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The Fresh Air Fund Needs Your Help For The NYC Half Marathon

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Sara Wilson, the Outreach Coordinator for the Fresh Air Fund, has a special request that she asked me to pass to the readers of Living Fit, Healthy and Happy. The Fresh Air Fund is looking for volunteers to participate in this year's NYC Half Marathon to be held on March 20.

The FAF needs runners and sponsors to join the Fresh Air Fund-Racers team. They're also asking for families who would like to host children this summer. I know that you'll want to help out with this worthy cause.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Fresh Air Fund, I'm going to give you a little background on their mission. The Fresh Air Fund (FAF) is a not-for-profit agency that has been helping disadvantaged children in and around since the late 1870s.

They provide children with the opportunity to spend the summer months in the country.

Children make new friends and learn about life in the country. For a few precious months of the year, inner-city children can take a vacation from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the country. Host families and they children they take in develop life long friendships and they learn from each other.

When you donate your time and compassion to the Frehs Air Fund, you'll be joined by some famous people.


Camp Mariah

Mariah Carey, the famous and ever popular R & B singer, is on the FAF's Board of Directors. Her donations make possible Camp Mariah as part of the FAF's Career Awareness Program. Through an intense educational curriculum, Camp Mariah helps give young people the skills that will serve them in later life.   


Camp Tommy

Tommy Hilfiger donates his support to help children in need. At Camp Tommy, boys between the ages of 12 - 15, learn about teamwork and cooperation. The camp is not only a place for the youngsters spend time hiking, and participating in other outdoor programs. It also literacy programs, computer workshops, photography and music.

Many of those children would not otherwise have access to these programs if not for the Fresh Air Fund.


Camp Hidden Valley

All children need love and support. At Camp Hidden Valley, children with special needs are able to live together and learn from each other. Children with physical disabilities and those without have a place where they can enjoy hiking, nature, creative writing and art.

For children who are so often excluded and marginalized because of their physical or mental condition, Camp Hidden Valley shows these children that they matter - that they are loved.


Camp ABC

At this camp, young girls live in small groups and participate in educational programs that promote teamwork, self-confidence and independence in a fun and safe environment. These are skills that will help these young people to grow up to be decent and honest adults.


Camp Hayden-Marks Memorial

This is where boys between 9 - 12 years old participate in cooperative games, fishing, boating and sports activities. They're also taught about music, video, computers and art. So the children are provided educational opportunities and sports, too.

Each of these programs places an emphasis on education and character development. Children learn skills that will last a lifetime. It helps them to become good citizens who will hopefully help others. And these programs exist because of dedication, love and compassion from people like you.

That's what the NYC Half Marathon is all about. And it's a great way for you to spend the first day of Spring. Marathons are a great outdoor activity and you'll be helping out a worthy cause at the same time. And participating in the NYC Half Marathon is a great way to strengthen and prepare yourself for the November Marathon and compete against Jared Fogle and Apolo Ohno.


The NYC Half Marathon is on Sunday March 20, 2011. This is your heads up about the upcoming event!

To learn more about the Fresh Air Fund and to sign up for the NYC Half Marthon visit their website at or contact Kate Brinkerhoff at (212) 897- 8890 or [email protected] .

I enjoy posting the requests from the Fresh Air Fund. Living Fit, Healthy and Happy doesn't receive any finacial payment or gifts for posts about the FAF or hosting their badge on our side bar. We do it because it's the right thing to do. Will you answer the call for help?


"The Fresh Air Fund Needs Your Help For The NYC Half-Marathon" copyright 2011 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy. All Rights Reserved.



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