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Most of us exercise for fun and health, it improves mental alertness, strength, flexibility, mood, etc. In a word, exercise is good for you. But too much of anything becomes bad eventually. That's the focus of this article. Today I'm going to list some of the tell - tale signs of exercise addiction. Carefully read the list and see how much of it applies to you.

You Know That You're Addicted To Exercise When...

  1. Everything in your wardrobe is sportswear.
  2. Your idea of a romantic dinner date is taking your long term girlfriend to your favorite sports bar.
  3. Your home entertainment collection consists exclusively of fitness DVDs.
  4. You claim all of the workout equipment at the gym for your personal fitness center.
  5. You spend more time at the gym than with family and friends.
  6. You workout at the gym instead of staying home to recuperate from a serious cold.
  7. Nothing in life excites you anymore.
  8. You freak out that your muscles will shrink if you miss a workout.
  9. Every woman you date has to train just as often as you do.
  10. You know the gym is closing for the night but you ask the manager to let you stay to "finish a couple more sets".

If anything in this list sounds familiar, now would be the time for some serious soul searching. The moment exercise goes from being an extension of your life to being a life of its own, things have gone too far. Take a break from exercise or talk to your doctor about getting help for addictive behaviors. Exercise should enrich your life, not ruin it.

By the way, if you have anything to add to the list share it in the comments. We enjoy hearing from you.

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