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Simple Exercises For Memory Improvement

Simple Exercises For Memory Improvement

By James Gunaseelan

One of the most tedious but most effective ways to improve memory is to get a handle on life. Whether it’s your mail that’s in shambles, your sock drawer a mess or your contacts all messed up, you can improve memory by remembering names, numbers, important dates – and of course where you left your keys if you are more organized. Give everything a home. If you want to improve memory where it comes to your belongings, designate a place for everything. It may sound hard at first, but once you have a system in place, it becomes a way of life and you wonder who you ever lived without it. Make duplicate keys in times of emergency and for all other times, designate a key holder near your front door so you can grab –and put back- the keys in the right place every time. Once you are used to doing this, this will be one less area you have to improve memory.

If you need to improve memory as far as paying bills and replying to correspondence is concerned, get a mailing sorting system so as soon as you bring in the mail, you can recycle, shred, file or ‘do’ as soon as possible. If you only have a few things in your ‘do’ or ‘action’ folder, you will not need to rely on improving your memory tactics to remember when the gas bill is due.

Make a memory notebook. This is an 8-by-10 notebook with a calendar that will help you plan the minutiae of your life. Fill it with your to-do lists for the day, week, and month. Your notebook can become a portable filing cabinet for phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, medical information, phone messages, inspirational thoughts, bridge-playing strategies -- you name it. Carry it with you, or carry a small notepad to jot down information that you later transfer into your notebook. The act of writing something down reinforces it in your memory. And make sure to look at your notebook several times a day.

Understand your own style of learning. Most people are visual learners, remembering best what they see. They benefit the most from memory notebooks and signs. Others are auditory learners, remembering best what they hear. They benefit from talking out loud or using a tape recorder. A few people are kinesthetic learners, remembering best what they experience. They will benefit most from writing things down or acting them out. Knowing your strength will help your memory run at peak efficiency. To enhance your memory, try using all three learning modes.

Whether its picture puzzles in books or simple objects in a tray, you can improve memory by practicing remembering what you see. Take a tray and ask someone to put ten different things in it. Study it for 30 seconds and then write down what you saw. Practice until you get a 100 per cent score. If you neither have the time nor the patience for such games, pick up a magazine and then after looking at a picture, try to remember all the details you saw. How many people were there in the picture? What kind of shoes was the woman wearing? Was the car blue or black?

If you are spiritually inclined, memorize favorite parts of your book of faith otherwise try more secular things like all the US states alphabetical, the wives of King Henry VIII, the films starring Al Pacino or any other thing which catches your fancy like lyrics to a song that you like. Anything that keeps your brain on memorizing mode can do wonders for improving memory.

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