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Boxing Headgear

Boxing Headgear
By Richard Bratt

Boxing is an exciting sport that many people are eager to get
into. Even if you do not wish to get into professional boxing,
you can enter several other programs that suit your ability. You
cannot think of boxing without paying attention to protection.
Some boxing gear and equipment are vital even for an experienced
boxer; this brings us to the discussion of boxing head gear.

When it comes to boxing head gear, you can choose from several
brands. There are different types of equipment to suit women,
adults and children. Since boxing headgear can be used to
protect yourself from injuries, you must pay attention to find
the appropriate equipment to fit your body.

Boxing head gear is the most important equipment, because it
not only protects the most sensitive parts of the body such as
your eyes but also your brain and temples from damage. The head
gear you choose must be able to withstand the impact of the most
powerful blows so that your eyes and head are not injured.

Good boxing head gear will not twist or slide around the head.
Many people face the sliding problem with some brands of head
gear. Grappling, one of the movements in wrestling or boxing can
affect headgear negatively. This movement can make head gear
twist or move and thereby result in an injury. Hence, you must
select boxing headgear that does not easily slide off your head
or twist out of place. Make sure you choose head gear that is
lined with suede, as this can help in absorbing sweat and
prevent sliding head gear while boxing. When it comes to
competitive training gear, it is better to select leather boxing

There are several brands of boxing headgear, some of which
offer features such as multi-layer shock absorbing padding,
which is placed accurately over the cheeks, ears, forehead, and
the back of the head. Such features make up the perfect headgear
and help to combat blows and hits or punches and kicks. Some
head gear also comes with a padded leather closure under the
chin and hook-and-loop fastening on the back that is fully
adjustable. There is also a durable leather cover exterior and a
supple and smooth liner on the inside.

If you’re a novice to the art of boxing, then you are probably
best to start with a full Face headgear. This type of headgear
offers the most protection to the face because it has added
Cheek guards. Although this type of boxing head gear offers the
most protection, One of the draw backs is poor visibility.

Once you have developed good basic defence in your boxing, then
it might be a good idea to move on to an open face headgear.
Though this type of headgear doesn’t offer The same protection
as the full face, the advantages are better visibility and often
The headgear is lighter and less bulky. The results of this
means your reaction time Will improve,
and you will have better head movement.

Richard bratt.

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