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Are You Having Trouble Sleeping? Maybe You Should Just Cool Off

Mature Man Sleeping in Bed, Close-Up
Mature Man Sleeping in Bed, Close-Up

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Are you having trouble falling asleep? A recent study has discovered that cooling the brain during sleep may provide relief for insomnia sufferers. In a report that was presented on Monday 13 June, 2011 sleep researchers demonstrated that wearing a cap lowers the temperature of the brain just enough to allow a person to fall asleep.

For the experiment, lead investigator Dr. Eric Nofzinger, professor and director of the Sleep Neuroimaging Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and colleague Dr. Daniel Buyesse, selected 12 persons (average age 45 years) diagnosed with primary insomnia and 12 healthy controls who were of comparable gender and age to the insomnia group.

The subjects were given all-night frontal cerebral thermal transfer via a soft plastic cap that they wore on their head.

Scientists were already aware that increased activity in the frontal lobe prevents insomniacs' sleep, but cooling of that region of the brain through a process referred to as "cerebral hypothermia" could slow metabolism to the point that sleep could be achieved. Therefore the participants were given caps containing tubes filled with circulating water to lower brain temperature.

The results were very promising: the amount of time it took insomniacs to fall asleep and the duration of sleep among members of this group was similar to healthy controls.

Commenting about the results Nofzinger said that "a linear dose response effect of the treatment implies a direct beneficial impact on the neurobiology of insomnia that can improve the sleep of insomnia patients."

Nofzinger said that concerns about drug dependency and side effects make sleeping pills and other pharmaceutical remedies very unpopular treatment methods for persons suffering from insomnia.

The researcher also pointed out that the results of his experiment demonstrate that cerebral cooling is a "safe, non-pharmaceutical mechanism that can be made widely available for home use by insomnia sufferers."

I believe that this is great news for people who suffer from insomnia because if these results could be replicated in a larger group of participants, cooling your head via frontal cerebral thermal transfer could become the premiere method for treating this sleeping disorder.

What natural home remedies do you use to help you sleep? Tell us about it in the comments.

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American Academy of Sleep Medicine



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