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Ankle Weights - Good or Bad?

Ankle Weights - Good or Bad?
By Linda Hibbard

Ankle weights have their good and bad attributes. It is
understandable and reasonable to use added resistance in the
form of ankle weights to help in athletic training and
rehabilitation. Ankle weights are best suited for adding
resistance to an exercise regime, such as during calisthenics,
leg lifts, and various stationary exercises that focus on
individual muscle groups.

Where exercisers can run into trouble is when they wear ankle
weights during aerobic activities, such as walking, running and
aerobics class. They can create a strain on the joints and cause
injury to the ligaments and tendons in the leg. Improper use of
ankle weights during aerobic exercise can result in acute and
chronic overuse injuries such as tendinitis. Since women tend to
have slimmer and more flexible ankles, adding ankle weights to
aerobic exercise increases the risk of sprained ankles or worse,
torn ligaments.

Aerobic dance classes use open chain movements. This means that
your foot is in a “free” position, and thus subject to shearing
forces. The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is very sensitive
to these shearing forces. Therefore, adding weight may likely
cause a tear.

A new leg weight has been designed by Ayaz Virji, MD, called
Body Togs. These weighted sleeves are designed to be
“anatomically correct”, distributing the added weight around the
major muscle groups in the same way the body is used to feeling
weight. When you examine your own lower leg muscles, you will
feel the gastrocnemius and soleus, fleshy muscles of the calf.
The leg Body Togs have the added weights sewn into place in
similar anatomical structure, wrapping around the leg, very much
like the placement of the major muscle groups in the lower leg,
adding extra weight only where the leg is accustomed to
experiencing weight.

If you look at the bones of the lower leg, particularly the
tibia, notice that the front ridge of the bone actually feels
rather sharp, almost like a spine. This is an area where a lot
of ligaments insert and you are not supposed to have excessive
weight distributed there. In the design of the Body Tog for
legs, there are no additional weights applied in this area. The
area just below the knee is called the tibia tuberosity and is
the attachment point of the patellar tendon. This area is
susceptible to injury and is protected by the Body Togs’ design,
with a band of extra padding. No weights are placed in this
area, which further protect it from injury.

Body Togs are designed to wear under your clothing during
regular activities of daily living including exercise. They
enhance muscle toning and fitness while at the same time they
increase calorie and fat burning. This helps you to stay fit and
helps your muscles stay more toned and defined. BodyTogs do this
in a very easy way by just putting them on, almost like a sock,
you basically forget about them. Wear them everyday under your
clothing. No one will know you are wearing them.

Body Togs benefit many people, from the competitive athlete who
wants to shave off that second in their 100 meter run or the new
mother who wants to take off some weight after giving birth. By
wearing Body Togs she will burn more calories and tone her
muscles again. Even the working professional who during their
day to day life doesn’t have as much time to hit the gym as much
as they want can benefit from the enhanced calorie burning and
muscle toning by wearing the weighted sleeves everyday under
their clothing. No one will know they are wearing them.

Basically, BodyTogs are made for a far reaching group of people
who want to safely add the extra calorie burn and muscle toning
to their daily life in addition to eating an appropriate diet.
They enhance calorie burn, performance and muscle tone without
causing any undue strain on the body as ankle weights can.

About the Author: Linda Hibbard holds certificates in Personal
Training and Lifestyle/Weight Management. Innovative health and
fitness products for men and women are available through her
website at


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