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Deadlifting Challenge



Last Tuesday I wrote that I was postponing my handstands challenge because the exercise had lost its appeal. Since that time I've been looking at other areas of my workout that need shoring up. I've decided that my new challenge will be to increase my dead lift weight.

For the past two years I've been stalled at 425 pounds which is 2.65 times my body weight. Deadlifting is a very demanding exercise, it requires a lot of time, physical strength, stamina and devotion. Dead lifts are so intense that they belong to a special class of exercise known as powerlifting.

Power lifting exercises are a spin off of weight lifting (e.g. barbell snatch and the clean and jerk) and are popular with strength trainers, powerlifters and weight lifters. Dead lifting requires strong muscles; the abs, glutes, arms, hamstrings and back must work together to execute the lift. 

I tend to deadlift between 65 % - 74 % of my one rep max. I begin with a warm up set and take it from there. I don't use straps or belt because those accessories undermine the quality and intent of the exercise. I have good grip strength but my left forearm is weaker than my right, this has contributed to my stall. I also want improve the strength in my back muscles so during the week 20 June through 24 June I devoted time to strengthening my body for the deadlift.

For the next eight weeks, I am training to increase my deadlift coefficient from 2.65 to 2.68. This means at the end of seven weeks, I will lift 435 pounds while maintaining a body weight of 162 pounds.

The first week of the challenge begins Monday 27 June 2011 and runs through Friday 1 July 2011. I'll be performing compound lifts including barbell bent over rows, t-bar rows, and dumbbell squats to increase my grip, core and lower body strength.

I'll update my progress every Tuesday. So now, it begins.


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