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Chocolate Milk: Your Days Are Numbered - Schools Consider Banning Flavored Milk From the Menu

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In the ongoing debate about providing healthy meals to youngsters, many schools are looking at milk beverages, weighing the pros and cons of providing flavored milk to young people. Milk provides essential nutrients that children need to develop strong bones including calcium and vitamin D. Nonetheless, some people fear that the high sugar content of flavored milk contributes to childhood obesity and want to ban flavored milk from public school cafeterias.

Most flavored milk does have more sugar than the non flavored variety, but it has more nutrients than a can of soda pop or fruit flavored drink. If the children are anything like they were when I was a child, most of them are probably choosing chocolate milk. If schools ban flavored milk, children may stop drinking milk altogether leading to health problems down the road.

Rather than ban flavored milk, schools should look at another option: informed choice. Many schools already offer flavored and non flavored milk to students. School officials should allow the children to choose between low fat flavored milk or non flavored milk. Teachers would then educate students about the differences between flavored and non flavored milk pointing out that sugar can lead to weight gain.

Teachers could also teach the children about moderation, and school officials could limit the amount of milk products that each student would be allowed to consume. This would be the wisest solution to the problem.

In my article about anti-obesity billboards I wrote that decisions about the best interests of children are best left to adults. I stand by that. By giving students a choice between two healthy beverages school officials will be providing two important benefits: nutrition education and facilitation of decision-making, lessons that the students will take with them for the rest of their lives.

What do you think? Should schools ban flavored milk? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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I agree with you completely. Schools should be offering choices and educating students on what is a good or bad choice. I also believe that every public school that uses our taxpayer money should be teaching classes in proper nutrition. It is a lot cheaper to pay for it now than paying for it later and the children will not be going through the pain and agony that being overweight or obese will eventually cause.

I concur with the opinion of the article. It's hard to say that consuming an occasional sweet item every now and then won't effect your health or lead to weight gain, because for most people it will and does, but eliminating the option of selecting between what's nutritious and not as nutritious could have a reverse effect and cause people, especially at that age, to not want to drink milk at all if they can't choose to drink the milk that they might find sweeter and like more. I too think that with nutritional education about the product, youngsters will be more able to make an informed decision as to which milk they want to drink.

Hi Elizabeth,

We should provide healthy alternatives to beverages that provide little if any nutritional value. Chocolate milk is nutritious and tastes good. So long as the product is providing the youngsters with the nutrients, I don't see why anyone would want to ban chocolate milk.

Healthy lifestyle should begin early and drinking chocolate milk can and should be part of that.

Thanks for your comment.

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