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Exercise and Weight Loss For Women Part 1

Exercise and Weight Loss For Women Part 1
By Brent McNutt

Exercise for Beginners

Exercise for beginners can be very confusing especially with
the variety of available resources pulling individuals this way
and that way. However, it must be emphasized that when it comes
to beginner exercises, the primary considerations are safety and
enjoyment of the workout routines. Otherwise, you will find
yourself dealing with avoidable injuries and quitting the
routines very early into the plan. And what good is there in
that for your mind and body?

Preliminary Activities

As much as possible, you should get your doctor's go-signal to
engage in exercise especially if you have pre-existing medical
conditions like heart disease and diabetes. You want to favor
your body even if you are engaging in exercise for beginners.
Also, you must have the right clothes and footwear for the
exercises you will be doing. Again, this is to ensure your
safety, not to mention make you comfortable while doing your
exercises. Last but not least, you have to set your exercise
goals. You will have to ask yourself about the whats, whens,
whys, and hows of your exercise goals, which will guide and
motivate your efforts along the way.

Proper Exercises

For beginners, you must take it slowly but surely because you
want your body to acclimatize itself to its new routines, hence,
ensuring its safety from injuries. Thus, you will start with a
full body resistance training regimen and a basic cardio
program. And it is good to let your muscles recover by having
rest days.

You may follow the following weeklong exercise for beginners'

Monday - Cardio exercises for 20-30 minutes of whole body

Tuesday - Full body strength training with stretches

Wednesday - Cardio exercises for 20-30 minutes combined with an
abdominal workout and stretches

Thursday - Rest day or basic yoga done at home

Friday - Full body strength training with stretches

Saturday - Cardio exercises for 30 minutes and stretches

Sunday - Reward yourself by engaging in a favorite activity
except those harmful to the body

You will notice that the exercise routines are made on an
alternating basis. This is for two reasons - you want to give
your body a rest from stress and you can ward off boredom from
the same exercises performed day in and day out.

Proper Precautions

If you will closely observe the abovementioned exercise for
beginners weeklong routine, you have to perform stretches
whether you are on cardio or body strength training. This is
because stretching before and after the exercise proper gives
your body time to warm up to prevent injuries and cool down to
aid in recovery.

Basically, you stretch your muscles going up. Thus, the order
will be toes, ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck,
elbows, wrists and fingers. You can, however, just do
calisthenics as warm-up exercises and stretching as cool down
exercises. Just remember to get your heart rate up and running
for warm-up exercises and down and normalizing for cool-down

Indeed, exercise for beginners can be easy to do. Keep in mind
that in any activity, starting out is almost always the hard
part but when you start to reap the benefits of exercise and you
are happy with the results, you will be motivated to proceed to
the intermediate and advanced levels.

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