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Best Weight Loss Foods: 50 Delicious Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Best Weight Loss Foods: 50 Delicious Foods That Help You Lose
By Janine Michaels

When people go on a diet, they often think that they’ll have to
deprive themselves of anything tasty or good for the sake of
losing some pounds. While it’s true that you’ll need to deny
yourself those fatty food items that you’re used to eating all
the time, it’s also true that you can still find plenty of foods
for weight loss to keep your dieting experience full of flavor
and variety.

The best diets are ones that don’t force you to eat bland food
every single day, and, pretend that you’re actually going to
like it. I’m sure you’ve been on some of these strict plans that
made you feel cranky and ready to toss out every piece of
lettuce onto the cold, hard floor. I mean, yes, you need to eat
healthy, but there’s got to be some enjoyment too.

Many people give up on their diet after two or three weeks
because they just can’t take the loss of enjoyment any longer.
We eat to live, but we also eat to savor and enjoy our food.
Take away the joy, and there’s not really much incentive to eat
another plate of greens with light dressing.

Some of the most popular diet plans available today feature
cheat days – days in which you can eat whatever you like. While
you don’t want to go hog wild on cheat days, you can enjoy these
days with abandon, if you stock up on healthy food items. When
your cupboards are filled with fatty foods, then guess what?
You’ll eat them without thinking. If you stock up on tasty, but
low calorie foods, you’ll still be able to stick with your
weight loss goals without feeling guilty.

Here’s a list of low fat food items that can make your low
calorie meals more enjoyable:

Beverages – Water (plain or flavored), seltzer water (plain or
flavored), black coffee, regular or herbal tea, ginger ale,
juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies.

Cereals – Cheerios (or similar), Bran Cereal, Plain Shredded
Wheat, Fiber One, Wheaties, Whole Grain Total (or similar),

Breads – Light breads that have no more than 45 calories per
slice. Some varieties: multigrain, oatmeal, wheat, rye, Italian
and sourdough.

Legumes – Any canned bean or dried bean is good. If you like
Mexican food, go for the low fat refried beans. Some varieties:
peas, kidney, lentils, chickpeas, black, green, lima, pinto and
black eyed pea beans.

Condiments – Low fat or fat free mayonnaise, mustard (yellow,
spicy or flavored), tomato puree, tomato paste, tomato sauce,
tomato juice, low fat butter or margarine, cooking sprays (olive
oil, canola oil or flavored), balsamic vinegar, apple cider
vinegar, tarragon vinegar, wine vinegar, horseradish, onion
powder, garlic powder, seasoning salt, dried herbs (oregano,
thyme, rosemary, dill basil, etc.), dried spices (cinnamon,
cocoa powder, cloves, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, curry, allspice,
paprika, etc.), extracts (vanilla, almond, maple, peppermint,
etc.), cocoa powder and low fat salad dressing.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables – Buy a variety of frozen
vegetable mixes. When you can’t have fresh, frozen is the next
best thing.

Spreads – Peanut butter, honey, low sugar jams and jellies

Pasta and Rice – Brown rice, long grain rice, whole wheat
pasta, whole grain pasta, spinach pasta, whole wheat couscous,
barley, kasha, bulgur, quinoa and whole grain cornmeal.

Soups – Low calorie flavors (chicken, rice, bean, pea, beef,

Candy – Surprise! Stick to the regular kind to quell your sweet
tooth. Flavored hard candy (candy cane, lollipops, sour balls,
fruit flavored, caramel and chocolate hard candies), chewing

Seafood – fresh, canned or smoked salmon, tuna, haddock,
halibut, sardines, etc.

Soy – Tofu, Boca Burgers, Garden Burgers, etc.

Dessert – Frozen yogurt, low fat ice cream, low fat frozen
treats (Creamsicles, Fudgesicles, Popsicles, fruit juice bars)

Snacks – Nuts (almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts), popcorn
(plain or with a sprinkle of powdered seasoning), crackers.

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