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Some Aloe Vera Uses

Some Aloe Vera Uses
By Pamela Glynn

There are some Aloe Vera uses that are more or less
self-evident, such as in skincare – perhaps especially in the
sense of applying it to burns. Not for nothing has Aloe Vera
long been known as the Burns Plant!

My aim here is to focus on a few more unusual uses and to
demonstrate in this way Aloe’s immense versatility. I shall be
referring throughout to Aloe Barbadensis Miller – the only
‘true’ Aloe.

For while there are over 200 Aloe species, probably just four
or five have medicinal properties and of these the Barbadensis
Miller is the most potent and it alone is entitled to be known
as Aloe Vera.

I’ve been learning about the power of this plant gradually over
the last ten or so years – ever since my dog was given an Aloe
drink to help his arthritic limbs. When the drink (much to my
surprise) did help him – quite considerably – after first
putting the improvement down to coincidence, I began my

Since then I’ve witnessed its effectiveness in soap, where it
moisturizes as well as cleanses, in bath gelee that leaves my
skin feeling like silk and in a toothgel for which I’ve found
more uses than I plan to mention!

I’ll just say that the one I use (blended with bee propolis)
nourishes, strengthens and protects my teeth and gums while also
fighting plaque and whitening without bleaching agents – and if
I ingest it when I feel a sore throat coming on the soreness
never seems to develop as it did before I found this ‘remedy’!

Of course I’m not referring to all Aloe toothgels – just to the
one in my bathroom.

I also use an Aloe deodorant that’s free of the zirconium and
aluminium salts commonly found in deodorants and
anti-perspirants. So I know that I’m protecting myself from the
risks of Alzheimer’s and breast cancer often associated with
those ingredients.

What else? Plenty! How about an Aloe Lip Balm that’s handy too
as a first aid stick? Just the right size to carry in your
pocket or handbag, as well as moisturizing and conditioning lips
it’s great for burns, bites and stings and for calming irritated

Then there’s the option of washing your hair with an
Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo that’s suitable for all hair types, Aloe
being an adaptogen. It also keeps the scalp healthy and helps
control irritation – as does an Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse.
This carries through to an Aloe Styling Gel plus a spray that
replenishes lost moisture and protects your hair whilst styling
and/or straightening.

It’s important to check with any products you buy that the Aloe
Vera content is high and that the Aloe has been stabilized (a
process ensuring that it is essentially identical to the inner
leaf gel when it leaves the plant).

The ‘right’ Aloe makes a great moisturizer for face, hands and
body and – especially when blended with bee propolis, chamomile
and comfrey – is useful for people prone to eczema and

Well, I’ve certainly supplied you with some Aloe Vera uses,
haven’t I? And I haven’t quite finished yet, not having
mentioned the blissful relief I get from everyday stress and
strains with Aloe heat lotion.

And one of my favorite products is an Aloe Vera gelly that’s
essentially identical to the Aloe Vera’s inner leaf and that
lubricates sensitive tissue safely. This gelly is absorbed
quickly, calms irritated skin and helps reduce scar formation. I
wouldn’t be without a tube in my first aid cabinet!

I could continue more or less indefinitely, but will curb
myself and just say that I love my gentle Aloe Scrub, my SPF 30
Aloe Sunscreen, my Aloe Body Toner and Aloe Body Conditioning

Does all of the above suggest that I’m an Aloe Addict? If it
does, I make no apology. Using Aloe Vera products makes perfect
sense to me! Do check some Aloe Vera uses for yourself and see
what I mean.

About the Author: Pamela Glynn is the owner of, a website offering you a wealth of
information about Aloe Vera. To be kept updated with the latest
Aloe news you can subscribe to her Aloe Vera Blog. FREE Aloe
Brochure. FREE online videos. Plenty of Special Aloe Offers.


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Fresh Citrus Fruits - Nature's Air Fresheners



You don't need to use expensive air fresheners to air out your stuffy home when you can use one of nature's very own products instead. Oranges and other citrus fruits produce natural aromas that  mask foul odors and improve mood.

Did you know that lightly toasted orange peels release a fragrance that lasts for hours? Place strips of fresh orange peel on a toasting tray and bake them for two hours at a setting of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. After baking, transfer the slices of orange peel to shallow bowls that you can place around the house.

That's it. Congratulations, you've just made your very own natural air freshener. And remember, lemon and lime produce similar effects so you can substitute either of them for oranges if you prefer.

 "Do not fear what they fear ; do not be frightened."1 Peter 3:14

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the Tree



I have a great admiration for a tree. To the casual observer, it would look like any other old tree. To me, though, this tree is special. It has lost branches to heavy rains, terrible winds and bitter cold. I have seen huge branches crash to the ground with incredible force and fantastic sound.

But every year the tree comes back. Its buds open up and bright green leaves come forth welcoming Spring. This tree is resilient. This tree is durable. This tree is a survivor. This tree is alive.

The tree's neighbors haven't fared as badly, few of them have lost so much. Perhaps it's because they're tightly clustered thus providing cover against harsh conditions. Perhaps. The particulars about the other trees don't matter.

The reason that this tree is special is because it has been buffeted by the elements, taking the worst that nature has thrown at it and all the while it continues to stand tall.

There's a lot to be learned from looking at that old tree. When we have a clear sense of purpose and embrace life with open arms, appreciating Life itself, then we have the strength to weather all hardships.

This comes from strongly rooted faith in the positive - drawing nourishment from the good in the world - just as the tree that awakens each year draws its nourishment from the soil and the warmth of the sun.

When humans have genuine faith in good things, it is from this root that we develop resilience and become healthier in mind, body and spirit.

So I hope that you take root in positive things and become a better person because of it.

I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?


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"the Tree" copyright 2011 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy(SM). All Rights Reserved.

What Should You Do If You Fall Off Track?



Things were going great, you started exercising and eating healthy and you could see the pounds slowly coming off. But then things suddenly changed. That job promotion for which you've been campaigning for the past six months has finally come through, along with the pay raise comes increased responsibility and longer work hours.

On top of that your wife just announced that there's going to be an addition to the family - her mother in is moving in to spend the whole summer with her daughter and you (good times in the sarcastic sense). Before you know it, you've slipped back into your old habits and gained thirty pounds. You had been doing so good before but now it's as if it was all a waste of time. Yeah, it's all over now. You beat yourself up for failure.

But does it really have to be over? Is there anything that you can do to get back on track?

Get Back Up And Push On Through

Just because it seems as if life is knocking you side ways doesn't mean you have to surrender and throw in the towel. Set backs are only permanent if you allow them to be. The decision to give up is all on you. Deep down you were looking for an excuse to go back to your old ways.

You really can't blame it on changing circumstances. Life is all about change. Adapt or die. Yes, that sounds harsh but it's the truth. If you don't hold fast to your convictions and learn from your mistakes you'll keep on repeating them, giving up a bit more of your life each and every day.

Sure you've got more responsibilities at work, it comes with the territory. If you can't accept that then you never should have put in for the promotion in the first place. The company knows that you can handle the responsibility and you do, too. Just do it. Okay, okay. Your mother-in-law is going to be living in your house for the whole summer. So what? It's not as if she's moving in next door. Besides, your wife has been looking forward to seeing her parents again so the visit will be good for her.

So why did you fall back into your old habits - overeating and couch surfing after work and on weekends? Oh, right. It's because you wanted to do it. You like all of those cookies, cakes, candy bars, milk shakes and triple cheeseburgers. You like sitting around watching the games on the sports channel instead of participating in them. You like it like that. You do. Hmmm. But you also want six pack abs and to compete in a triathlon. You can't have it both ways. You've got to give up one thing in order to get another.

How bad do you want to eat fast foods? How bad do you want to be a triathlete? Whichever one you want the most is what has your loyalty. If you think about it, if you want to be sedentary then the healthy eating and exercise of the past few months was when you went off track. If this is what you truly want then have at it. In such case stop dreaming about having a stronger, leaner body. Abandon those thoughts about competing in one of the most grueling sports in human history.

But if you want to become a healthier man then stop berating yourself. Start keeping a journal, record your meals and daily activities. Set aside time after work for swimming, biking and running. ou can look at it as a win win situation: it gets you out of the house while you train.You don't have to give up foods that you like, just practice self-discipline and allow yourself one and only one cheat meal per week.

Because you want this so badly, you're going to stick with it. You'll notice that the time it takes to lose the excess body fat much shorter than the first time around. This is because your muscles remember the previous training and you have learned to keep track of everything that you do making it much easier to get back into it again. 

Now you know what you need to do to get back on track. Make a choice and do it.

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I'm living fit, healthy and happy(SM). Are you?

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Why Do You Want To Lose Weight?



Why do you want to lose weight? The question should be simple enough, afterall it is pointed and direct. But for some reason people make it harder than it needs to be. Sadly lots of folks have absolutely no idea why they want to lose weight and thus fall flat on their faces. Truth be told, this will continue to happen until they can give an honest answer to that question.


You'll Fail If You Don't Have A Clear Goal

People who lack a clear cut reason for taking action are often doomed to failure. It's common for people to lose weight in an attempt to get someone's attention or favor. These folks see weight loss as a means to an end, they do it simply because it's the best way to be noticed or better liked. They have a goal, but it's short sighted and won't bring them happiness or satisfaction. They constantly count calories, ever fearful that it will all be over if they get fat. These people are usually insecure, often going on fad diets, or binge and purge.

Even if they do follow a sensible weight loss program, if their heart's not in it, their quality of life suffers just the same. Who needs that?


Lose Weight For Yourself 

You've got to make your own decisions. You'll never be genuinely happy if you live your life for someone else. Make choices that are in your best interest. This rule applies to all aspects of life including healthy lifestyle. Lose weight because it's the right thing for you. Eat healthy foods because you want to minimize your risk of developing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Do it because obesity aggravates joint pain, and keeps the body in a constant state of inflammation. When you make quality of life your weight loss goal, you won't go wrong. You'll realize that you have control over your own life, you'll learn self-discipline and develop the confidence to tackle problems when they arise. And this will make you a much better person in the end.

So why do you want to lose weight? Have you figured that out yet?


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Handstands - A Personal Challenge Week 2



Last week I wrote an article challenging myself to maintain a fifteen second handstand. This is my second week of the challenge. I learned many things about improving my handstands. With regular practice I will continue to become more skilled at this exercise.

Monday's Handstands

I train at the gym on a regular basis. Each training session focuses on compound exercises because they're the best way to develop strength and power; they're also important for fat burning due to the fact that they recruit multiple muscle groups.

Last Monday I focused on upper body. For the first thirty minutes I performed a ciruit which consisted of multiple sets of the clean and press at 160 pounds (94 % of my 1 RM), flat bench press at 225 pounds (80 % of 1 RM), pull ups and chin ups variations (at body weight), allowing fifteen seconds between sets. I chose this particular circuit to create muscle confusion and promote cardiovascular fitness. After finishing up my circuit I got to the business of handstands.

In last week's post I said that concentration plays a big role in maintaining a good handstand. I set my mind to ignoring the music on the radio and focus entirely on keeping my balance. I noticed that my shoulders were a slightly sore from the earlier exercises but I worked my way through it. With concentration I was able to keep my balance for an average of 17 seconds across ten stands.

Wednesday's Handstands

Last Wednesday I performed a shorter regimen which consisted of three sets of leg press exercises at 720 pounds (89 % of my 1 rep max), three sets of clean and press (at 82 % of my one rep max) and two sets of pullups/chin ups (at body weight), allowing myself 30 seconds rest between sets. From there I spent the next fifteen minutes practicing handstands. My shoulders weren't as tired so I did much better handstands, I balanced myself for an average of 20 seconds.

Friday's Handstands

Last Friday was a short training session consisting of 50 deadlifts at 225 pounds (53 % of my one rep max), allowing myself only 15 seconds of rest between sets. Since handstanding requires the lower back muscles, I was concerned that the deadlifts might affect my ability to do them properly. I was okay, though. I spent fifteen minutes practicing handstands and averaged 23 seconds. It wasn't until Saturday that DOMS kicked in. I'm still feeling it even as I write this article, but I don't mind because I had a good week. I kept improving my handstand balance time with each practice session.

Important Lessons That I've Learned During The Past Week

I learned that my shoulders will need rest between workouts so as to be ready for handstands. In a lot of ways this exercise is even more intense than the clean and press, I had to remember to breathe normally and to tighten my abdominal muscles. I could not tilt to either side lest my equilibrium be thrown off sending me to the mat. Hand placement was another factor: keeping them at shoulder width allowed for better weight distribution, my fingers were not spaced but I will do so next week.

I've exceeded last week's goal, I maintained my balance for an average of 21 seconds (without using the wall I kept my balance for an average of 5 seconds). This week, I challenge myself to complete a thirty second handstand. I'll keep you posted.

"Handstands - A Personal Challenge Week 2" copyright 2011 Living Fit, Healthy and Happy. All Rights Reserved.

Eliminating the Excess Pounds Naturally

Eliminating the Excess Pounds Naturally
By Nelson Berry

Is it possible for you to get rid of the excess pounds? You bet
it is. It just takes a little will power at your end. 

Here are some of the many tips you can follow:

1. Eat real food. What do we mean by this? Instead of stuffing
yourself with plenty of processed foods, eat more of fruits, and
vegetables. Processed foods contain high levels of fat and
sodium. The former can increase your cholesterol, while sodium
can easily dehydrate you. Both can destroy vital organs in your
body, such as the liver and kidney. 

2. Dine on protein. You do need protein in your body. You have
to keep in mind they one of the main sources of amino acids,
considered the building blocks of cells. However, you really
don’t need a lot of it. Thus, make sure you can control your
intake. The suggested amount of meat is just the size of a
matchbox. However, if you’re a meat lover, you can schedule your
meat eating once a week. For vegetarians, you can get your
protein from beans.

3. Do eat—but in moderation. Never starve yourself. Your body
does require a good amount of food in order to function very
well. Nevertheless, do everything in moderation. Skip the snacks
unless you’re willing to eat fruits and nuts. You can also drink
water at least an hour before you eat. This way, you don’t end
up eating a lot during mealtimes. 

4. Keep on moving. Don’t spend a lot of time sitting on the
couch or being indoors. Go out and have fun. You can take a walk
in the park, jog around, or ride a bike. You can engage in
camping, bushwalking, and hiking. These things are fun
activities you can do while burning calories. 

5. Schedule a no-technology day. Rest your mind and body from
too much technology. Stay away from the Internet and television.
Keep your iPods in a safe place. These steps will compel you to
really go out and do something more productive with your time. 

6. Don’t eat when you’re hungry. Don’t wait for the time when
you’re starving before you begin to eat. Before you know it,
you’re already binging. Be vigilant on the signs of your body.
If you start feeling stomach rumblings, eat. You can also
schedule your eating habits. Your body can just adapt to your

7. Sleep well. Your body’s metabolism actually slows down when
you don’t get enough sleep. It also doesn’t help that because
you have not healed properly from stress, you end up binging on
food. Your body doesn’t have enough mechanism to use the fats
you’ve accumulated. 

8. Use subliminal messages. You can utilize the subliminal
messages to change any pent-up negative emotions to something
more positive. While you’re exercising or meditating, you can
plant subliminal messages into your subconscious such as “I can
definitely lose this unwanted weight” or “I am doing the best
efforts to keep my body in shape.”

About the Author: Nelson Berry is the Pioneer of Subliminal
Messages Videos and Subliminal MP3s Audio Online. Click for 4
Free Subliminal Video Downloads (valued at $160) containing
Subliminal Messages!


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How to Avoid Late Night Eating

How to Avoid Late Night Eating
By Kya Grace

Eating late at night or snacking on midnight meals is one of
the biggest causes of weight gain and obesity in the world today
and those people who indulge in either eating large meals late
at night or enjoying midnight snacks are more prone to becoming
overweight or even obese.

The human body is controlled by certain fluctuations in hormone
levels and specific routines which are known as the circadian
rhythm. This circadian rhythm makes sure that you take care of
your specific biological needs at particular times of the day
and thus ensures that you end up consuming food at specific
times throughout the day. Following the natural circadian rhythm
and eating at the right times thus makes sure that you meet your
daily caloric requirement necessary to provide you with the
requisite amount of energy to perform your everyday activities.

Thus if you disrupt this everyday routine by eating at odd
times particularly late at night, things will go awry. Doing so
causes an imbalance in hormone levels leading to production of
excessive amounts of ghrelin and minimal amounts of leptin. This
is serious as ghrelin is the hormone which tells you that you
are hungry and leptin is the one that tells you that you are
full. Hence, these hormones are directly responsible for
managing your appetite and levels of satisfaction and if they
become unsynchronized, as they do when you eat at odd times,
your metabolism is negatively impacted.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the prime factor leading
to weight gain is the type of foods that you consume and
generally, favorite foods late at night include such sugary
savories as chocolate, dessert, potato chips and ice cream. Your
body, due to the natural circadian rhythm, is also at its most
sedentary late at night and thus has minimal caloric needs.
Hence, eating the wrong kind of foods coupled with a depressed
metabolism, leads to excessive weight gain due to late night

The best solution to overcome this problem is to ensure that
you eat three satisfying meals every day and do not succumb to
snacking between meals. The following tips will help you in
overcome any late night eating problems:

1. Try to keep yourself occupied late at night. Read a book
you’re interested in, take a hot bath, or find other ways of
keeping yourself distracted.

2. Take a personal oath of not eating late at night or after

3. Satisfy your cravings with healthy alternatives like
vegetables, fruits and tea.

4. Increase the fiber content in your diet, particularly of the
meal you consume at dinner. Do so by eating beans and whole
grains. This has the utility of making you feel full.

5. Also increase the protein content of your dinner. Research
has shown that protein is most successful in keeping hunger

6. Consume your meals slowly thus allowing the brain the 20
minutes it needs to figure out that your stomach is full.

7. Limit all your consumption to the dining room or kitchen.
Avoid eating in front of the television.

8. Drink a lot of water. You will stay hydrated and feel less

Late night eating is one of the prime causes of obesity and
following some of the methods listed above you should be able to
kick this harmful habit and put yourself on the road to a
healthier body.

About the Author: If you would like to book a boot camp
session, or for a free Sydney Personal Training consultation,
visit Personal
Training in Sydney.


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Why Should You Do Heavy Lifting?



If you're like most guys, you want to become stronger than you currently are. Afterall, who wants to be weak and out of shape? Yet there are a ton of guys who have absolutely nothing to show for all their years of "exercise". And often times it's because they don't push themselves hard enough. They're not doing any heavy lifting.


Lift Heavy or Else

People have different fitness goals; some people want to lose weight, some folks want to tone up, and others want to become more powerful. If your goal is strength and power, the only way to accomplish it is through intense exercise, unfortunately most guys only lift at 30% - 40 % of their one rep max. They'll do a few reps and be done with it. Years pass and they're still working out at the same level. Even fewer guys perform powerlifting exercises such as deadlifts and squats. Then those same guys will complain about not having the strength for common chores (moving furniture) or playing sports (football, baseball, etc.). But they can turn things around by doing heavy compound lifts.


Heavy Compound Lifts Are Key To Increasing Your Strength

The clean and press is one of my favorite exercises. It recruits muscle groups in the shoulders, arms, back, legs, glutes and abs. It's a slow progression exercise and I normally press at 90 % of my one rep max (which is roughly twelve pounds above my body weight). But this wasn't always the case.

When I first started out years ago I used fixed weights and lifted at 50 percent of my one rep max, going for six reps per set. It didn't take long for me to progress to ten reps per set at that weight. I was pleased with my level of fitness because I was lifting the same amount that most other guys at the gym. I believed that was all I was capable of doing. But I was wrong.

One day I looked at the Olympic bar and wondered if I could clean 100 pounds. So I added weight plates and performed the lift. It wasn't hard. As a matter of fact it was so easy that I gave myself the proverbial kick in the backside for not having done it sooner.

From there I increased the weight amounts and experimented with the lift. I would clean the weight, pressed it overhead then lower the bar to my chest then press it overhead again. I gained a lot of strength performing the exercise that way. Even when I returned to the clean and press after taking a few months off to do different exercises, I retained the same level of strength.

Through continued experimentation, I eventually learned a better method: instead of pressing the weight overhead and holding for a three second count, I began holding the weight overhead for twenty-five to thirty seconds.

I got a much better workout when I started doing that. It made my muscle groups work harder than they would have from the simpler clean and press exercise. Why? Because it takes considerable strength and balance to prevent myself from falling forward or backward while holding so much weight above my head. And it accelerated my progress on the exercise. I quickly went up from 140 pound clean and press to 165, then up to 170 pounds. 

Needless to say that I have a long way to go before I reach my ultimate lifting goal, but I would not have come this far if I had not started lifting heavy weights. 

Some of you are thinking that just because it works for me doesn't mean that you'll have the same results. And you're right, some of you could progress at a slower pace, some of you could reach this level sooner than I did. But you won't know until you do it.

Notice that I didn't say "try". That's another benefit of heavy lifting. Strength training boosts mental alertness, intelligence and confidence. I don't approach a lift saying" Okay, I'll give it a shot." Here's why I believe that mentality is wrong:

when you "try" you've already lost.

Trying is a half-hearted effort, you don't really believe that you'll accomplish the task, you just showed up to say that you were there. If you want to become stronger you have to lift heavy. You need to incorporate bench press, deadlifts, squats, leg press, skullcrushers, t-bar rows, horizontal rows, and snatches into your workout routine.

Some of you may not have access to a gym. Don't let that hold you back. Just do body weight exercises (do them even if you do train at the gym). Body weight exercises means that you're going to perform dips, pull ups, chin ups and push ups, too.

Do multiple sets of these exercises. Once you've mastered basic push ups, then do inclined and declined sets; when those become too easy start doing one arm push ups and hand clap push ups, too. So the answer to the headline question is easy: heavy lifting pushes you to grow. The more you push yourself, the stronger you will become mentally as well as physically.

Remember safety before vanity, consult your doctor before beginning any fitness or nutrition program.


Guide us along the righteous path, o Lord, and protect us from the snares of the enemy.

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Healthier Food Choices: Plain Yogurt or Fruit Flavored Yogurt?



You're buying groceries in your favorite supermarket, your shopping cart is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, freshly cut lean beef, natural peanut butter, and several gallons of low fat milk. Now you're looking at the yogurt selection because you know how important it is to have healthy snacks on hand. Yogurt is supposed to be healthy, but with so many varieties to choose from, how do you know which type is best for you?  


Plain Yogurt Contains Less Sugar Than Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt* is chock full of nutrients that your body needs to stay in top shape. Yogurt is a dairy product, containing vitamins and minerals that promote healthy teeth, sturdy bones and strong immune system. Most yogurts are rich in protein, a nutrient that is required for healthy muscles.

On top of all this, yogurt is a source of carbohydrates. Just 227 g of fat free plain yogurt contains 13 grams of sugar. Compare that amount to 227 g of low fat strawberry yogurt which has 36 grams of sugar, or 170 grams of low fat blueberry yogurt with its 26 g of sugar and you'll notice that the pounds will quickly add up if you eat too much of the flavored variety.

Now, does this mean that flavored yogurt is unhealthy? Of course not. As a matter of fact, the high in carb content makes fruit flavored yogurt a quick energy source. This comes in very handy when you need a high energy post-workout snack. You could add raisins or fruit slices to plain yogurt for a similar effect.


So, Which Is Healthier, Plain Yogurt or Fruit Flavored Yogurt?

Flavored yogurt has more calories and total carbs than plain yogurt does, but they also contain more phosphorus and vitamin A and vitamin D than plain yogurt. On the other hand, plain yogurt is a greater source of calcium. Therefore the answer to the question about which type is healthier depends on your goals and needs.

If you're on a calorie restricted diet or must closely monitor your daily carbohydrate intake, plain yogurt is the best choice for you.

If you're more concerned about protein sparing and getting the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals, then you should choose fruit flavored yogurt.


The Lord Jesus Christ is the God of righteousness.

Do you eat yogurt? Which type do you prefer? Tell us about it in the comments.  

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*Administrator's note: all examples are based on Walmart Great Value yogurt.

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