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Home Based Workouts

Home Based Workouts
By Mike Umberger

It is definitely not true that you need to hit the gym in order
to get in shape and stay fit. You can get a great workout,
without leaving home, if you are active throughout the day. This
is because, your ultimate objective may be to lose weight and
thus burn calories. Some activities at home can help you do so
without spending time and money to visit the gym everyday. This
can be really helpful if you do not have a gym close by and yet
have some fitness goals that you sincerely want to fulfill.

Climb the Stairs

For starters you can make use of the staircase at home. Walk up
and down two or three stairs, repeatedly till you feel a burning
sensation in your legs. Give yourself some rest in between if
you feel dizzy. As you keep doing this everyday, you can gain
enough strength in your legs to climb up and down an even
greater number of stairs.

This can help you burn calories and increase stamina too. But
try not to do this if you have arthritis or other knee problems.


Bend forward to put your body weight on any stable piece of
furniture (such as a couch) in your house. Then lift one leg
backwards so that the toe is parallel to the ceiling and
gradually bring it down. Repeat this for each leg, about fifteen
times.  This is a great way to strengthen your thigh muscles.

Lift the Laundry Basket

The laundry basket can come handy if you wish to strengthen
your arms. Simply grab the basket with one hand and repeatedly
do sets of ‘raise and lower’ motions. It can give you the same
benefits as working out with a dumbbell. You can also use
resistance bands which can be attached to stationary objects
such as doors and can give you a great workout.

Grab a Video

If you are not entirely sure of how an exercise is supposed to
be done, you can rent an instructional video. Then simply do it
as the experts tell you to!

In Sync with the TV Shows

Your favorite TV show can help you get a great workout too!
When you are watching the show, try some bicep curls or other
exercise that can be done while sitting. Whenever there is a
commercial break, get up and do some intense stuff such as
push-ups, sit-ups or crunches. When the ads are over, go back to
your earlier exercise. So, without looking at the watch, you
have done alternate sets of high and low intensity exercises and
that too at equal intervals of time!

Spot Marching

When you are stuck in one place while doing the dishes or
preparing a batter, work your legs by marching on the spot. You
can even try something harder like lifting your self on your

Have Feet, Will Dance!

Dancing is a great way to burn calories and so there is no harm
in breaking into an impromptu jig alone or with your partner
whenever you feel like. Its fun and fitness at the same time!

You can also hire a personal trainer who can tell you how best
to merge exercises into your daily activities. After all, there
is no substitute for expert guidance, even when you are working
out at home!

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