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When Is It Not A Good Idea To Exercise?



You know that I'm a staunch advocate of physical exercise. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are key components of a healthy lifestyle. The rewards of regular exercise go well beyond physical health, people who exercise tend to be happier, more alert, confident and optimistic than people who don't exercise. But as great as regular exercise is for mind, body and spirit there are instances when it should be avoided. That is the focus of today's article.


Times When Exercise Should Be Postponed

As enthusiastic as you are about exercise, there are times when you should take a break. You place your health and safety at risk when you workout before you're ready for it. Here's a list of suggestions that you can use to decide when you should not exercise.

  1. When you're recovering from major surgery or injury. Recuperation after major surgery takes time, care and patience. Don't resume any exercise program without getting approval from your doctor.
  2. When you're experiencing chest pains, dizziness or shortness of breath. These could be signs of heart attack and you should immediately stop exercise if you experience any of those symptoms.
  3. When you're fighting a severe cold. Despite exercise's numerous health benefits, intense physical exertion places strain on the immune system. Proteins required by the immune system maybe diverted to repair muscle tissue that has been broken down during exercise. Thus, performing intense physical activity while you're sick compromises your ability to fight the illness.
  4. When you haven't had enough rest. It's a bad idea to exercise when you're sleepy. Your senses are dulled making you susceptible to injury. You know better than to drive when you're sleepy, so don't go biking, swimming, or participate in other exercises if you're so sleepy that you can barely keep your eyes open.  

Exercising on a regular basis is a great way to stay healthy and alleviate boredom but it won't do you any good at all if you're too or tired to workout.


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