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Best Exercises For Muscle Building

Best Exercises For Muscle Building
By Mike Umberger

Do you dream of having a sculpted body like your favorite
action hero or sport-star? If you do, you may be surprised to
know that you are among the millions of people who wish to have
an imposing physique! But then why are there so few who actually
have a physique that is worth a second look? This may be because
working out is not everyone’s cup of tea and although most start
with a lot of zest, the hard work involved soon de-motivates
them. After all, most good things don’t come easy!

But before you think that building muscles is really difficult
you should know that it’s not. If you know about the best
exercises that can help you sculpt your body, you do need to
spend hours in the gym everyday. Here are some exercises that
can put you on the right track.

1. Cardiovascular exercises are a part of most fitness programs
and you need to do them for building muscles too. You do not
need to buy an expensive treadmill or exer-cycle for this. Using
jump ropes, at a moderate pace can burn as many calories as a
treadmill, if not more.
You can also try to run for a little while everyday at your
local park. It can help burn calories as well as tone muscles.

2. Squats and lunges can also help you bulk-up quadriceps,
hamstring and calf muscles. They basically require you to
alternate between a crouching position and standing upright,
repeatedly. If you use weights while doing these exercises you
can gain greater resistance and thus your muscles will grow

3. A bicep curl can be done easily by gripping a weight (such
as a dumbbell) in your hands and bending your arm upwards, at
the elbow. You can even use resistance bands for achieving the
desired objective of strengthening your biceps.

Another exercise for bulking up your arms is the dip. Dips
involve raising and lowering your body with the help of your
arms. You can use parallel bars or any other object which can
sustain your weight.

4. For strengthening your abdominal muscles, you can do
sit-ups, crunches and leg-lifts. They can help you gain the
six-pack abs of your dreams!
The fact is that whichever exercise you choose you need to
consider the following factors.

Muscle building workouts have two benefits; gaining a lean body
and gaining extra muscle mass for increasing overall strength.
Your exercises should be in sync with the benefit that you want
to derive.

Rest is almost as important as working out. Your muscles need
to recover from the exertions and only then can they grow. So
get adequate sleep and do not work the same muscle group

You also need to be patient while increasing the intensity and
resistance of your workouts. For example, switch to a fifteen
pound weight, only when the twelve pound weight seems to have to
effect on your biceps. This may take time and so don’t rush.

If you really want great results, hire a personal trainer. A
lot of things have been discussed above and wouldn’t it be great
if you have someone, who knows all of these and much more, to
guide you? Remember the fact that expert advice has no

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