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Hugh Jackman Workout - Get Ripped With the Hugh Jackman Workout

Hugh Jackman Workout - Get Ripped With the Hugh Jackman Workout
By Frank Sherrill

Hugh Jackman is back bigger than ever for his role as
Wolverine... in X-Men Origins Wolverine .

In this article you will discover the secrets of how to put on
some serious muscle size and how to get ripped using the Hugh
Jackman workout.

If you have seen the trailer for the movie then you know that
Jackman has put on some serious muscle size! And you may be
wondering what was the Hugh Jackman's diet and training program
like. Continue reading this article and get all the insider

In this the latest film X-Men Origins Wolverine, (the first
chapter in the X-Men saga,) in this film Wolverine unites with
several other legends of the X-Men universe. The stunts on this
film are amazing and you can easily see why Jackman needed to be
in incredible physical condition to put up with the rigors of
the filming. (Jackman also is one of the producers and was paid
as an actor... approximately $20 million for the film.)

The Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout

For this workout his personal trainer, Michael Ryan, focused on
bulking up and so the work out was a high intensity weight
training program. He woke up each morning at 4 AM to eat one of
several small high-protein meals, that he would eat during the
day. (Six meals a day and they used a whey protein isolate as a

His workouts started at 6 AM and Hugh Jackman stayed in
Australia during the entire period. Liev Schreiber, who plays
the role of Victor Creed/Sabertooth... (Logan's half-brother)
also followed an intense training program putting on almost 40
pounds of muscle for his part.

They concentrated mostly on compound movements. Exercises such

Flat Bench Press


Barbell Deadlifts - this is an excellent exercise for
developing greater strength and targeting the lower back area
muscles. I would suggest using a lifting belt when performing
this exercise.

Barbell Curls

Standing Overhead Press

Bent over Rows

Pull-Ups And Chin-Ups - (with additional weights attached to
Hugh Jackman) chin-ups and pull-ups are one of the best
exercises that you can perform --- if you are looking for a V
tapered body. In addition to creating massive strength in your
back muscles, this exercise also hits your shoulders, arms and
forearms. In fact, this is such a powerful exercise that many
individuals cannot even do one pull-up.

One way around this, is to place a chair approximately 1 foot
away from where you're pull up bar is placed. Grasp the bar and
place 1 foot on the chair. Begin doing pull ups and when you
need some help just use your one leg to help you get up over the
top of the bar. Push yourself and in no time at all you'll be
able to do 10 or more pull-ups.

Tricep Dips - this exercise is great at building mass and the
tricep muscles. In addition, it also targets the chest. Jackman,
typically added additional weights -- strapped to his waist for
this exercise.
Lunch and

The program that Michael Ryan used applied the principle of
muscle confusion, constantly mixing the Jackman's program to
continuously shock the muscles into growing. Medium levels of
cardio were used to ensure that he would also have six pack abs.

Although Jackman is almost 40 years old now, he certainly
proves the point that age has no bearing on bodybuilding
success. Try the Hugh Jackman workout and perhaps you'll have a
body you will be proud to show off.

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