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Overweight Nutritionist Loses Weight By Eating Junk Food? Try At Your Own Risk

 Just Because It Seems To Work For Him Doesn't Mean It Will For Others




This morning I read about a story about Mark Haub, a nutrition professor at Kansas State University, who claims to have lost weight eating junk food. Yes, that's right: JUNK FOOD.

The story which was published online this morning in MSN Health & Fitness claims that Professor Haub wanted to prove to his students that any diet can lead to weight loss (1). Any diet. Hmmm.

Well, the professor reported that he had lost weight, got his cholesterol down and had good blood pressure. His diet consisted of such foods as Twinkies, Corn Pops, Little Debbie Star Crunch, Duncan Hines brownies, Cool Ranch Doritos, with multivitamins, protein shake and baby carrots thrown into the mix. And he lost weight. Well, good for him. I wish him continued health and happiness. But I would NEVER try this at home (or anywhere else).

The theory that all we need to lose weight is to simply expend more energy than we consume works to an extent. But it doesn't take into account the effect that certain foods can have on the body. Healthy weight loss and nutrition are inseparable.

You have to eat healthy to keep the weight off long term. Junk food diets just won't cut it. Eating too much sugar will cause an insulin spike and a decrease in metabolism. It can also be deadly to diabetics. Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by elevated blood glucose. That means people will this illness have too much sugar circulating in their bloodstream.

Diabetics are at risk for kidney disease, blindness, heart attack, poor wound healing, infection (2). Non diabetics can get sick from eating too much sugar. I'm not a diabetic and I would never risk my health eating a nonsensical diet.

The professor doesn't advise people to do what he has done. He claims not to advocate eating junk food as part of a steady diet, but how many people are going to pay attention to that little disclaimer?

Mark Haub wants people to examine their relationship with food. And he's right about that. But in a society that is so addicted to high calorie food, remote controls and video games - typical of the sedentary lifestyle - washing down a box of brownies with twenty ounces of soda pop is likely to exacerbate the obesity epidemic, not curtail it.

Do you think that its possible to eat a lot of junk food and still be healthy? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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