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Protect Against Cancer With Folic Acid

Protect Against Cancer With Folic Acid
By Steve P Smith

Inadequate intake of dietary folates and folic acid has been
strongly associated with the elevated levels of blood
homocysteine which have been identified as a key risk factor for
both cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.   But
folates and folic acid are also very important in protecting
against certain cancers and birth defects and it is these
functions which are considered here.

The term folic acid may be confusing to some, because it is in
fact one of the most important and heavily researched of the B
complex of vitamins and widely used in this form as a dietary
supplement.  In the form of folate compounds the vitamin is also
found naturally in the body as well as in various common foods.

Folic acid is essential for a large number of biochemical
reactions within the body, including the metabolism of energy
from food, but is particularly important in ensuring that the
continual process of cell division within the body proceeds
normally.  This is especially vital during the rapid development
and production of new cells during the first weeks after
conception.  Inadequate intake of folates and/or folic acid in
the early stages of pregnancy has been identified as a cause of
what are known as “neural tube defects” which lead to inadequate
or abnormal development of the foetal brain and spinal cord.  

One of the most dreaded diseases which may result from these
problems is spina bifida, but the incidence of this has been
shown to be reduced by 75% when folic acid supplements of 400
mcg are taken during the first three months of pregnancy.  Folic
acid supplements are recommended because they are much more
easily absorbed, “bioavailable” in the jargon, than folates from

It would in fact be difficult to obtain sufficient supplies of
this nutrient from ordinary food sources.  Supplementation is
therefore recommended for all women of child bearing age because
the need for this nutrient is at its most critical in the very
early days of a pregnancy, possibly before the mother is even
aware of her condition.          

This is not to say, however, that a diet rich in folates should
not still be followed, because amongst the best and most readily
available sources of folates are leafy green vegetables, and
orange juice which also provide a plentiful supply of valuable
anti-oxidants and are extremely beneficial to general health.  

A single cup of spinach or asparagus, for example, may provide
as much as 130 or more micrograms (mcg) of folate; a small glass
of orange juice perhaps 80 mcg.  Pulses such as beans and
lentils are also good sources, the latter providing around 180
mcg in just half a cup, beans between 80 and 140 mcg according
to type.

Best of all, however, is fortified breakfast cereal, a single
cup of which may yield between 200 and 400 mcg, reflecting the
FDA’s insistence on the addition of folic acid to refined grain
foods, including bread.         

Although this policy is driven mostly by a desire to protect
the unborn, the more general advice to consume at least five
servings of fruit and vegetables a day has also been put forward
as a protector against cancer.  Certainly such a diet would be
rich in folates, and research suggests a strong association
between folate deficiency and an increased incidence of certain
of the more common cancers, including those of the cervix, colon
and rectum, lung, oesophagus and breast.  It is thought that the
association may arise because of the role of folate in DNA
repair within cells, DNA damage being regarded as a principal
cause of cancer. 

However, conventional medicine remains reluctant to accept
folic acid supplementation as a possible weapon in the battle
against cancer, even though one large scale study has reported a
halving of breast cancer risk in women taking more than 600 mcg
daily.  For reasons which are not understood, however, this
protective effect was only observed in the case of those women
who also consumed at least one alcoholic drink per day.  In
general it can be said that the link between folic acid intake
and cancer risk remains a matter of association rather than
clear causation, but orthodox opinion is much less cautious in
recommending a high intake of folates from food.  

But not surprisingly, given the potential benefits, nutritional
therapists are much less cautious in recommending folic acid
supplementation at levels far in excess of the officially
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 400 mcg (0.4 mg) a day;
some suggesting as much as 10 mg (10,000 mcg).  And in fact
there appears little reason for concern over the ingestion of
such apparently large amounts.

Although the US Food and Nutrition Board has recommended that
folic acid intake should be limited to 1,000 mcg (1 mg) per day,
this is not so much because of possible problems with such an
intake of folic acid in itself, but rather because it may cure a
particular type of anaemia which is one of the symptoms of an
underlying deficiency of vitamin B12.  Whilst you might think
that such a cure would be beneficial, the problem is that it may
mask the underlying vitamin B12 deficiency with potentially
serious neurological consequences.

But the solution to the problem would seem straightforward.  It
is simply to ensure that a generous supply of vitamin B12 is
obtained along with any folic acid taken.  And this should not
be difficult if the vitamins are taken as part of a supplement
containing the entire B complex, as is always recommended.  As
with all vitamins supplements, they should for maximum
effectiveness be taken in conjunction with a comprehensive

About the Author: Steve Smith is a freelance copywriter
specialising in direct marketing and with a particular interest
in health products. Find out more at


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Two Amino Acids That Don't Build Muscle or Help You Gain Weight

Two Amino Acids That Don't Build Muscle or Help You Gain Weight
By Jonathan Perez

BCAAs, also known as branched chain amino acids, are just one
of many types of bodybuilding supplements that promise the
weight lifter gains in weight and muscle building. However,
before you go off and hand over your cash on these dietary
supplements, check out what a British study has just uncovered.

Two of these amino acids in question are alanine and carnosine,
both of which are chemicals that are found in muscle mass that
affect muscle size, strength, and natural metabolism. They also
are important in the entire protein synthesis process. However,
according to a study titled "Amino Acids", in press, a British
study, it was found that bodybuilding supplements that contain
alanine, taken at 6.4 grams per day for a total of 10 weeks, had
absolutely no effect on body composition (lean muscle mass - to
- body fat ratio), muscular endurance, strength, muscle building
/ weight gain. (Interesting, because at $30 a pop, that sure is
a lot of wasted money and hopes).

On top of that, alanine had no effects on the amino acid
canosine, which is exactly what many manufacturers of these
types of muscle building supplements claim.

Again, as I've mentioned in many other articles and blog posts,
the majority of nutritional supplements aimed at building muscle
and gaining weight for the naturally skinny individual are
nothing more than expensive placebo pills / powders. That's why
when it comes to factors that will actually help you achieve
your physique goals it will always come down to using the
correct and specific weight training routine and caloric

Too often the "magic pill" or "muscle building in a bottle"
syndrome takes over the logical reasoning of many body builders,
weight trainers, exercise buffs, and fitness enthusiasts. Sadly,
they are constantly looking and going down the wrong path. This
is the exact reason why you have literally millions and millions
of people who faithfully engage in intense workout programs and
routines yet don't have much to show for all of their efforts,
blood, sweat, and tears.

Medical studies can truly help and guide us to begin looking
down certain paths that may lead to greater and faster gains in
weight and muscle mass, but that's all it is. Keep in mind that
what is done in a lab is not necessary reflective of what
happens in the real world; in real life. Or, it may take a
combination of many factors to make a certain supplement assist,
not make or break a physique. How many hundreds of thousands of
people do you know that have never taken certain nutritional
supplements that get hyped up so much, yet have gained a lot of
weight in the form of muscle mass? How many eat nothing but
regular, everyday food, a diet that would be considered nuts by
the mainstream bodybuilding and nutritional industry, yet have
built more muscle mass, weight, and strength than those that
shell out hundreds of dollars a month in supplements?

About the Author: BCAAs, also known as branched chain amino
acids, are just one of many types of bodybuilding supplements
that promise the weight lifter gains in weight and muscle
building. Learn more here:


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Autoimmune Hepatitis

Autoimmune Hepatitis
By Lisa E. Sousa

Autoimmune Hepatitis is a disease in which the body's immune
system attacks the liver cells. Like Ulcerative Colitis, and
other autoimmune diseases, Autoimmune Hepatits causes
inflammation of the affected organ. If left untreated over time,
this disease can lead to cirrhosis pf the liver, and eventually
liver failure. This chronic condition is potentially fatal. Type
1 Autoimmune Hepatitis, in, many cases, also occurs with other
autoimmune disorders such as Ulcerative Colitis, type 1
diabetes, autoimmune anemia, Graves' disease, Sjögren's
syndrome, thyroiditis and proliferative glomerulonephritis. Type
2 Autoimmune Hepatitis is less common and mostly affects girls
ages 2 to 14; however this type can also be found in adults.

Symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis range from mild to severe. The
symptoms may include fatigue, abdominal discomfort, joint pain,
skin rash, enlarged liver, jaundice, itching, nausea, vomiting,
dark urine, loss of appetite, abnormal blood vessels on the
skin, fatigue and pale or gray colored stools. Mental confusion
and fluid in the abdomen can sometimes be found in patients with
advanced stages of the disease. Please note that the symptoms of
viral hepatitis and other forms of hepatitis that are caused by
a drug are very similar. With this in mind, other tests may be
needed by a physician to rule out these other forms of disease,
and to confirm Autoimmune Hepatitis.

Diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis is based on symptoms as well
as a liver biopsy and blood tests. For a liver biopsy, the
patient goes to an outpatient surgical center or to a hospital.
The doctor will take a small sample of liver tissue to examine
under a microscope. This examination will accurately diagnose
autoimmune hepatitis and it's seriousness. While a routine blood
test can reveal a patterns that are typical in a hepatitis case,
further blood test are needed to diagnose autoimmune hepatitis
especially for autoantibodies. The pattern and the level of
antibodies in the blood help define if the disease is a type 1
or type 2 classification. These tests will also help distinguish
autoimmune hepatitis from other forms of hepatitis.

Treatment for autoimmune hepatitis is most effective when the
disease is diagnosed early. Treatment consists primarily of
medications that suppress the immune system. To treat the
disease, the doctor may prescribe prednisone, which is a
corticosteroid. Prednisone, or other corticosteroids may have
some unpleasant side effects. These side effects increased acne,
filling or rounding out of the face, weight gain, thinning of
bones, thinning of hair and skin, high blood pressure, diabetes,
cataracts, glaucoma, depression, anxiety and confusion.
Athzathioprine (Imuran) is another medication that is prescribed
in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis. Like prednisone, this
medicine is also used to suppress the immune system as well as
helping lower the doses of prednisone needed while reducing it's
side effects. Once the disease is under control, the physician
may prescribe azathioprine, in addition to prednisone. Possible
side effects of azathioprine may include lowered blood cell
count, nausea and poor appetite. Rare side effects include an
allergic reaction, pancreatitis and liver damage. The duration
of treatment varies from individual to individual in that some
may eventually stop treatment followed by close monitoring or in
some cases it may be necessary to contintue the treatments for
life. However, for those whose treatment has been stopped, it is
possible that the disease may return even worse than before,
especially during the first few months after stopping treatment.
Within 2 years of starting treatment, 7 out of 10 people will
have the disease go into remission. However, the symptoms will
return within 3 years, so treatment for autoimmune hepatitis is
an ongoing process. Other treatments are also possible for those
patients who do not respond to standard immune therapy or who
have severe side effects. These include medicines such as
tacrolimus, cyclosporine or mycophenylate mofetil, which are
also immunosuppressive agents. Liver transplants are needed for
those with cirrhosis and or end stage liver disease.

About the Author: Lisa is a survivor of Ulcerative Colitis and
other digestive disorders. Learn more about digestive disorders


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The Effects of Loneliness and Idleness

The Effects of Loneliness and Idleness
By CD Mohatta

A time of loneliness and idleness might happen after a divorce,
the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, after children have
left the home, or following trauma. Prolonged isolation and
idleness usually deteriorates our mental health. Worry,
depression, and regret often fill the void that company and
activity used to fill.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are suddenly more
alone, your routines have been disrupted and you have time on
your hands, it is important to establish new friendships and
routines as soon as possible.

Work outside the home and volunteering are some of the best
choices you can make. When our time has structure a lot of
things fall into place. Just having to dress, leave the home,
and be somewhere by a certain time will help you. It will give
you other things to think about and the opportunity to meet new
people. Contact with others prevents stagnation and gives us the
human contact we all need. If you are looking for work and the
process will take time, volunteer in the meanwhile. Don't worry
about having to quit when you get work. Get involved in
something now. Helping others is a good way to feel you are
contributing to the world.

Finding social groups is a wonderful way of making friends. Ask
at the library about where to find a book club, writers club,
soccer group, yoga class, foreign language group, gardening
club, support group, church, or anything that is of interest to
you. Some possibilities may be in the form of classes, but other
activities might be completely free. You might even consider
returning to college or night school. Make use of your time and
get yourself among people, particularly in situations where
you'll need to talk to others. In this way you'll soon find
yourself feeling of better mental health.

What to do about loneliness?

Most of us get lonely from time to time. Sometimes we get sad
because we miss a particular person or wish we had someone to
love us and share our lives. For immediate relief, even in the
middle of the night, it helps to get busy with a project.

A lot of times when we feel lonely for some reason we're
reluctant to call old friends or new acquaintances, to go out,
or invite people over. But if you wish to remove loneliness from
your life, you will have to put in regular effort to communicate
and be social. Make a commitment now that you will make a daily
effort to improve your relationships.

Make a list of the important people in your life. Would you
like to have better relationships with them? Then you need to
put in regular effort. Call at least one person every day, or
set aside quality time with your family. You might set up one
night a week or month to have a meal with family you don’t live
with. Make it a goal to have about a dozen most important people
in your life. If you don’t have that many, that is not unusual.
But start rekindling old relationships and make an effort to
find some new friends you can spend time with. Be good to your
friends and relatives with a kind words and offering help.
Respecting what others want will help you to improve your

Remember that you are always loved. Sometimes the people we
want to spend time with are not available at this time, but that
doesn’t mean they don’t care for us.

Make room in your life for people. If you want to attract a
mate, make physical space in your home for someone to move in.
Make room for friends to come over and do things or share a
meal. Make time in your schedule to date and socialize. Make
room in your opinions and communication for sharing with others.

About the Author: The author writes text messages and advises
for internet and social networking content like myspace quotes - and myspace comments- He also writes quizzes on
subjects like personality at


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3 Guy Habits That Ruin Diets

3 Guy Habits That Ruin Diets
By Phillip Tucker

You’re a dude. Or a girl who acts like one. Which means you act
in a certain way, have certain idiosyncratic approaches to
eating and nutrition that most likely hamper and hinder your
desire to lose weight. What are you doing wrong? Why is it so
hard to shed those stubborn pounds? Maybe your habits need some
changing. Let’s take a close look at your guy habits that seem
normal, and see if they might just be tripping you up!

Speed Eating

I know I’m guilty of this one. If I’m hungry, and there are
four delicious tacos on my plate, rich and hot and ready for the
eating, I’ll do just that: eat them, and fast. So you cram it
all in your maw, chortling at your good fortune and licking your
lips, the whole plate clean in less than two minutes. Yum! And
yes, suddenly your tummy is bulging and huge. And you’re
stuffed, absolutely gorged. How did you get here? By eating too
fast. Your brain didn’t have time to react to all the food you
were busy fisting into your mouth, so by the time it could send
out signals telling you to stop, it was too late; you’d already
eaten too much. So slow down! Eat slower, savor your food, so
that your brain has a chance to make you quit when you’ve had
enough. Also, eating slow helps you not look like a starving

Skipping Meals

So you’re a busy guy. Running around, getting things done,
surfing, waxing down your surfboard, talking to surfer chicks,
scoping out the waves. Busy. You don’t have time for every meal,
in fact, it’s kind of cool and tough to skip the occasional one,
mind over body, right? Plus that way you get to eat a huge lunch
or dinner or whatever, and show the other guys what a huge,
raving, healthy appetite you’ve got. Good idea? No. Bad idea.
Because not only will you then make the mistakes from Speed
Eating above (eating too much, Mr. Pig-a-lot-osaurus), but your
energy levels will be spiking, your brain deprived of a
continuous amount of glucose, so that you think resources are
scarce and gorge on your next meal. Don’t do this! Eat regularly
so as to maintain a regular appetite.

Scarfing Down Salty Snacks

Salt has a chemical effect on our brains. It stimulates
pleasure in our brains, leading to addiction and eating much
more of the salty stuff than you had intended. Salty foods
activate the release of opiods (yes, that’s exactly what you
think it is, dude) linked with reward. The more salt, the more
your brain pats itself on the head. As a result, vicious drug
dependency cycle begins, resulting in your eating all of the
popcorn in that gargantuan bag, in devouring all the peanuts at
the bar, or finishing all the pretzels. And there goes your
nutrition plan. So! Cut back on salt! Cut back, cook the
occasional meal without, don’t sprinkle it on stuff, and be
aware if your snack is super salty.

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like a
P90X Recovery Drink. Fantastic for easing soreness post workout,
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Muscle Burn Fat: Feed the Muscle to Burn the Fat

Muscle Burn Fat: Feed the Muscle to Burn the Fat
By Gizewski Bogumil

Why don’t you ask twenty people what type of workout they
should be performing to burn body fat fast and increase their
metabolism and they will most likely say the same thing. That
you need to perform about one hour of some type of
moderately-paced aerobic exercise for 4-5 times per week to burn
body fat fast.

They will probably also say you that the more moderately-paced
aerobic exercise you perform the better your results will be. So
according to this theory performing moderately-paced aerobic
exercise everyday would be the best method to burn body fat

People believe this theory because for many years it has been
drilled into their heads by the mainstream media and health care
professionals. We have all heard this before, if you want to
burn body fat fast performing moderately-paced aerobic exercise
at a certain target heart rate and stay at that heart rate for
about forty to sixty minutes, 4-5 times per week is the most
effective way. This is definitely not the best way to burn body
fat. I am here to tell you that you have been lied to and that
there is a better way to burn body fat fast.

You will be burning some body fat while you are running to
endlessly on a treadmill, but you won’t get the lean nice beach
body with this type of exercise alone. Actually, this type of
exercise can be counterproductive if burning body fat is your
goal. Some of the reasons for this are:

Performing long moderately-paced aerobic exercise uses your
stored body fat for as the main source of energy during the
sessions. This can actually make your body create more body fat
in reserve after you completed the workout so the body will be
ready for your next workout. You definitely don’t want this to
happen if your goal is to burn body fat fast and get very lean.

What's worse, this type of exercise when done frequently may
also speed up your body’s aging process by increasing

The most efficient workout method to increase your metabolism
to burn body fat faster is to add lean muscle to your body
through resistance training. Remember that muscle burns fat. If
you want noticeable fat burning results in the quickest possible
time, then you need to add lean muscle to your body. Muscle
burns fat so when you build muscle you burn fat, turning your
body into a fat burning machine that will burn body fat even
when you sleep.

If you were to consume the same amount of calories that allow
you to maintain your current bodyweight, but you build some lean
muscle on your body, you will need to feed some of those
calories you’re eating to the new muscle, creating a calorie
deficit in your body. So when you build muscle your body will
automatically burn fat to feed muscle.

In addition, when you stimulate your muscles with proper weight
training, the muscle repair process will use some of your stored
body fat to help your muscle recover. This calorie deficit
combined with the muscle repair process will help you burn body
fat all day long. You will even get these fat burning effects
when you’re sleeping.

Good weight training program will also increases your heart and
lung's capacity. By placing intense demands on your body, you
are forcing it to be ready for anything you throw at it. This
will make you more resistant to cardiovascular problems that
kill many people each year, even those that perform aerobic
exercise frequently.

The great thing about this is that you do not have to spend
endless hours working out each week to burn body fat; you can
actually get all the benefits I just mentioned by done with 3
weekly strength training workouts that are about thirty minutes

So you will not have to turn your life upside down to make this
type of exercise part of your life, and it will help keep you
lean and feeling great without having to spend hours at the gym
each week. So go on and build that muscle to burn that nasty
body fat for good. Like I mention in my Fat Burner IQ program,
to burn body fat you need to learn how to work smarter and not

About the Author: Bogumil Gizewski is a renowned fitness expert
and is the founder of Lose Fat 1( the
creator of populer fitness programs like Fat Burner IQ
( and Abs IQ (


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Read This Review of 5 HTP Supplement Before You Buy

Read This Review of 5 HTP Supplement Before You Buy
By Cynthia Wang

5 HTP supplements can nip a common problem many of us
experience, a spiraling down of our energy, concentration, and
stamina. This is a fatigue that can’t be fixed with a cup of
coffee and a donut. The malaise that is over taking you drains
not only the energy, but the will to wake up in the morning or
even enjoy your family.

While you might be taking a multivitamin or eating the right
foods the truth is your lack of drive and feelings of melancholy
might actually come from not having enough of what keeps your
brain balanced and functioning well. No amount of sleeping will
help because the problem isn’t your tired achy muscles or lack
of will power; it’s a matter of your brain getting what it

If your body isn’t getting the raw material it needs to ‘feed
your head’ you can suffer a variety of symptoms that seem
physical or mental in origin. If your body isn’t producing
5-Hydroxytryptophan or 5-HTP you need to find a way to get this
into your diet.

What is this Amino Acid?

5-HTP is an amino acid which works within the body to produce
important brain chemicals like tryptophan and serotonin. There
are some theories that stress and poor dietary choices lower
serotonin levels.

If you have lower serotonin levels you feel tired, suffer bouts
of depression, you will have frequent headaches, you have
muscles aches and pains, and feel chronically tired.

Unfortunately, low serotonin levels will also cause food
cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, which will just ensure the
problems, will continue.

There are several conditions, which are common with low
serotonin levels including: premenstrual syndrome, fibromyalgia,
obesity, bulimia, insomnia, sleep apnea, and migraines.

It follows that if you can increase your 5-HTP you can increase
the serotonin levels alleviating these symptoms.

Where to Find 5-HTP Supplements?

It is sold either alone or with other supplements or as a
solitary aid for depression, as a sleep aid, and as a natural
appetite suppressant. It is also often used as a supplement to
remedy withdrawal symptoms that occurs after taking MDMA
(Ecstasy) which is known to deplete serotonin in the brain.

Key Benefits of 5-HTP Supplement

There have been medical trails that indicate 5-HTP works as an
effective antidepressant agent. Even patients diagnosed as
‘therapy resistant’ showed signs of improvement taking this

Headaches and Migraine

Chronic headaches seriously reduce the quality of someone’s
life. Researchers have found that many chronic headache suffers
have low serotonin levels in their tissues as opposed to
non-headache suffers. A steady treatment of 5-HTP has shown to
be useful in preventing new migraine headaches from occurring.

Supplements like Neuro-Natural General from Xtend Life offers
5-HTP along with other herbs and amino acids to help balance and
improve brain function. The tiredness, the headaches and general
achiness isn’t going to go away no matter how much you nap and
the sugary snacks you are craving will only make the problem
worse. A supplement containing 5-Hydroxtrptophan can get off the
sofa and back into your life.

About the Author: Why limit yourself to just the benefits of 5
HTP supplement when there are also other amino acids, herbs,
vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body needs as well for
optimal health. Check out Total Balance instead at


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Get Fit Over 50 and Improve Your Quality of Life

Get Fit Over 50 and Improve Your Quality of Life
By Patricia Winker

Do the rules for getting fit and staying fit after 50 differ
from any other age group? Yes. Why? Because your body is
different than it was in your 20's, 30's, and 40's. You know
that by looking at it, and the fact is, you're dealing with a
very different body that has very different needs. You may have
coasted through your 20's, drifted through your 30's, and
ignored the subtle signs in your 40's. But, not any longer.

Just about the time you sign your name to that AARP invitation,
you start to notice a few unpleasant things about your body.
There you were, sitting on the floor sorting pictures and when
you went to get back up again, your legs, back, and hips started
to argue with you. Maybe all those clothes in your closet
started shrinking somehow. Perhaps you caught a glimpse in a
full length mirror and thought "where did that come from?"

Are things like loss of muscle and bone strength, unsteady
balance, and weight gain inevitable as we age? Not entirely.
What we do today, during our 50's, will help prevent
deterioration of our body not only today, but for the rest of
our lives. Aging is a natural process and it is inevitable,
should we be so lucky! However, the way we age is highly
dependent on what we do to keep our body strong and healthy.

Now that you're with me, what exactly do we need to do, you
ask. First, remind yourself that you didn't get this far without
being smart. You are 50 plus years old and you deserve to be fit
and healthy. You deserve to be the strongest, healthiest person
you can possibly be. So, how about we get started by reading the
following fitness tips:

Set A Goal: Think back to some of the goals you set in the
past. I'll bet when you were in your 20's and 30's you wanted to
look beautiful and slim, so that was your goal. Somewhere in
your 50's your aspirations have changed. You still want to look
good, but it's the feeling good part that gets us committed to a
fitness program. If you say "When I turn 55 next year I want to
walk a marathon" THAT is a fitness goal. Pick something you want
to achieve - ride a bike again, do 25 leg lifts, get off the
floor without help - those are markers of a quality of life that
you've been missing.

Choose An Exercise Program That Fits You: You've probably tried
a few exercise programs throughout your life and already have a
pretty good idea what will work for you. Don't go back to a gym
if lifting weights around people never worked well for you. If
floor exercises and free-weights get you hopping, then go for
it. If camaraderie and support is important to you, then choose
programs that embrace groups of people. If your idea of heaven
is walking with headphones on, then you need to get walking.
Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy doing it!

Now, Stick With It: Okay, you have your exercise video all
ready to go. You think you'll enjoy it because you've tried
things like it before. You give it your all for about 30 days,
then stop. Why? Because most of us lose patience quickly. No
results in 30 days? Done. The fact is it took many years to get
out of shape, it will take some time to see results. Give
yourself at least 90 days before you decide if you like the
exercise program you're doing and if you're seeing results.
There are reasons you may not like the exercise, and it may not
be working the way you want. If not, find something else and
start again!

Getting fit after 50, and staying fit, is not an unattainable
dream somewhere out there in the future. If you're 50 or older,
you know that the future is RIGHT NOW! Doing one exercise today,
then another tomorrow, and another the day after, is the way to
a strong and fit body - and an investment in your health for
decades to come!

About the Author: Can fitness after 50 make a difference in the
way you feel at 60, 70, 80 or even 90? Yes! See what women are
doing to stay strong over at and
join in the fun!


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Frisbee Golf: Extreme Sport?

Frisbee Golf: Extreme Sport?
By Emily Taylor

While it may not be the most adrenaline-pumping sport played,
Frisbee golf can be extremely fun. It’s a game that doesn’t
require stamina or great athleticism. The key to the game is in
the flick of the wrist. This sport is a great way to spend time
with friends and family and participate in a little competition
at the same time.


The goal of the game is to throw a Frisbee into an elevated
basket or hit a particular target. As its name implies, it is
extremely similar to golf but with a Frisbee replacing the golf
ball. A Frisbee golf course has a series of baskets just like
the holes on a golf course. Players try to get the Frisbee into
each basket in the least amount of throws. This is actually more
difficult than it sounds. Players add up all their throws from
each hole at the end of the round and the player with the lowest
total score wins.


Frisbee golf is a game with few rules, but there are a few you
must be aware of before you hit the course. Each hole has a
designated area for “teeing off.” This area is where a player’s
first throw for every hole must start. Some players like to get
a running start for each “tee shot”. Running into the box is
permitted but the Frisbee must be released from the player’s
hand while they are inside the designated area.

Each throw must begin at the spot where the Frisbee landed from
the previous throw. A player must pick up the Frisbee and throw
it without moving too much. Some people place “mini-Frisbee”
markers on the ground before the pick up their Frisbee. They
must stand with their dominant foot on the marker while they
complete their throw. The rules about moving vary depending on
who you are playing with.

Just as in golf, the player who’s Frisbee is furthest from the
basket throws. If a player is still the furthest from the basket
after a throw then the must throw the Frisbee again.

There are penalties for throwing out of bounds. If a throw does
go into the out of bounds region then the player must count the
throw and add one additional throw to their score. The Frisbee
needs to be brought back into the course and played no more than
three feet from the boundary line.

If a Frisbee hits an obstacle, like a tree, then the player is
allowed to move back from the obstacle for their next throw.
There are no penalty throws added to a player’s score for
hitting an obstacle.

With this new knowledge you are ready to play your first round
of Frisbee golf. The key to the game is the finesse it takes to
get your disc in the basket. You will see that the game is
surprisingly more difficult than it sounds. If you talk to
Frisbee golf experts they will tell you that there is a lot of
technique that goes into the game as well!

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Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Living With Type 1 Diabetes
By Peter Geisheker

Diabetes is a serious disease. It is an incurable and complex
disease that can cause life-threatening complications if strict
lifestyle changes are not made upon diagnosis.

There are two forms of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Each has
its own characteristics however both can cause devastation if
not treated properly.

Type 1 Diabetes is most often diagnosed in children. It was
commonly referred to as ‘Juvenile Diabetes’ Type 1 Diabetes is
when the body fails to produce the insulin that is needed to
turn sugar and starches into the energy that the body needs to
keep itself going.

A diagnosis of Diabetes is serious, however it is not the end
of the world. It can be a very frightening experience, however,
discussing the best way to treat it is to learn everything you
can about the disease. There are conditions and complications
that Type 1 Diabetes can cause. Knowledge is the key to your
health and happiness.

• Hyperglycemia - High blood glucose
• Hypoglycemia – Low blood glucose
• Ketoacidosis – Failure to regulate Ketone production
• Celiac disease - a digestive disease that wreaks havoc on the
small intestine and prevent the body from absorbing the
nutrients it needs from food.
• Heart disease – can cause death if left untreated
• Retinopathy – blindness if left untreated
• Neuropathy – severe nerve damage if left untreated
• Nephropathy – kidney damage or failure if left untreated

These conditions are serious, and can have devastating effects
on your body. It is critical that you learn all that you can as
soon as possible. Consult with your physician, he or she may be
able to recommend different ways to adjust to living with Type 1

It is critically important that you take care of yourself. It
will be necessary to initiate lifestyle changes that may be
difficult to adjust to, however it is imperative to your health
that you make these changes.

The one thing that will need to be controlled is your diet. You
will need to learn what you can and cannot eat. Having Diabetes
is not a death sentence, you will need to re-think and adjust to
a different lifestyle.

Consulting a nutritionist who specializes in menu plans for
those with Diabetes can show you that just because you have this
disease does not mean you have to give up on tasty food. He or
she will give you menu options that are good, fun and

There are many different changes your body will go through when
you are diagnosed with Diabetes. Skin, eyes, feet and oral
hygiene will take on a whole new meaning when you are diagnosed.
You will need to pay special attention to each area to avoid any
complications that may arise.

It is also critically important that you do not drink alcohol
when you are diagnosed. It can raise your blood sugar to
dangerous levels. If you are going to be at a function where
alcohol is being served it is critically important that you
monitor your blood sugar level carefully before taking a drink.

Controlling your Diabetes and taking insulin shots is
manageable as long as you are aware of what the danger signs
are. Many Type 1 who recognize the warning signs of Hypoglycemia
keep a piece of candy in their pockets for when they feel an
attack coming on. The small amount of sugar in the candy can
help restore their sugar level.

Learning all you can about Type 1 Diabetes will insure your
health and well being.

About the Author: Peter Geisheker is CEO of The Geisheker Group
marketing company ( For more information
on Diabetes and managing high blood sugar, please visit


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