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Boating Safety Tips For Everyone

Boating Safety Tips For Everyone
By Adriana J. Noton

Taking the family out on a boat on a warm sunny day is one of
the most entertaining things parents can do with their children.
There are important boating safety tips that should always be
remembered. Many of these tips are given to people who are
fairly new to going out on a boat. There are places that offer
boats for rent, along with other water equipment used for
recreational purposes.

One of the main tips that people should remember about boating
is to have a life jacket on every person or animal that is on
the boat. This is very important because you never know when
something might happen to cause an overboard accident.

A lot of people go out and take a ride in a large boat with
friends and family to celebrate some kind of special occasion.
They will very often take alcohol on the ride with them. Be sure
to have someone sober at the wheel of any boat. Drunk driving
can cause accidents in boats just as easily as in cars.

The hope is that more people will be conscientious about being
safe while they are out on the water and a decrease in accidents
will result. Parents should keep a strict eye on their children
when they are on the water and everyone should know how to swim.
If a trip has been planned, be sure to check the weather to make
sure there are no pending weather problems that could pose
hazardous to the trip. Adventure is fun, danger is not.

If the boat has a traditional engine, it should be serviced
well and in good condition before any kind of trips are taken.
Smaller boats should have good motors, blades and pull chains
and filled with gas for the trip. Getting caught out in the
middle of the water with no gas is no fun, even if you have
paddles in the boat.

If the boat is not motor powered but relies on oars, make sure
they are both present in the boat before taking it out. Check
the bottom of all water devices to make sure they have no leaks
or damaged spots. It is best to clean the bottom of boats every
so often and emergency kits should be kept in a waterproof area
on all watercraft.

Make sure to have an emergency kit that includes all the
medical supplies that you might need in case something
unexpected happens. Have a flashlight on board, especially if
the watercraft you are using has an actual engine room.
Everything should be checked before going out on the water.

If you are having a party, make sure the boat you use is big
enough to hold everyone. Overloading a boat is extremely
dangerous. Do not allow for horseplay on the water, even if
everyone knows how to swim. Boating safety is important for
everyone to keep in mind, even if the skipper is an expert. The
last but not least thing to remember is to take along some
sunscreen because taking a boat trip is a great way to get a
sunburn if you are not careful.

About the Author: Fishing is a wonderful past-time and makes
for a relaxing holiday. Canada laws now require all pleasure
craft operators to take a boating Exam online. The process is
short and after you are issued with a pcoc.

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