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By Al Parker, MD

So you’ve seen the commercials, heard about it from your
friends or colleagues, but you want to know what P90X REALLY is
about. Not just “Oh man…it’s EXTREME!” Pull up a chair and I’ll
give you an in depth look at the workout program that WILL
change your life.

Let’s get right down to it and start with the workouts. Have
you ever bought a workout video that was a half hour or
forty-five minutes of a more talk than working out? Then the
workout you do get is for beginners, or is better suited for
your 12 year old? Yea, me too, but P90X is not it. First of all,
they give you a full DVD on how to get the most of the workouts.
The trainer, Tony Horton, gets serious, and gives you serious
motivation to get the change in your body you are looking for.
Then, they give you a whopping TWELVE DVDs. That’s twelve
hour-long workouts! These guys are nuts! Not only are they
twelve workouts, but also if you are not in shape like a
professional athlete, you WILL NOT be able to finish the
workouts. I’m serious, and so are the workouts. Their strength
workouts are based on circuit type training. The strength
workout DVDs are: chest and back; shoulders, triceps, bicep;
back and legs; chest, shoulder, triceps; back and biceps and
finally the “Ab Ripper X”, as they like to call it. Each one
starts with a warm up and stretch, and each one has a cool down
period…so you are completely done in 1 hour.

Now, I want to tell you about the chest and back a bit more.
Basically, you rotate a chest exercise, then a back exercise. It
starts out with pushups, then pull-ups. You will rotate regular
grip, then wide grip then narrow grip and finally reverse grip
(pull-ups). Tony then has you doing some decline and incline
pushups, bent over rows, back flys and some crazy military push
ups that the Navy SEALS have a hard time doing. There are of
course a couple other exercises that I didn’t mention, but they
are all variations of the above. So, with about 15 seconds rest
in between each exercise, you finish the first round and you are
SPENT! Then he says….”This is where most programs are
finished….but not us! We’re not done!” And you look at the TV
screen like..”Are you kidding me right now..I can’t even lift my
arms over my head…..and you want me to get back on the pull up
bar”??? Yea…that’s right…get back up there. But, don’t worry,
about half way through the 90 days….you're yelling back at the
TV screen going…….bring it harder old man!!! (Oh yea..Tony is
the most ripped 48 year old guy you have EVER seen….EVER!)

So, that about covers one DVD. The rest are more of the same
torture (at first, then you realize you are a friggin' animal,
and begin to love that stuff). But wait, I’m not done! There are
cardio workouts! Plyometrics, Yoga, Cardio X, and Core
Synergistics. All of which will have you scraping the floor with
your tongue if you are not already a marathon runner. Oh yea….I
know someone who IS a marathon runner, and he STILL had trouble
with these babies when he first started! Yea, these workouts are
serious, so you should be too if you want to tackle them and get
in the best shape of your life! Did I mention they give you a
calendar and a workbook to track your progress and a 40-page
guide to all of the workouts in addition to the DVDs? Yea…they

Let’s talk about the P90X nutrition plan now. So unless you are
a professional athlete (actually….professional athletes can
benefit from this nutrition guide too) you need this nutrition
guide. It’s really like getting a masters degree in how our
bodies work. After you read the P90X nutrition guide, you will
want to sue someone every time you see the crap on TV and in the
news about how to lose weight. Everyone is feeding us
misinformation!! It’s crazy that the owners of these companies
are not sent to jail!!! Because it’s a crime!! The P90X
nutrition guide shows you IN DETAIL how EXACTLY to burn YOUR
fat, and build YOUR muscle, not someone else’s fat and muscle.
They take you step by step, calculate your energy requirements
for rest, for exercise, for everything, then give you a solid
number to hang your hat on, so you know every single day, that
you are either losing fat, or not. In addition, they give you
meal plans, down to the last calorie, carbohydrate and protein,
so that you know EXACTLY what is going on in your body. No more
guessing if you are losing weight because the scale might be
wrong. The hell with the scale!  You don’t need it! It’s
throwing you off! Calculate your weight loss!! Then, in one
month, look at it in your pictures….you will be astonished! In
addition, P90X puts you on three different phases of your
nutrition plan: a fat burning phase, a strength phase and an
endurance phase. You can watch you body change each week in the
mirror….it is totally crazy!!! They even give you an entire 90
days worth of meal recipes. If you don’t like those, they have a
“Portion Plan”, so you can chose your own foods and still follow
the plan. Of course, the online website has tons more recipes
from other people that went through P90X who have submitted so
others can benefit. This is the most complete, real, and healthy
way to get super-fit that you will find anywhere…..I can
guarantee that!!!

About the Author: Dr. Parker is a surgical resident with an
interest in preventative health, and fitness who has helped many
of his family, friends and patients get in the best shape of
their lives. For more about P90X go to

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