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3 Killer Tips For Bigger Arms

3 Killer Tips For Bigger Arms
By Phillip Tucker

Everybody wants bigger guns. They’re called vanity muscles, and
for a reason: girls notice them. If you’ve got strong arms, if
you’re triceps and biceps complement each other and form a
powerful whole, then you’ll get second looks. Think about it:
broad chest, broad shoulders, skinny arms? It just doesn’t work.
So while the bigger muscles rightly deserve more of your time
and attention, neglecting your biceps can unbalance the whole.
Here are three subtle tips to help you get the most out of your
next arm workouts—and will help the people at your gym who know
what they’re doing from laughing at you.

Let’s kick things off with the number one mistake you’ll see
people making at the gym. Unless you’re aware of the temptation
of this mistake, you’ll find yourself making it alongside
everybody else. From beginners to pro’s, you’ll see them curling
dumbbells in the same, mistaken manner. It involves leaning to
the side you’re curling, and making a constipated face. The
reason people do this is because it allows them to curl more,
plain and simple. Instead of standing with a locked back, head
facing forward, they curl and try to get their core in on the
action, crunching their shoulders forward and to the side. And
yes, while it does allow you to curl more, this also heightens
your chances of back injury, and distributes the extra weight
you’re doing to your core. So what’s the point?

The second biggest mistake people make is to take form too far,
and stand there like robots. They lose track of their proper
form, and get lost in the robotic stance, such that their elbows
creep forward, and they end up curling more and more on a
horizontal plane. In this case, it’s not sufficient to keep your
back straight if you’re almost punching yourself in the face.
The problem with this is that you’re once more taking the weight
off your biceps, and placing them more on your shoulders. So
don’t do it!

And here’s a tip to help you cheat correctly. Sometimes
breaking form in the correct way can give you good benefits—like
leaning forward slightly at the bottom of the curl, and then
leaning back when you curl the iron back up. This momentum can
help you lift heavier, and can be of real assistance if you have
shoulder problems or feel pain when doing bicep curls. Remember,
don’t overdo it—don’t become one of those guys bucking their
hips back and forth and roaring while swinging weights around
like they’re about to collapse under them. Rather, add a little
momentum just to help get the movement started, and then jack
right into the biceps so that they continue and carry the
weights up to the top.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to spot the people
doing it wrong—or right, the next time you go to the gym. And if
you see a guy with huge biceps making these mistakes? Then
imagine how much bigger his arms would be if he were doing it

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