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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment
By Tracey Morgan

If the glossy gossip magazines are to be taken at face value,
cellulite is the most heinous evil that womankind can inflict
upon the general public. And woe betide the celebrity who dares
to enter the public realm wearing shorts, a skirt or beach-wear
whilst having cellulite. They can expect zoomed in, magnified,
and yes, even digitally enhanced images of their thighs with
captions such as “orange peel” underneath. The staff on these
magazines presumably have the legs of shop window dummies. They
arguably share their brains.

Only a tiny proportion of women go through their lives without
ever having cellulite of some sort. It’s well known for
appearing around the thighs or buttocks, but it can also appear
on the abdomen and pelvic region, although this is much less
likely to be seen in public. Interestingly, it is a condition
that overwhelmingly affects women, and men who have signs of
cellulite often have a medical condition related to hormones. It
is thought that the reason for this male-female split is down to
the fact that women’s fat cells are not as closely packed as
men’s are, and it is the tightening of these loosely arranged
cells that squeezes the fat outwards under the skin, causing the
familiar dimpled effect.

Despite its ubiquity, cellulite is a condition that most women
would rather not have. Particularly severe cases can look
unsightly enough to sap confidence and force them to avoid
skirts shorter than knee-length, or avoid situations such as
beaches and swimming pools entirely. As cellulite tends to start
appearing after adolescence has finished, it also hints at
aging, something many of us, male and female, try to hide for as
long as possible.

So while it certainly is not “wrong” to have cellulite, and
it’s certainly morally wrong to poke fun at people who have it,
there is nothing wrong with wanting to get rid of cellulite. Is
it any different from having our teeth whitened or dyeing our

First of all, cellulite is not a side-effect of being
overweight, which is sometimes assumed. It can affect women of
all sizes, although leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating an
unhealthy diet can certainly make its appearance more
pronounced. This is because bad circulation and drainage will
increase the seepage of the fats that cause cellulite. So
although cellulite is indeed a manifestation of fat, it is not
the same as being fat – there are many different kinds of fat in
the human body, and they serve vital purposes.

Once it is established, getting rid of cellulite is not the
impossibility it once was, either. A particularly effective form
of treatment uses a machine that emits radio frequency waves.
These are the most effective waves that are known to penetrate
just deeply enough under the surface of the skin (approximately
2 cm) to heat the fatty layer beneath the dermis, which
effectively melts the fat, making it more fluid. Also, the
stimulation of the dermis itself with this treatment can cause
the production of extra collagen, having a beneficial firming

So if preventative methods haven’t done the trick, even
relatively advanced cases of cellulite can often be dealt with
by a few trips to a clinic specialising in cosmetic treatment.
And as the treatment is getting more and more common, you don’t
need to be a celebrity to afford it.

About the Author: Writing about cellulite treatment and other
skin improvement procedures has made Tracey quite an authority.
She understands the difficult choices faced by patients and is
able to provide information about experts in the field such as in London.


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