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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 23



I worked out at the gym twice last week; the barbell floor press exercise went fairly well. Here are the results of last week's workouts:


Monday, April 10, 2018

no warm-up set

280 lbx2x1

255 lbx3x3

255 lbx5x1

255 lbx2x1


farmer's walk

75 lb in each handx5


seated horizontal cable row

170 lbx7x5

seated machine overhead press

120 lbx10x3


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

farmer's walk 

75 lb in each handx5

one arm dumbbell row

75 lb in each handx5x5

seated dumbbell overhead press

45 lb in each handx5x5

seated leg extension and crunch

dumbbell skullcrushers50 lbx5x5


Last Monday, I pressed 280 lbs two times, but I could have done better. I must get over the mental hurdle because 280 pounds isn't that heavy; I can lift much much more than this.

I did the rest of the sets with my legs raised six inches off the floor and at 255 lb (which is 10 lbs higher than the previous times I did this variation on the barbell floor press0. I enjoy this change up because it demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that the power is coming from my chest, shoulders, and arms while giving my upper body an extra challenge with respect to my abdominals.

The other exercises went well, too.

When I get back to the gym, I'm going much higher. I can do it. And I will.  


But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14


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I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?

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A Great Time for Bird Spotting

A Great Time for Bird SpottingA Great Time for Bird Spotting by by Norman Dulwich

Bird spotting is the ultimate hobby. All you need are a good pair of eyes and a good pair of binoculars (and even the latter is not always necessary). Birds are all around us, and even if you don't notice them at first, once you start looking you will see them everywhere. This makes bird spotting the perfect hobby to take up if you are involved in delivery work.

The Ideal Bird Spotting Job

When carrying out delivery work, you have the perfect opportunity to start bird spotting. You're driving through the country and cities all day, constantly entering new areas and different environments. You are regularly seeing new places and new sights, and you can visit more areas in one day than most people visit in a month. That provides you with plenty of opportunities to keep an eye out for different bird species.

Whether you're driving along a country lane, stopping at a motorway service station or stuck in a traffic jam in the city, there is always an opportunity to keep an eye out for birds in the sky and the trees above on delivery work.

Getting Started

So how do you get started with bird spotting whilst on delivery work? If you're interested in becoming a 'twitcher' then the best place to start is to buy a good book. There are literally hundreds of books available on starting out in bird spotting or, if you'd prefer, just check on the internet and you'll find plenty of resources.

Using a book of all the different birds that are found in the country, get yourself familiar with a few of them, perhaps by heading to your local park or sitting in your garden, or even just looking out your window. Once you become familiar with their appearance and how they fly through the air, you'll soon be able to recognise them at a distance or when they are moving fast. This is perfect for when you are on delivery jobs and you manage to catch a blur of movement out of the corner of your eye.

An Addictive Hobby

Start to tick off the birds that you see whilst carrying out delivery work, and you'll soon find that it becomes quite an addiction. Just make sure that it doesn't distract you from your job and you'll have instantly found something to keep you entertained no matter how long you spend on the road.

Opportunities Abroad

If you go abroad on delivery work then things will start to get really exciting. Driving to other countries in Europe will present you with lots more opportunities to spot new species of birds. But even if you stay doing delivery jobs in your local area, you will get plenty of satisfaction from bird spotting.

Join an Organisation

To get even more from your hobby, why not join an organisation like the RSPB? This will allow you to meet other like-minded people and share what you know about birds. You'll probably find yourself the envy of the group with the amount of time you get to spend enjoying your hobby whilst you are carrying out delivery work.

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry across the UK and Europe. It provides services for haulage companies to buy and sell delivery work , road transport and delivery work in the domestic and international markets.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/A-Great-Time-for-Bird-Spotting/238761

Using A Grill To Cook Chicken

Using A Grill To Cook ChickenUsing A Grill To Cook Chicken by by Jasmine Stone

Wow I have a hankering for some really good grill roasted chicken, the melt in your mouth variety with some fresh homemade salsa slathered right on top. Just seems that we never have time during the lazy days of summer to get everything done. You know, you have to mow the grass, weed the garden and if you're lucky harvest a bounty of fresh produce from your own little truck farm.

Now you expect me to cook supper too? It's time to tell you my secret and go hunting for my favorite "yard bird", Capt'n Salsa's Grill Roasted Yard Bird, to be exact.


Delicious golden brown moist and tender some of the best melt in your mouth grill roasted chicken you will ever eat. Now, don't let the hunting phrase concern you. The extent of hunting chicken for me is looking for a big plump 31/2 to 4 pounder at the local grocery or meat market. I always bag my limit of two because it is just as easy to cook two at the same time to guarantee some leftovers...

"Come on, Capt'n Salsa, quit beating around the bushes and just give us the recipe!"

Oh, Okay.

Capt'n Salsa's Grill Roasted Yard bird is so easy you will probably laugh. Of course it goes with out saying you need to rinse the chicken in cold water before you cook it. All you are going to need is a generous amount of Lemon Pepper Seasoning. Mix up a solution of 1 part vegetable oil with 4 parts of Apple Cider Vinegar, remember that's the brown vinegar, together in a squirt bottle, an empty syrup bottle will do just fine.

Now we are going to cook our grilled chicken whole on your favorite charcoal or 2 burner gas grill using the "indirect heat" method. Your grill needs a lid that will close, too. Most of the time now I just use the gas grill, heating the grill with both burners, then turn one of them totally off, yes, off and the other burner turn it all the way down to low.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Preheat your choice of grills. Then rinse and clean the birds. Now hose down the chicken with the mixture of oil and vinegar using the squirt bottle and sprinkle a generous portion of Lemon Pepper Seasoning all over the chicken. Don't forget the body cavity.

Place the chicken breast side up on the grill away from the heat source, above the burner that is turned off, indirect heat method remember. Squirt a little more oil and vinegar into the cavity of the chicken until it "overflows. " Now close the lid. You want a low to medium low heat level. The objective is to take at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours to cook the chicken, nice and slow. Don't worry after a couple of times you will have it "down to a science" and know what works best for you.

Once you have your chicken on the grill go mow the grass or work in your garden for the next 2 to 2 1/2 hours without even looking at the birds...well, if you insist on looking after about an hour, you can raise the lid and give the birds a good squirt of the oil and vinegar solution...Now, close that lid and get back to work...ggg.

You will know the chicken is done by grabbing the tip of one of the legs with a paper towel, careful it will be hot, and gently twist the leg bone in a circle. If the leg bone easily breaks free at the joint, the chicken is done - a beautiful golden brown, moist and tender every time.

Easy huh?

Place the chicken on the grill, mow the grass and when you are finished with your yard you have Capt'n Salsa's Grill Roasted Chicken make that Yard Bird! Serve it up with one of your favorite homemade salsa recipes.

Roasted Corn Salsa or tasty Salsa de Tomatillos Delicious! Wrap it all up in a warm tortilla, complete with your favorite thirst quenching beverage and you will marvel about how great your yard looks.

Imagine. Mowing the grass and cooking supper all at the same time...Enjoy!

To learn about avocado pear and asian pear tree, visit the Types Of Pears website.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Using-A-Grill-To-Cook-Chicken/194529

Running Riot

Running RiotRunning Riot by by Sandra Prior

No matter what your fitness level, this program gives you everything you need to get moving, do a 10km � or just feel great.

Even if just the thought of running a road race makes you expire, you�ll be ready to go by the end of this program. Honest. Its 12 weeks that will change the way you think of yourself. The bonus? You�ll burn significant kilojoules, see an incredible boost in your energy, reduce the risk of disease and best, of all, feel great about yourself.

Stretch Moves

Glute Stretch

Lie on back and bend left leg, pulling left knee in towards left shoulder, keeping right leg straight. Place left hand on left knee and right hand on top of left ankle, gently guiding leg further towards shoulder for 2 seconds. Release and repeat for all reps, then switch legs.

Outer Hip Stretch

Lie on back and place left foot in center of a rope or rolled towel, straightening leg so ends of rope or towel are taut, with right leg straight on ground. Lift leg slightly off ground with knee locked, rotate leg out slightly from hip and use inner thigh to pull left leg across right leg. Use rope to assist and hold for 2 seconds. Release and repeat for all reps, then switch legs.

Inner Thigh Stretch

Lie on back and place left foot in center of a rope or rolled towel, straightening leg so ends of rope or towel are taut, with right leg straight on ground. Rotate left leg inward slightly from hip and use outer hip muscles to pull leg out, leading with heel. Use rope to assist and hold for 2 seconds. Release and repeat for half of reps, with heel leading, then rotate leg for half of reps with toes leading. Repeat with opposite leg.

Quadriceps Stretch

Lie on right side with both knees curled into chest. Place right hand on inner thigh, behind right knee, and left hand around shin or ankle of left leg. Contract abdominals. Keeping left knee bent, use glutes and hamstrings to push left heel behind you, left leg parallel to ground, then assist with left hand for 2 seconds. Release and repeat for all reps, then turn onto left side and repeat.

Lower Back Stretch

Sit on a mat with back straight, knees bent and feet on ground. Tuck chin down and contract abs to roll down and forward (legs may splay out slightly). Grasp sides of shins to assist for 2 seconds. Release and repeat.

Strength Moves

Single Plie Leg Press Machine

Sit with pelvis against pad, abs tight, right foot on plate, rotated out from hips, with left foot on floor. Press foot plate forward and release handles. Lower foot plate, keeping knee lined up with toes. Use inner thigh to press plate back up and complete set, then switch sides.

4-Way Hip Abduction

Adjust platform and roller and stand facing machine with roller on outside of right thigh, just above knee. Use outer hip muscles to slowly raise right leg out to side. Slowly lower. Complete the set, then switch sides.

Straight Leg Walking Lunge

Holding dumbbells at sides, stand with feet hip width apart, abs tight. Stride forward with left leg bending left knee so it�s aligned over left toes, back leg straight. Push off back leg and take another stride forward with right leg. Continue for 20 strides. Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Standing Cable Hip Extension

Stand facing low cable stack with ankle collar around right ankle, abs tight, chest lifted. Keeping leg straight, use buttock muscles to raise right leg back and up, going only as far as you can without involving torso. Slowly return to starting position and complete sets, then switch sides.

T-Bar Cable Row

Facing pulley with long bar attached, bend knees and keep torso straight as you bend down to grasp bar with an underhand grip. Use back muscles and rear shoulders to bring elbows back and in towards sides. Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

Rear Delt Fly

Sit at a rear delt machine, grasp handles at shoulder height and, with abs tight and chest lifted, use rear shoulder muscles to pull elbows out and back until aligned with shoulders. Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

Resisted Reverse Crunch

Hold a 1,5kg medicine ball between ankles and lie on back, knees bent at 90 degrees, hands overhead grasping a piece of equipment for stability. Keeping knees bent at 90 degrees, contract abs and pull hips up, curling pelvis in. Hold, return to starting position and repeat. Strengthens abdominals.

Sandra Prior runs her own bodybuilding website at http://bodybuild.rr.nu.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Running-Riot/157356

The Tile Saw And Other Tile Cutting Options

The Tile Saw And Other Tile Cutting OptionsThe Tile Saw And Other Tile Cutting Options by by Mike Hartwick

Cutting is part of just about every tile installation. Whether that means a large or small quantity of tiles, there is a tile saw to help you get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. And there are few other options as well. Here’s what you need to know.

The Basics In A Nutshell

Unlike many other cutting tools, this is one which actually uses water in the process. While it relies on a blade to grind through the tile, water is needed to cool down the blade because of the friction. It also helps to reduce the amount of debris created by the cutting which is a big help. Because of this it is also often times called a wet tile saw.

There are different types depending on what you prefer and need. While some have their own water pump others need be attached to an external water source via a hose. Smaller machines are a smart choice for anyone who will only need to cut a moderate amount of tiles and can actually be cheaper than a tile saw rental from your local home store. Of course larger models are designed with the professional in mind and are capable of cutting larger materials, a much higher quantity, and come with accessories to make cutting even more accurate and effortless.

Save And Do It Yourself

Of course if you are a professional you will need your own saw daily to work. But the average homeowner who likes to do some DIY on the weekends or whenever they get a chance can really benefit from owning one as well. With the amount of cash you can save by doing the job yourself even when using a beginner tile saw it’s an investment that will ultimately save you cash even if you only use it a few times. And don’t forget about the satisfaction that comes along with doing the job on your own.

Cutting Alternatives

Of course there are a few other cutting tools you may want to consider. Tile nippers are a very inexpensive way to take small chunks out of pieces of tile. However they are not normally used for ones made from stone. There are ceramic tile nippers which are designed for use with both ceramic and porcelain. And also glass tile nippers for tiles made from glass. You’ll need to choose the right one for the material you are working with. A snap cutter is also a handy cutting tool. This simple option can cut whole ceramic and porcelain tiles by scoring them and then snapping them with what’s known as a breaker bar. If you only need to cut a few tiles this could be a money saving way to do it.

When planning your project don’t forget to keep the info above in mind and pick the tile saw or other cutting tools you’ll need carefully. And always remember to follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines and wear top of the line safety equipment when using one.

To learn more about the tile saw including info and photos of each type be sure to read The Tile Saw: A Quick Start Guide! and for everything you need to know about other cutting choices click here!

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/The-Tile-Saw-And-Other-Tile-Cutting-Options/403264

Breed Success in Your Puppy Search

Breed Success in Your Puppy Search

Breed Success in Your Puppy Search

By: Donald Lee

The numbers will make any pet lover blanch with disgust, anger, and sadness. The Humane Society of the United States calculates that as many as 500,000 puppies every year are sold in pet shops, and that many of these pet shops buy their pets from the worst breeders-so-called puppy mills. What do these puppy mills (and kitty mills) have to do with you if you're on the market for a new furry companion? You know what you're doing when it comes to buying a purebred, right?

Truth be told, puppy mills are largely responsible for even harsher statistic: as many as 25 percent of all purebred pups suffer from genetic difficulties because of bad breeding. And as knowledgeable as you think you are about buying a dog, you could come across one of these poor pups and not even know it.

That could mean that you spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a pet, only to have it succumb to a birth defect and maybe even die at an early age. Even if this worst-case scenario doesn't occur, buying from the wrong breeder can also land you an animal that picked up diseases because of the intolerable conditions at the breeder. That could lead to additional thousands spent on vet bills.

Why leash yourself to such heartache? There's no need when there are so many great and trustworthy breeders out there, who can pair you with a loving new puppy.

To find the right breeder for you, start local. Your best bet is to find breeders within driving distance. That way, you can visit the actual breeding facilities. And while there, be sure to scout out for the following characteristics that all best-of-show breeders possess:

  • A litter of dogs that play, smile, and show all the other signs of being happy and healthy. Take notice, too, that the pups are sociable to the breeder, you, and their brothers and sisters.


  • More demand for their dogs than they can handle. Usually a long buyers' waiting list at a breeder is like a wagging tail on a puppy-a good sign.


  • A discerning eye for customers. Good breeders should ask you as many questions as you ask them, on topics such as your reasons for wanting their dog, your past pet experience, whether you have enough space at home, and who in your family will be responsible for daily puppy care.


  • The willingness to show you the puppy's parents during your visit if you provide the right answers to the above questions.


  • A wealth of knowledge on the dogs that they breed, including specific advice on the breed's standard and temperament, to satisfy all of your questions and concerns.


  • A health guarantee in writing that shows exactly what vaccinations the pup has had.


  • The friendly advice about what future vaccinations you should give, along with the best ways to train and care for the puppy.


  • A guarantee, again in writing, this one stating that the breeder would be willing to take back the dog if you cannot keep it at any time.


  • The care and thoughtfulness to keep in touch for some time after your purchase, to check on the dog and offer further advice when needed.


If you keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for these signs of a good breeder, you won't have to rely on luck or a good reference in finding the right puppy (though those don't hurt either). You'll learn soon after you bring your new pal home that you made the right choice, and over time, your family and pet bond. Your pet will live a long, healthy life as part of your family.


Author Bio
Donald Lee is the public relations manager for Buysellcommunity.com. Buysellcommunity provides free classified listing services. Buy, Sell and trade: auto, computers, household items, real estate, pets and much more. For national and localized classifieds, please visit http://www.buysellcommunity.com - Free Buy & Sell Classifieds

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The Vending Machine Business Opportunity

The Vending Machine Business Opportunity

The Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Starting a vending machine business may be your first step to owning your own business. Here are some practical tips and some advice to get you on your way to start a vending machines business.

If commercial vending machines are a business that you are interested in, there is a wealth of information about vending machines and vending routes available online. Some people prefer to get into the vending machine business by purchasing an established vending route. And most of the people who have dreamed about how to start a vending machine business have been hesitant to put their plans into action, as they cannot find answers to their questions.

The distributors that deal with your area will be able to give you advice about getting into this type of business opportunity. The vending machine sales that you might realize from your vending machine business are hard to predict.

When you sit down to discuss the business with a vending machine distributor, you can get a good estimate of the costs involved in operating this type of business. Keep in mind that you also have to deduct the commission that you pay the business owners of the locations where you place your machines.

A vending machine business comes with the following benefits:

* No experience required
* Flexible working hours
* You can work full time, part-time, or even as an absentee owner
* You never have to deal with your boss again
* Low overhead
* Good financing options for start-up vendors
* Excellent return on investment
* Immediate cash income
* Tax advantages

When you are getting started in this business it is best to try to find a unique product that you know customers want to buy. I can tell you from experience that the lack of knowledge when starting a vending business can be very costly & stressful.

Most people start out in the vending machine business with one or two gumball machines. When you want to start a vending machine business of your own, the first thing you need to do is find a vending machine distributor that has the type of vending machines you want to start with. I first started my vending machine business with just a few machines and turned it into a full time business within 6 months.

Most business owners and managers will be very receptive if you approach them with your idea for coin-operated vending machines. Explain how having a candy vending machine at their location may draw more business and will make their employees very happy.

Since a lot of employees slip out to the nearest coffee shop for a cup of coffee, being able to offer specialty coffee at your customer's location helps to sell him on contracting for your machines.

Due to the demand of machines and the constant rush everyone is in, the vending business has started to reap the benefits and has answered the desire of our new robotic world with a large variety of national brand name products in vending machines.

Maybe you have heard that a vending machine business is one of the most profitable home based businesses. Basically, a vending machine business is just like any other business that needs your good attitude and management in order to bring in a profit. This doesn't mean the vending machine business is easy money.

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Author Bio
John Hanna started his own successful Vending Machines For Sale Business from scratch and ran it for 15 years. Discover some of what he learned at: VendingMachinesForSale.com

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Barbell Floor Press Challenge Week 22



I started the first workout of last week,  with more weight than previously. Here are the results:


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

no warm up set

280 lbx1x1

barbell floor press and leg raise

245 lbx3x4

245 lbx1x1


incline push ups



farmer's walk

75 lb in each handx2


seated horizontal cable row

150 lb x7x5


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

machine chest press

170 lb x 5 x 8

(170x5x4 with legs raised six inches off the floor)


I wanted to test myself, so I set 5 extra pounds on the bar before doing the barbell floor press last Tuesday. I did not do as well as I had planned. I was not in the right mindset. I did press the weights, but I just didn't feel enthusiastic about it for some reason. Still, I completed 1 rep at 280 pounds.

From there, I did the floor presses at 245 pounds and lifted my legs approximately 8 inches from the floor. 

On the following day, I used a machine, and just out of curiosity, I lifted my feet from the floor. It wasn't the most comfortable decision, so I won't be doing that again anytime soon.


All in all, I had rather mediocre workouts last Tuesday and Wednesday.

When I get back to the gym, I'll do the barbell floor press at 280 pounds for 3 reps. I'll keep you posted. 


But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened." 1 Peter 3:14


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I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?


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Sailing Boats

Sailing BoatsSailing Boats  by Alexander Sutton

Set sail on the adventure of a lifetime. Sailing boats are big again. Not that they ever left. Sailing is one of the oldest forms of transportation after all. If you're looking for a new hobby or are just interested in what the chic do in their spare time, welcome to the world of sailing boats.

There are many different kinds of sailing boats, but all rely on the simple mechanism of the sail. The sail is hoisted and catches the wind. You maneuver through the water by controlling the sail. Any child with a toy boat could tell you that. But what's really the allure of life on the open seas is the pleasure of not being tied down.

When you sail, you are free. You are not tied to the moorings. You have the whole world at your disposal. Young and old alike enjoy the thrill of being out on the sound with the seagulls overhead and nothing but blue sky on the horizon. It's as inspiring as it gets.

If you're interested in sailing, check out a local boating club. You may be able to find a good used sailboat that you can pick up for a song. Then, start learning the basics. Sailing has a language all its own. Hook up with a good charter company to get a few lessons under your belt before you head out on your own. There are regulations out on open sea that you need to be well versed in.

Join the American Sailing Association so you can start networking with other like-minded sailing enthusiasts. You'll start to talk the talk and soon you'll be captain of your own vessel. Many local clubs welcome new members and are happy to share stories and advice with novices.

It doesn't matter if you're fresh out of high school and want to sail around the world or are a new retiree looking for a fun way to get out into nature. Sailing is an exciting sport that quickly becomes addictive. So take along a mate or two and head off for adventure. With the wind at your back, you're sure to find a new lifestyle that you can't imagine you ever lived without.

Learn to read the weather as well as maps and charts. You'll not only feel like a seasoned old sea dog, but you'll keep yourself safe at the same time. The fun is ready to begin. Are you?

Alexander Sutton applies his direct experience and knowledge of the industry to help people enjoy the best values possible. For more information, please visit Sailing boats.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Sailing-Boats/243089

Making Your Own Rye Bread

Making Your Own Rye BreadMaking Your Own Rye Bread by by James Smi

The more I make bread, the more I am convinced of the importance of the kitchen being in the best position in the house. When we designed and built our house, I was determined that the kitchen should have a view and be on the front of the house. Now that it's six-fifteen of a summer morning and I'm up early, kneading bread, because we've run out again, I'm especially happy to be looking out over a sun-soaked landscape to the distant mountains. Every time you make bread you're guaranteed a good ten minutes of contemplation as you knead it, the mechanical rhythmic activity frees the mind to wander or switch off...very therapeutic. Having a view thrown in as well is just an added bonus.

I haven't always made bread. It is a comparatively recent development. Making jam was the first breakthrough into self-sufficiency, then came the day when our local supplier of rye bread, who made a loaf that (miracle of miracles), all the children would eat, decided to switch recipes and use caraway in it...instant rejection by the whole family.

We'd stopped the wheat bread to try and help my son's allergies and found it helped most of us, so apart from the occasional indulgence of fluffy white bread, I wanted to stay off it. There was no alternative; I would have to take the leap into bread making. The main reason that I'd resisted was that it seemed to take so long. First the mixing and kneading, then the rising, then knocking down and forming loaves, a second rising and finally the baking. Who could keep track of all that in the chaotic life of a three-child family?

So eventually I take the plunge, turn to my friend Nigel (Slater, not namedropping but he and Nigella (Lawson) are ever-present in my kitchen, in book format of course) and find a foolproof recipe for a white loaf, simpler to start off with white I think. Well the first try produced a reasonable, if huge, loaf, though my son still remembers that it was a bit doughy in the middle. Second try, I got two pretty perfect loaves and I was on a roll.

Now to find a recipe for rye bread. It seems that 100% rye is usually made by the sour dough method and I couldn't see my family going for that, so settle for a half and half rye/whole-wheat recipe... triumph. Ok, my son the food connoisseur complained it was a bit too sweet, so next time round I reduced the amount of honey, but this recipe has been our staple diet ever since, and I am now truly ensconced in my kitchen, looking at the view, every other day, while I endeavour to keep the supply level with the ever increasing demand.

Any way, finally to the recipe:

500g rye flour
450g whole-wheat flour plus more for kneading
50g plain flour
1 tablespoon salt
1 10g sachet of instant yeast
1 tablespoon honey
3 tablespoons oil
670 ml milk
125 ml water

Warm the milk to lukewarm. Mix the flours and salt in a large bowl. Make a well in the middle and put in the yeast, then honey, then oil, pour on the warmed milk and water and mix. When it gets doughy turn out on to a well floured surface (it will be extremely sticky) and knead for 10 minutes. You will need to keep adding flour as you knead. It is better for it to be too sticky than too dry - you can always add more flour, but too dry will make a dry, hard loaf. After 10 minutes, put it back into the bowl with a plastic bag over it and leave in a warmish place for two hours or so. Then knock down, firmly pressing out the air, but not over kneading, then form into two or three loaves on a baking sheet, cover again and leave to rise for another hour. Then bake for 30 minutes at 190C until they sound hollow when you tap on the bottom of the loaf. Cool on a wire rack

So how do I keep track of the bread making, in between school runs, mealtimes and the rest? Well I don't always. There are times when I optimistically start the bread off, leave it to rise and four hours later remember about it, knock it down, forget to switch on the oven so it has had an extra day or so in rising time by the time it gets cooked. It does seem to be very forgiving though - whatever you do to it, you do generally get bread out at the end, it may not always be the perfect loaf, but then variety is the spice of life after all. There was one time it hadn't quite finished cooking by the time I had to do the school run, so I asked my husband to take it out in ten minutes..... By the time I got back we had a very useful weapon against intruders. We didn't eat that one...I think it was ryvita for lunch...!

To read about baking problems and baking chicken, visit the Baking Ideas site.

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Making-Your-Own-Rye-Bread/184522