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POM Wonderful 100 % Pomegranate Juice Product Review

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POM Wonderful 100 % Pomegranate Juice Product Review



Have you got a taste for a refreshing fruit drink? Look no further than POM Wonderful's 100 % Pomegranate Juice! This product is one of the best tasting and nutritious natural juices on the market so I would like to share my opinions about it with my readers. Last year the folks at POM Wonderful sent me a sample of their pomegranate juice and asked my opinion of it. Because the mission of this website is to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition, exercise and diet, I agreed to try some of their pomegranate juice. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the suggested health benefits of POM Wonderful's 100 % Pomegranate Juice and not only that, it tastes good, too. And I continue to drink it to this day. So I'm going to spend a little time discussing some of the potential health benefits of adding POM Wonderful's 100 % Pomegranate Juice to your list of healthy beverages.

Although the origins of pomegranates can be traced back to the Middle East, peninsular Malaysia, Africa, the Mediterranean and Caucasus(1), Western societies have only recently taken notice of the potential health benefits of this fruit. Why is pomegranate juice suddenly getting so much attention? It has a lot to do with the ongoing scientific investigations into the health benefits that pomegranate juice provides. POM Wonderful, the California based company which produces US grown 100 % pomegranate juice, is the only company to invest 25 million dollars toward the scientific investigation of the benefits of its pomegranate juice (2) thus making POM Wonderful 100 % Pomegranate Juice the only brand that has been clinically tested(2). I've taken a look at the list of scientific references that they sent to me and I was quite impressed. But I'm not a man who accepts anything at face value so I spent some time reviewing other literature looking for evidence of the potential benefits of pomegranate juice. And I found a lot of information about this fruit. Pomegranate juice is rich in nutrients that provide it with many potential health benefits including:

* anti-aging
* reproductive health
* Alzheimer's disease
* diabetes
* and more

But among the considerable data conducted in human and animal studies on the potential health benefits of pomegranate juice, one stood apart from all of the others, and I wanted to bring it to your attention. I'm going to tell you about one particular study that was presented in the journal Nitric Oxide. Many of you know that low density lipoprotein (LDL) is the bad cholesterol that is linked to artherosclerosis.

Researchers deNigris et al have studied how pomegranate juice may reverse damage caused by LDL (3). They exposed human endothelial cell cultures to oxidative low density lipoprotein (ox LDL) (3). Oxidation is harmful to living cells because of the release of free radicals that interfere with normal cellular metabolism. Endothelial cells (such as those that comprise blood vessels) naturally produce a molecule known as endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) that plays a role in dilation of blood vessels (3,4). When deNigris and the other researchers exposed the cell cultures to ox LDL they observed a detrimental affect on bioactivity of eNOS molecule (4). However, when those same cells were later exposed to pomegranate juice, their ability to function improved (4). Their research shows that the damaging effects of wear and tear on the blood vessels due to oxidative stress resulting from free radical exposure can be reversed by exposure to anti-oxidative molecules. Put another way, arthersclerosis maybe alleviated by exposing the cells to anti-oxidant chemicals that counter LDL. What is one of the best ways to "expose" the body to these chemicals? You guessed it: by regularly drinking pomegranate juice. When you consider the fact that cardiovascular disease is one of the major health care concerns facing an aging US population, it is very important that people have the availability of resources to help them remain as healthy as possible. Foods such as POM Wonderful's 100 % Pomegranate Juice, which is rich in anti-oxidants, is one such source that could provide many benefits to consumers.

Other research has provided evidence that pomegranate juice lowers systolic blood pressure (the top number in your blood pressure reading) through inhibition of vasoconstriction(5). Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is a chemical catalyst necessary for the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, the latter being a hormone that causes blood vessels to tighten up or constrict (6). The fact that pomegranate juice lowers systolic blood pressure could have profound implications for the treatment of patients with high blood pressure. I will point out, though, that because pomegranate juice is proven to lower blood pressure, persons who have naturally low blood pressure may want to consult their physician before adding this beverage to their regular diet. And by the way, because there is some evidence of a relationship between stress and artherosclerosis (7), pomegranate juice may also be useful in the alleviation of emotional stress.

Science aside, what about the taste? POM Wonderful's 100 % Pomegranate Juice is a relaxing beverage. I like its tangy flavor. And not only is it good as a beverage, this juice can be added to a number of different dishes. As a matter of fact POM Wonderful has compiled a huge list of nutritious 100 % Pomegranate Juice recipes that would be just right for any meal whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, smoothies, etc. I'm sure that salad lovers would like to learn how to make a tasty pomegranate autumn fruit salad. If you're in the mood for a smoothie, read about POM Wonderful's recipe for a nutritious Passion Smoothie. They even have a recipe for POM Velvet Cake! Just go to where you can read tips for preparing these and many other dishes.

It's good to know that POM Wonderful is a company that is willing to put its reputation on the line by allowing for an unbiased product review which they are going to read along with the rest of you. It tells me that POM Wonderful believes in their product and are committed to bringing a nutritious and healthy beverage to the market. So I'm giving POM Wonderful a thumbs up. But don't just take my word for it! Get over to POM Wonderful where you can read more about their 100 % Pomegranate Juice. Then head out to your local supermarket and buy some great tasting and nutritious POM Wonderful 100 % Pomegranate Juice!

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This article provides an unbiased product review of the nutritional benefits and taste of a non alcoholic fruit beverage.

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