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What to Look For When Buying a Fishing Kayak

What to Look For When Buying a Fishing Kayak
By Penny Lane

You have probably heard of kayaking and thought of how much fun
it would be to ride one down a whitewater rapid. What you
probably did not know is that you can fish out of a kayak. It is
called kayak fishing and it has become quite popular over the
past couple of years. If you are already an angler, you might
want to consider venturing into fishing from a kayak. First you
will have to get yourself a reliable craft and then you will
want to get the necessary kayak fishing accessories in order to
successfully take up your new hobby.

There are two different types of kayaks to consider when you
are going to purchase one:

•    Sit-insides (SINK) – In this kind the paddler sits inside
with their legs and feet underneath the deck. The accessories or
gear is stored below the deck and can be reached via the cock
pit or hatch.

If you are planning to use a SINK in rough seas you will need
to use a spray skirt to prevent water from going inside.

•    Sit-on-tops (SOTS) – In this kind the paddler sits on the top
deck because of the open cock pit. The accessories or gear is
stored on the deck and is easily within reach.

For usage in rough seas a spray skirt won’t be necessary in a
SOT since it comes with scupper holes that make it

Once you have decided between a sit-inside (SINK) and a
sit-on-top (SOTS) there are other features that you have to keep
in mind:

1.    Rocker – The rocker is the depth of the curve at the bow and
stern of the boat. This curve determines how much of the bottom
of the craft is in contact with the water surface, which relates
to how easy it is to maneuver in the different bodies of water.

2.    Length – How long is the kayak you purchase will depend on
where you intend to fish. If you usually go fishing in small
bodies of water you probably don’t want to go for something over
14 feet in length.

3.    Weight Capacity – This, of course, is a touchy subject,
because it has to do with your body weight, but it actually goes
beyond that. Remember that you will be carrying out gear and
accessories on your fishing trips, as well as loading up on fish
(hopefully!). Do the math and be on the lookout for the
manufacturer’s weight capacity rating.

4.    Price – You are sure to have a budget for your purchase,
more likely a price range that ensures you would not have to
compromise on the features you are after. This is where you have
to decide whether you will save up for the perfect one or if you
have to settle for second best while you get there.

You have taken a great step towards starting a new and exciting
hobby. Do a little more research and try to find someone that is
already hooked. They are sure to be a great fountain of
information and have lots of valuable tips on the perfect kayak
for you.

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