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How To Avoid Salad Dressing Sabotage

How To Avoid Salad Dressing SabotageHow To Avoid Salad Dressing Sabotage by by Emily Morris

Are salad dressings secretly sabotaging your diet?
If you are trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or just improve your over-all health, everyone knows that eating more vegetables is a great way to go. They're low or no-sugar, loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as a myriad of other healthy nutrients. Salads can be a great way to get more servings of vegetables into your lifestyle, but they can also be packed with hidden calories. If you eat restaurant salads, they may taste great, but they almost never use low-fat ingredients. (After all, rich creams and oils make them taste so good, you'll want to come back and spend again!)
Would you be tempted to select any of the following at a restaurant, or make it at home?

Chicken Ranch Taco Salad - 960 calories and 57 grams of fat
That's over half your daily fat requirement, and nearly half your day's calories all in one salad
Crispy Calamari and Veggies - 1,520 calories and 98 grams of fat
That's over your daily fat requirement in just 1 appetizer and well over half your calories for the day
A triple whopper at Burger King only has 1130 calories...
Southern Fried Chicken Salad- 1,100 calories and 68 grams of fat
Better not eat any more fat grams that day...

Most of those are getting the extra calories from the creamy dressings and fried meat that's added on. However, using less tasty 'lite' dressings and just skipping salads all-together isn't a great idea. Crisp raw vegetables in tasty dressings or dips are fantastic for health. Substituting grilled meat for fried is also a tasty choice. Some dressings even help you absorb important nutrients.

For example, citrus based dressings, or salads with high vitamin-c ingredients can help you absorb the iron in leafy green vegetables. The healthy fats found in olive oil, chia seeds, avocados, nuts and some fish will help you absorb much more lycopene from tomatoes (and other red vegetables), lutein in green peppers (and other greens), and carotenoids in carrots (and many other brightly colored vegetables). They key to unlocking these healthy phytonutrients and anti-oxidants is eating the foods together. Ohio State University did a study which proved greater absorption of nutrients could be achieved when people added a healthy fat to their salad.
Ready to try something fresh and new?
This vinaigrette tastes fantastic on spinach and strawberry salad. Baby spinach leaves have a very mild flavor, and fresh strawberries are an unusual and refreshing addition.

Chia Strawberry Spinach Salad Dressing
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp dry chia seed
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
1 dash paprika

In a measuring cup, simply mix together all ingredients. The seeds won't hydrate in the oil, but they'll cling among the salad ingredients. This dressing will separate into two layers if left alone, so always shake before use. You don't have to use it only on spinach strawberry salad, you can try it over your favorite greens.

Still want a creamy dressing, but don't want the calories? This dressing is thick and creamy, but has ZERO milk products of any kind. It's perfect for anyone who is lactose intolerant. This zesty dressing will amaze your guests as you serve it as a dip or over your favorite greens. They'll never guess that the tasty, creamy base is really...beans!

Creamy Cilantro Vinaigrette:

1 can cannellini beans
¼ cup lime juice
¼ cup canned green chili peppers
¼ cup hot (not boiling) water
¼ cup cilantro (chopped)
1 pinch red pepper flakes
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp chia seed gel
1 clove garlic
1 pinch sea salt

This dressing is also amazingly easy to make. Just rinse and drain the beans, chop the cilantro, dice the chili peppers and mince the garlic. Put all the ingredients into your food processor or blender and hit 'puree'. The dressing is finished when everything is smooth and creamy. You can use it for dipping, or add to your favorite salad mixture.

Why are there chia seeds in each of these dressings?
The chia seeds are an important part of the recipes because they not only help to mix and distribute the flavors, they also help you to feel full. The soluble fiber on the seeds' shell forms a gel when exposed to water. This allows them to absorb nine times their weight in zero calorie water. So while you're eating less calories, you're feeling full sooner when you add chia. It's that gelling action that allows them to help with flavor mixing, improving the taste of whatever you add them to.

The seeds themselves have no flavor at all, so you can freely add them to almost anything when you want a nutritional boost. They're packed with nutrients, such as more calcium (by weight) than milk, complete protein like in meat, and healthy omega-3 oils that are usually only found in fish. They're also an easy way to boost the fiber content of a meal without changing the taste.

When changing the taste of a meal is as easy as switching the dressing, you'll never get tired of healthy salads. Store-bought dressings may sit in the fridge for months, but when you make your own dressing, it's not only much fresher, free from chemicals and preservatives, it's also in portions you decide, so there's just enough for what you plan to eat. It may take a few minutes to whip up, but the myriad of possibilities and flavors are well worth the time. Plus, isn't increasing your health, and that of your family worth the extra five minutes to mix?

Try these dressings, and loads of other great recipes in our free Chia Cook Books ! Learn more about what chia seeds can do for you at MySeeds Chia Seeds Plus, don’t forget about free shipping to get you started quickly and easily!

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Uterine Prolapse Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Uterine Prolapse Causes, Symptoms and TreatmentUterine Prolapse Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by by Dr Andrew Napier

The term prolapse means "fall out of place". Prolapse is the condition where organs such as uterus slip out of place. Uterine prolapse is the condition of sliding and falling of uterus from its actual position in the pelvic cavity into the vaginal canal. A spinal disc herniation is also sometimes known as "disc prolapse".

Uterine prolapse usually occurs in females and sometimes it does occur in animals also. Uterine prolapse generally occurs after an immediate delivery due to maximum force of contractions. Spontaneous abortion can cause serious uterine prolapse. Some types of prolapses are as follows -

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a valvular heart disease defined as the dislocation of an abnormally thickened mitral valve leaflet into the left atrium during systole.

Rectal Prolapse

It is that situation where the entire walls or part of the rectum walls slip out of place, the rectum may stick out. Symptoms of a rectal prolapse can be -

1. Stool leakage
2. Protruding of tissues from the rectum

To secure the part of the large intestine a surgeon may operate through the belly. Sometimes surgeon removes the affected part of the intestine.

Female genital prolapse

Uterine prolapse is also known as female genital prolapse which occurs when the uterus falls out of the normal position. It is very common in women of all ages especially in those who have delivered large babies.


Uterine prolapse occurs when the uterus falls out of the place. The uterus is held in position in pelvis supported by the muscles, special ligaments and other tissues. The uterus prolapses into the vaginal canal when the muscles, ligaments and tissues weaken. It also happens in women who have delivered large babies. Frequent abortion can also cause this problem.

Signs and symptoms

Some symptoms are mentioned below -

1. Shortness of breath
2. Fatigue
3. Dizziness
4. Cough problems
5. Backache
6. Inability to control urination
7. Protruding of cervix
8. Pain and vaginal bleeding, etc


A pelvic examination is performed to determine the organs involved. This is usually done without full bladder. There are also several methods of surgical treatment which are performed to cure this problem. Vaginal estrogen cream helps to improve vitality of vaginal epithelium. Non surgical treatment such as exercises can strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor which in turn helps to combat against uterine prolapse. Herbal remedies along with exercises are very helpful in this condition.

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Home Improvements And Their Return On Investment

Home Improvements And Their Return On InvestmentHome Improvements And Their Return On Investment by by Leeanne Kunnert

When it comes to home improvements it is important to take into consideration the return you can expect on your renovation investment. Tackling an expensive kitchen overhaul is only worth it if the difference between what it costs and what it will add to the home's value is satisfactory to you as the homeowner. Below we will look into the average ROI that can be expected out of the most popular home improvements.

1) Minor Bathroom Updates

Average ROI 102% - Renovations to a bathroom that do not include redoing electrical or plumbing range around eleven thousand dollars. This includes replacing the tub, tile surround, flooring, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. If the tub is going to be too difficult to replace consider updating the tub by re-glazing the surface. Fresh glaze allows a tub to appear brand new. A fresh coat of paint and updated shower curtain or doors really add to the any bathroom renovation.

2) Updated, Simplified Landscaping

Average ROI 100% - Hiring a landscape designer really pays off when it comes to landscaping. For the most part it is safe plan three quarters of your budget for materials and one quarter on the design and installation. Check around your neighborhood to determine what is appealing to the exterior of homes that are similar to yours. A bit of color can really enhance the landscape. For a grand impact choose one color and vary the heights of the landscape plants. Don't allow the landscape to become overgrown. Keep it charming and simple. Walkways and water features are other attractive features that add interest and visual appeal.

3) Minor Kitchen Renovations

Average ROI 98.5% -Most kitchens can be completely renovated without changing the floor plan of the space. To maximize your renovation dollars re-face cabinets and drawers, change out the sink and fixtures, cabinet hardware, flooring and countertops. Additional lighting will add substantially to the kitchen. The overall value of your home before the minor renovation will also determine the materials you should use. For homes over three hundred thousand dollars can be updated with higher valued materials like granite, glass and stone. Consider your flooring choice as well depending once again on the value of the home.

4) Exterior Improvements

Average ROI 95.5% - The curb appeal of your home really sells itself. Updates to the siding can really change the appearance of your home while helping to lower maintenance. Wood siding requires real maintenance whereas vinyl siding only really requires a spring power washing every other year. Another renovation that contractors suggest when updating your home's exterior is the addition of a new entry door. Fresh paint to exterior columns can really freshen up the space as well. Add some seating and lighting to really add to the return on investment of your exterior renovation.

The Home Doctor, based in Livingston County including Brighton and Howell Michigan, offers a variety of home renovations to clients ranging from bathroom remodeling to age in place home modifications. Contact http://glenmillerthehomedoctor.com/ today all of your home renovating needs.

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How To Start Your Home Based Business

How To Start Your Home Based Business

How To Start Your Home Based Business

By: Kent Thompson

The benefits to having your own home based business are very exciting. You can be your own boss! You decide when you want to work. You go to work straight from the bedroom. Not having to deal with traffic, rude clients or demanding bosses can be quite a relief.

But wait a minute, have you seriously thought about what kind of small home based business opportunity you should bank your future on?

Before you start your own small home based business, do the following and you'll get your home based business off to a good start.

What marketable skills do you have that you can use to work from home? Some examples of people who have made a good transition to home based businesses are accountants, sewers, teachers as tutors or educators of toddlers, musicians who teach musical instruments, etc... If you have a skill, you can market it and have a home based business.

What's your capital and operating budget? Even businesses from homes need capital investment. Find out what your home based business needs. It can be as simple as having space for office files and to meet clients. Your home based business still needs the veneer of professionalism.

How do you get clients for your own based business? You can start with your present company. Some companies are happy to pay for outsourcing services. The specialist they've hired is knowledgeable about them and can be trusted. From there you can add on more clients.

Advertising and promoting your home-based business is crucial. That's right...even if it's a small home based business, you'll need to advertise and promote. Print your business cards on the home printer, and distribute them. Or put your company details on a promotional calendar and give it away for the holidays. These are small things to do for your home based business, but they do make a big difference.

Lastly, add up your monthly expenses and check your savings and insurance. When your home based business starts, you may not gross enough. Make a projected budget and see what the bare minimum you can live on while the home based business is just starting out.

By doing your research on home based business opportunities and educating yourself on the various scenarios, you'll set yourself up for success. For you'll be better equipped on solving future problems such as competition taking business from you, low cash flow and any other problem that may crop up as your home based business grows.

Reference: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/resources/article.php?mcid=1&scid=12&aid=1258


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Contractors...Double Your Income

Contractors...Double Your Income

Contractors...Double Your Income

By: Pam Newman

5 Simple Ways to Double Your Income Immediately

So you think that you are just like your competition? Well, then it is time to differentiate yourself. As a contractor, you probably use the same types of materials as your competitors do... so how can you differentiate yourself? Service! Build it better and serve your clients better. You will come out on top. This may seem so simple, yet very few contractors really do things better than their competitors.

So what are 5 simple ways that can double your income? Here they are...

1. Use only high quality subcontractors. It costs you less in time and rework costs to use quality subcontractors the first time. You may think you are going to save a few dollars by hiring the cheapest one, but in the end we all know it doesn't work out that way. We pay for what we get. What's quality service and product worth to your reputation? Priceless!

2. Implement a service mentality. Everything you do is for the benefit of your homebuyers. Don't keep it to yourself... tell everyone you know about the way you build your houses and the benefits that you provide to your homebuyers.
Don't think there are benefits? Think again... everything that you do in the construction of your homes can be portrayed as a benefit to your homebuyers. All it takes is a little creative communication.

3. Offer a referral program. People buy from people they know. How do you incentivize your homeowners to tell others? The first way is to build an awesome house and that will speak for itself... but add some icing to that cake by rewarding your homebuyers for their efforts to grow your business. It can be simple things like gift certificates, lawn services for a month, extended warranties, or other motivational offerings. It's cheaper to reward your customers for promoting you than advertising to the general public!

4. Market your business consistently. Everyone expects you to have a website... so don't let them down. You can have a GREAT website designed and hosted for a nominal amount that will bring great returns to you on recognition and sales within your community. Show the quality that you build into your homes and stress the benefits to your potential buyers in the most cost-effective medium available, the World Wide Web.

5. Network, Network, Network! Don't keep your great offerings to yourself. Get out there and build relationships with those who can promote your homes! You can't be everything to your business. So look at those you do business with (vendors, subcontractors, real estate professionals, etc) and see how you can build referral networks. This is the best way to cost-effectively cross-promote your businesses. Plus people trust referrals from others higher than self-promotion, so it is a win-win opportunity.

The returns that your business will get on these 5 tips will more than double your income if implemented correctly. You can't sit back and hope that your business grows. You've got to make it happen! Success happens because of a well-constructed plan... not by chance. It's a choice... you choose to make it happen, or not. What's your choice? Go out and double your income now!


Author Bio
Pam Newman is a Certified Management Accountant, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Author and Speaker. She enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion with other entrepreneurs. You can visit her website at www.rppc.net or call 816.304.4398.

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 17




Last week, I had a fairly good barbell floor press workout. I came very close to accomplishing my goal for the week, but I know that I must meet and exceed it. Here's how things went last week:


Monday, January 29, 2018
no warm-up set 
barbell row
seated machine overhead press
As you can see, I did a total of thirteen reps at 265 pounds, but I can do better. Next week, I'll do 265x5x3. I'll keep you posted.
But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14
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I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?
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A Look at Saltwater Fly Fishing

A Look at Saltwater Fly FishingA Look at Saltwater Fly Fishing by by James Smi

When you begin to venture into saltwater fly fishing, you are opening yourself up to a whole new fly fishing experience beyond any other. Obviously, saltwater fly fishing is done on the coastlines of the United States and internationally where the oceans are. Great saltwater fly fishing can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas and Florida.

When you are fly fishing in saltwater, you will be doing most of it from the comfort of a boat. The fish you will be catching are going to be larger than freshwater fish, and you will find many different species that can't be found in rivers and streams. When saltwater fly fishing, you will be able to catch record size tuna, tarpon, seatrout, and mackerel, among other species.

The best fly rods to use would be those in the 8 1/2 - 9 foot range meant to cast a 7 - 10 nwt line. Some fly fishers use shorter rods for tighter work, and longer rods when casting distance is important. When considering reels, the drag system becomes prime in importance because the size of the fish will require you to gain as much control over the reel as you possibly can.

When choosing your line, it is certainly a matter of preference. Some people like to have brighter colored lines for easier visibility while others think it's important to go for blending when it comes to the line so the fish won't shy away from it. Choose an appropriate weight for your fly rod and one that can handle the types of fish you are angling for.

When you are saltwater fly fishing, the tidal action is the engine that drives the atmosphere of the fish available. The tidal movements carry in different types of marine life that live in the channels as the tides roll in and out. Knowledge of the timing and strength of tides is essential to making a saltwater fly fishing outing both productive and safe.

Water temperature is another huge factor in saltwater fly fishing. When it is too cold, the fish are sluggish, when it is too warm, the fish are going to the cool spots. Look for waters that are tepid and you will find some huge fish that are trophy-sized and can provide an amazing experience.

Saltwater fly fishing isn't for everyone, but it can be a great way to expose yourself to a new aspect of the sport. If you're looking for a challenge, fly fishing on saltwater could be a great eye-opener for you. You'll find prized game fish and be able to test your fly fishing skills in ways you can't even imagine.

Information on how to ripen bananas can be found at the Gardening Central site.

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Canning Soup Secret Recipes

Canning Soup Secret RecipesCanning Soup Secret Recipes by by Ryan Oelkers

A good housekeeper always gives the best of everything to her family. And in that best of everything, the most is giving her family and loved ones the best and healthy foods available. Serving them with organic, fresh and non-contaminated foods are best. During winter seasons, everyone loves soups. And when it is being prepared at home, it can be less expensive than purchasing it from the outside. Thus, homemade canning of soups is an economical, affordable means of having different soups preserved and canned for instant winter consumption.

But mind you, when canning soup, several safety points must be given serious considerations. First and foremost, the method to be used in canning must be the pressure canner method. Why? It is because this method ensures that food born microorganisms cannot spoil or contaminate the soup being canned. Since most ingredients used in canning soups contained low acid, pressure canner is just as perfect for a lasting soup preservation.

Second, in canning soup, it is advisable to only can clear soup. Thus, ingredients like thickeners, oils or milk, or noodles should be avoided. Soup preservation using pressurized containers are so effective that you can store the soup for some months without refrigeration.

Nowadays, canning is so popular for a number of reasons:

1. Preserving self-produced crops: It is always beneficial to have a kitchen garden and grow organic crops for own consumption. Healthy organic food is assured to be enjoyed by the whole family. And because these crops are cultivated and grown by you, it can be best stored and preserved by canning. In this way, you and your family can enjoy your self-produced crops even during off seasons.

2. Living Standards: There is a drawback in the world economy at present. High commodities and low labor turn-outs are primary problems. Thus, stretching ones budget is a must. For this reason, majority people today are finding alternative solution to lessen grocery expenses. And buying canning products on sale provides big difference and big saving than buying these products in stores.

3. Nutritional value: Doing homemade canning gives one the confidence that the whole family is eating the right kinds of foods containing the needed nutritional value needed. Aside from that, one can be assured that the foods that come to the mouths of all the family members are safe and are healthy foods. Because canning was made at home, unwanted ingredients such as acids, chemicals and other substances can be avoided.

4. Food allergies: Foods which causes allergies can be prevented. Because your canning your own foods, chances are you are not going to preserve and store those foods that can cause any member of your family allergies. In short, you have a better control over the situation.

5. Satisfaction and contentment guaranteed: Canning by oneself provides you with the satisfaction and contentment that your family and you are taking the right and healthy foods available.

Canning soup in order to enjoy the secret recipes of your grandma on different soups, anytime you wish. You only have to make certain that you will go over USDA guidelines on the different directives relating to homemade canning. As everyone is aware of, canning process is a long process and can be tiresome. But it can save anybody with time and money. But most of all, it provides one the assurance that the whole family is eating the right and healthy foods.

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Two Flat Stomach Secrets For Women

Two Flat Stomach Secrets For WomenTwo Flat Stomach Secrets For Women by by Holly Rigsby

Have you tried everything under the sun to get a flat stomach, only to come up disappointed? Have you fallen prey to all the gimmicks, fad diets and shameless infomercials promising you that elusive flat stomach that you desire?

Well fret no more, I'm going to let you in on the two 'secrets' that will help you shed unwanted fat and reveal your toned, flat stomach once and for all.

The first secret for a flat stomach is eating supportively. While this doesn't seem like a secret at all, most women get this wrong in spite of their best - but misguided - efforts. Women have fallen prey to low-fat, low-carb, Hollywood, grapefruit, South Beach and every other over hyped diet that marketers can dream up, all in hopes of shedding those unwanted pounds. But eating supportively is isn't about dieting or deprivation; it's about moderation and balance. While cutting carbs or fats out of your nutrition plan might give you a temporary loss of a couple of pounds, it's typically followed by a drop in metabolism and a weight gain of more than you lost in the first place once you go back to your old eating habits.

So what is eating supportively? Eating supportively is having protein and carbohydrates at every meal. It's grazing on 4-6 meals or snack each day instead of missing meals and then gorging yourself. It's enjoying a healthy breakfast and not drinking your calories. But most of all, eating supportively is enjoying the foods you love in moderation instead of in excess.

If eating supportively is the first secret to a flat stomach, then what's the second? The second flat stomach secret is resistance training. Unfortunately, just as fad diets have stood in the path of women achieving the flat stomachs they so desired, so have the myths of spot reduction and cardio being the best method for fat loss. Late night infomercials have long promoted gadgets that promised to spot reduce those trouble spots that women struggle with and sucked us in with testimonials from fitness models that undoubtedly picked up a nifty paycheck for endorsing their wares. But spot reduction is a myth. Think about it - have you ever met someone with a flat stomach and fat arms? Didn't think so. If spot reduction was possible then undoubtedly one of these happy customers would have toned and tightened their stomach, yet kept their flabby arms.

The other myth that has led women astray is the belief that cardio is the best solution for fat loss. Treadmill manufacturers have sold the virtues of the 'fat burning zone' and led us to believe that we could plod along on a treadmill watching Oprah and before long a flat stomach would be ours. These two myths have diverted us from the path of what really does work - resistance training. Resistance training is a flat stomach's best friend because not only does an effective resistance training session burn plenty of calories while you're doing it, but it keeps you're metabolism revved long after you're done. One recent study showed that you're metabolism would stay elevated for over 36 hours after a resistance training session.

Try to get that out of an aerobics class.

And there's another benefit of resistance training when it comes to getting a flat stomach. The lean muscle that you gain will raise you're resting metabolic rate and help you burn more fat all day long, each and every day.

There you have it, two 'secrets' that are guaranteed to boost your metabolism and give you that flat stomach you've been longing for. So ditch the diet books and the aerobics classes and start eating supportively and resistance training. Before long that flat stomach will finally be yours.

Holly Rigsby is a nationally recognized women's fitness coach, certified personal trainer (CPT) and the author of the internationally popular e-book - Fit Yummy Mummy - Burn Your Baby Fat and Get Your Body Back. Go to www.fityummymummy.com to get your FREE copy of her special report: "The Five Ways To Boost Your Metabolism."

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Signs Of Roof Damage After A Storm

Signs Of Roof Damage After A StormSigns Of Roof Damage After A Storm by by Leeanne Kunnert

Once again severe weather time is here for those of us in the north. From lightening strikes to thunderstorms, strong winds and sand storms it all takes its toll on the exterior of our homes especially the roof. Many times homeowners are clueless that there has even been damage to their homes. Some will only notice damage months after the storms have rolled through. It is important to identify damage as soon as possible to avoid extensive damage to the structure or foundation of the home.

After a storm has hit homeowners should take time to inspect their roof and home's exterior. It is best if small issues are identified and repaired before they become larger and more expensive problems that require extensive repairs. If you suspect any damage has occurred to the roof after a storm it is best to call in a professional roofing contractor to perform a full inspection of your homes roof. Most roofing companies offer free inspections or inspections for a fee that comes off the cost of needed repairs.

To assist homeowners we are including signs of roof damage to be aware of after a storm. If a homeowner can see any of these it is important that they call in a roofing expert for further examination of the damage:

- Shingling that is bent or folded
- Shingles or roofing materials that have become dislodged
- Any part of shingles or roofing materials within the homes yard
- Roof buckling
- Discoloration in the shingles
- Ceiling discoloration
- Light coming in from the attic space

Some of the damage, after a storm, can be difficult to see from street level. Take a trip up onto the roof to look for shingling or other roofing materials that have dislodged. If this is noticed it is important to have the roof inspected properly by a professional roofing contractor. A contractor specializing in roofing can offer repair services or assist homeowners with insurance claims if a new roof is necessary.

Another common issue, buckling occurs in roofing when a roof is not properly ventilated or when shingles are laid one on top of another. Noticing spots within the roof that are starting to buckle may indicate that you will need a new roof.

After an extreme wind storm it is possible to find dislodge roofing material in your yard. One shingle may be easy to replace or repair however when multiple parts of shingling or other roofing materials are seen strewn about the yard it is a completely different issue.

Another sign of damage on a roof is discoloration. Algae and moss can cause this discoloration and small leaks may occur. A professional roofing contractor should be employed to restore the roof and treat the problem.

Discoloration on the outside isn't the only issue that shows roofing damage. If you see any signs of internal ceiling sagging or water spots it is time to inspect your homes attic. Any light coming in from the attic space should be immediately repaired to prevent further issues. This is especially true after heavy rains.

Roofs can be repaired if damage is caught early enough. These repairs are far more inexpensive then completely replacing your roof which often occurs when homeowners let minor repairs stack up and don't get properly fixed. Proper roof care and maintenance will help maintain your roof, foundation and homes structural integrity.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs. You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

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