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Making Natural Weight Loss Work For You

Making Natural Weight Loss Work For You
By Adrianna Notton

Often people refer to natural weight loss as doing it the hard
way. And there is some truth to that statement. However, if you
want to get healthy while losing weight, there is no better
option than to do it the natural way.

Having patience with yourself and being practical when it comes
to your progress are the most important qualities in any
effective effort. Cutting out all 'bad' foods or setting strict
limits might seem like the best way to reach your goal fast, but
it is actually more likely you will just become frustrated and
give up. Instead, make smaller, more gradual changes that you
are more likely to stick with.

Fiber is something of a miracle nutrient. As well as being good
for your health, it takes up physical space in your digestive
tract and allows you to eat fewer calories without getting
hungry. If you choose fiber from natural sources, then you also
don't have to worry too much about eating a balanced diet, since
natural fiber sources such as whole grains, fruits and
vegetables, are also high in other nutrients.

The best things to reduce in your diet for reasons of health
are saturated fats and refined sugars. These items are both bad
for your body, and have no nutritional value. However, they are
what makes a lot of foods taste good, and trying to cut them out
entirely can backfire on you. Instead, try to eat more modest
portions of foods containing these items.

Many people think that healthy food isn't tasty, but this is
usually because they don't know how to prepare it, or what kinds
of foods to eat. Be adventurous with your food choices, and try
things you've never had before. Get a few healthy cookbooks and
make some recipes out of them. Experimenting with different
options is a major key to success for many people.

Not only actually losing weight, but also keeping the weight
off is important in the long run. The prospect of a never-ending
diet is not popular with many people, unsurprisingly, but it
doesn't actually have to be that bad. Think of it as a change in
your eating habits, not a strict diet. And don't try to make too
many changes too quickly, or you might become overwhelmed.

Many diets treat exercise as something you only do to burn
calories. But there are many health reasons to pursue getting
regular exercise, beyond that it helps you lose weight. Try to
exercise with an eye on your whole-body health rather than on
how many calories you burn, and don't stop even if your weight
loss seems to be plateauing.

Giving up on weight loss efforts is not uncommon. However,
don't assume that you have to give up because you've had a few
bad days or even ten. When making a long-term change,
backsliding is inevitable, and you have not failed unless you
don't try again. Keep your eyes on the prize of a healthy body,
and get back on the diet horse whenever you fall off.

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