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Why Women Over 40 Have A Hard Time Losing Weight Permanently- Do You Know Your Hormone System?

Why Women Over 40 Have A Hard Time Losing Weight Permanently- Do
You Know Your Hormone System?
By Perry Permann

Is it becoming harder and harder to lose weight permanently?
Are you acquiring weight although you are eating the same- or
even less? That's a result of becoming older. I have many
clients writing in and telling me “I’m just eating what I’ve
used to eat”. Some might say, that’s self-deception, it can’t be
the case. But, unfortunately, it is really true.

If a 20 year old women used to eat 2000 calories a day and
stayed slim, she might have a surplus of 150 calories per day at
age 40. That’s how much the metabolism slows down with age.

The endocrine system of women makes it more and more harder to
lose weight permanently after 40. There is a delicate balance of
several hormones that’ s easily getting disturbed. And menopause
is a time with many hormonal changes, leading to greater risk in
gaining weight

Isn't easier to resolve a problem when you know what causes it?
So let's understand these hormonal changes.

There are two groups of hormones responsible for your weight
and your figure: the sex hormones (especially estrogens) and the
thyroid hormones. The typical female figure is a result of
estrogens: They form bust, thighs, belly and backside, slim the
waist and soften the skin. And: A high level of Estrogens scales
down the appetite.

So estrogens are great to lose weight permanently and keep it
off for good. But, as you know, the estrogen production slows
down with increased age, making it harder to keep fat off.
You’re compelled to eat more, while, at the same time, your
body’s fat storage systems are getting increased capacity. This
combination is tough- and that’s why many women over 40 have a
hard time to lose weight permanently.

Another important hormone is DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone),
used by the body to manufacture numerous other hormones. DHEA
prevents surplus calories from being stored as fat - these
calories are burnt instead. After age 40, the levels of DHEA and
estrogens are decreased. For women over 40 this makes it tougher
to lose weight permanently.

Thyroid hormones contribute to digestion and metabolism. We
feel energetic and are in a positive mood if the thyroid gland
works the right way. But: The thyroid is very sensitive and
disruptions affect the whole body.

The hormone system changes after menopause, what results in
changes in the body. The size of fat cells under the skin
increases because these fat cells fill up. And, at the same
time, the collagen production is decreased too- so your tissue
is not as firm as it used to be. Patches of fat might show up on
your body, while the decreased estrogen levels increases your
appetite. The level of thryoid hormones is often decreased in
women over 40 too, what might lead to reduced metabolism.

All of these effects make it harder for women over 40 to lose
weight permanently. However, you can achieve healthy weight loss
using natural ways to lose weight permanently. You might
consider a specialized program helping you getting to the weight
you want.

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