.

There you go: those are just some tips to get you started on that first step. By remembering to take calculated risks, you should be fine in getting your small home based business of the ground, entrepreneur.

What are you waiting for? Go!

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 37




Last week I started working out at a new gym. The new gym is geared more toward heavy weight lifting than the gym I had been using in August 2017; the drawback is this gym has only two smith machines and neither is equipped to lower the fixed Olympic bar to the level necessary for floor press exercises, thus I will have to postpone the floor press now and write about the flat bench for now. I have not done flat benches since November 2013 at my first gym (which was also geared toward heavy lifting), so I will have to get my body used to this exercise again. I'll post the exercises that I did last week:


Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, new gym

machine overhead press 

40 lbx4x4



Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018

machine overhead press 

40 lbx5x1

90 lbx5x1

160 lbx6x5


farmer's  walk 

80 lb dumbbells in each hand x 5


smith machine doesn't allow for floor press


barbell press

55 lb x1x1

115 lbx4x1


My previous gym was good in the sense they had a lot of aerobic equipment that people could use to burn calories and they had weights, but they just didn't go as high as needed (the smith machine were the only Olympic bars available and the heaviest dumbbells were 75 pounds) so I'm grateful for what I did there and hope to really get back to the exercises that I performed up to November 2013. 

I'll continue this thread although it will be more of a general exercise journal for the time being. I'll keep you posted.


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