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The road maybe long and hard, but with a little love all things are possible. With faith and work we can do anything. It is love that gives you a sense of joy, to see the wonderment and beauty in the world. Even in the most dire situations, faith in good things will empower you to overcome.

Through belief in something that hasn't yet come to pass you work to bring it into being. This how a woman who loves piano music yet can not read notes, nonetheless puts in long hours learning how to play. This is where a mother derives strength to walk miles along uneven road in even the harshest conditions to get food from the market with which to feed her children.

It is from this that one friend will shield another who has fallen and is unable to move, even when buildings are crashing down around them. This is the source from which one draws the strength to work for hours even harsh conditions to provide for her family at home. And it is from this that the relationship between man and woman becomes stronger over time.

Love doesn't rush up, seeking the easy path. Instead love is selfless and patient. Sticking together, helping those whom are slower, providing encouragement and a physical hand when necessary. It through love of life and love for yourself that you can be selfless and a source of strength to those who depend on you.

There's a saying: "faith without works is dead", it obviously came from observing the ways of the world. You can believe in something but not put in the work to make it happen. Ultimately whatever it was that you were "hoping" for doesn't come to pass. You've got to work to make things happen, and love for God and trust that if it is what He wants for you, that He'll give you a portion of His power to bring it into reality.

If you truly desire something then you have to work for it - and work isn't always easy. Afterall, does anything truly valuable - that you've genuinely earned - come easily? The reason it has so much value is because its uniquely bound to you. That's the way it is with life. That's the way it is with love.

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