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Do the Benefits of Drinking Water Include Weight Loss?

Do the Benefits of Drinking Water Include Weight Loss?
By Kirsten Whittaker

Water… it’s an essential nutrient and the most common substance
in the body. Water does many things for us… helps to regulate
body temperature, assists in digestion and excretion. But are we
drinking enough and do the benefits of drinking water include
weight loss?

We’ve all heard, time and time again, that we need to drink at
least eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy. Recent
thinking has moved away from naming a number of glasses per day,
but there are many who continue to hold that drinking lots of
crystal clear water helps with weight loss, a healthy-looking
complexion, flushes toxins from the body and fights cravings
too. Though research in 2008 didn’t bear this out, water
continues to be a healthy, all natural choice.

Surprisingly, you could be dehydrated right now, and not even
know it. In fact, there are many who believe it’s rather common
for us all not to be drinking enough water.

Part of this comes from the modern conveniences of heat and air
conditioning, which tend to dry out the air inside your home or
office. Add to that the average 10 cups of water our bodies lose
each day and you can see why we might be in need of more fluid
than we think.

Of course the weather is also a factor in dehydration,
especially during the height of the summer season, those “dog
days” of summer when the air isn’t moving and the sun is beating
down from a clear blue sky.

Doing anything physical in this type of heat can be dangerous
if you don’t drink enough liquid before, during and afterward.
Feeling weak and dizzy are your first clues that something is
amiss, if nausea follows, you need to get rest in the shade and
fluids until your symptoms improve. If they don’t, seek medical
help right away as heat illnesses can (and do) take lives, even
young, healthy lives.

When it comes to weight loss, renowned and highly successful
Weight Watchers expects you to log your water consumption each
day, just as you list the foods you eat and other liquids you
drink. Water has no points, but that doesn’t mean it is without

You might also think about doubling up on your water
consumption for each and every serving of soda or other
caffeinated beverage that you have during the day. The caffeine
in these drinks acts as a diuretic that removes water from your

When you start to make the switch from other drinks to water,
you’ll likely want a bit more zip in your drink than unflavored
water as to offer. Here’s where you can add flavor with a bit of
peppermint, a slice of lime or lemon. Seltzer or carbonated
water are also options that bring a little zest to the good for
you drink.

Once you get accustomed to drinking flavored waters, you’ll
find that your taste for the unflavored variety comes into play
and you’ll naturally move toward drinking more unflavored water.

An important point to be made about water and weight loss.
About 22% of our calories do come from what we drink. Many of us
drink calories without realizing the impact on our daily total.
Switching to no calorie alternatives like water, tea or even
diet sodas can have a big impact on the number of calories you
take in.

Another benefit of drinking water for weight loss is to
substitute it as much as possible for what you usually drink.
Have water with meals, keep some ice cold water at your desk or
in your car. It’s best not to try and chug your glasses all at
once — too much water in too short a time can actually be quite
dangerous — instead, drink regularly through the day. You might
also up the amount of water you’re giving your body by eating
water rich fruits (watermelon) and veggies (lettuce and tomato)
can be effective ways to get the fluid you need and help you
fill up too.

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health tips including more on the benefits of drinking water and
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The Future Awaits



"The future awaits." Who came up with that? It might be one of the most popular phrases of all time, but it isn't very sensible. The future doesn't wait for anyone. The future is fluid, not static. It's always in motion. The actions of the present influence the future (and quantum mechanics says the future does influence the past), but that's not the same thing as the future waiting around.

Maybe the guy who coined the phrase was simply telling people to be optimistic and hopeful about the future. You know, "grabbing the bull by the horns" so to speak. (But anyone who's ever been around bulls knows that's not as easy as it seems. You've really got to want it, to make that happen.)

As we transition from 2011 to 2012, the future is on just about every one's mind. Will the economy tank? Will I be able to lose weight this year? Will I get rich? Will I be successful? And on and on.

The one thing that we can be certain of is this: God is sovereign and the future is in His hands.

Happy New Year.

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Drinking Alcohol Raises Breast Cancer Risk In Adult Women

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Women who are concerned about breast cancer may want to think twice before taking a drink. According to a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, women who consume even moderate amounts of alcohol place themselves at risk for developing breast cancer.

Researchers from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts, evaluated the relationship between breast cancer and the frequency, age and the amount of alcohol that a woman consumes during her adult life.

In order to do this, they followed 105, 906 women who volunteered for the Nurses' Health Study (NHS). During 1980 and 2008, the participants were given an early alcohol assessment and 8 updated alcohol assessments.


All It Takes Is A Few Drinks Per Week To Raise A Woman's Breast Cancer Risk

During the course of the study, 7690 women were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. It turned out that women who consumed as few as 3 to 6 drinks per week elevated their chances of developing breast cancer. Moreover, binge drinking as well as alcohol consumption in early and later adulthood were associated with increased breast cancer risk.

Wendy Y. Chen, of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School and her colleagues concluded that consumption of alcohol during the course of a woman's life would produce a cumulative effect increasing her breast cancer risk.

People often celebrate the New Year with alcohol. Alcohol has many adverse effects on the human body including impaired judgement, liver damage and research shows it's linked to breast cancer. So, before you take your next drink, perhaps you should ask yourself: "Is this really worth the risk?"


God is God always.

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Article Source

 Chen, W., Rosner, B., Hankinson, S., Colditz, G., & Willett, W. (2011). Moderate Alcohol Consumption During Adult Life, Drinking Patterns, and Breast Cancer Risk JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, 306 (17), 1884-1890 DOI: 10.1001/jama.2011.1590


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Obesity Hits Nonsmoking Esophageal Cancer Patients Hard




Obese people who undergo esophageal cancer surgery are more likely to die from a recurrence of the disease than normal weight patients. The finding, published in the December 1st issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, points to a dire outcome for obese people fighting the potentially fatal throat cancer.

Dr. Harry H. Yoon from the Mayo Clinic's Department of Medical Oncology led a team which examined how smoking and BMI affected esophageal cancer survival. The team studied 778 patients who underwent esophageal cancer surgery; they obtained BMI data as well as whether patients smoked or never smoked.


Obesity Lowers Esophageal Cancer Survival Rates

Yoon and his colleagues learned that obese esophageal cancer patients who never smoked were more likely to die or have a recurrence of the disease than normal weight patients who never smoked.


Why Does Obesity Hurt a Patient's Chances of Surviving Cancer?

Obesity is characterized by chronic inflammation. Lisa M. Coussens from the National Cancer Institute and Zena Warb from the University of California at San Francisco note that tumor cells often develop at sites of inflammation as part of the normal tissue repair process.

The constant damage to cells and regeneration of tissues - which is characteristic of inflammation - trigger the release of chemicals which eventually cause permanent changes to the DNA which can lead to cancer. 

This is one of the reasons why obesity is so dangerous. Obesity not only increases your chances of developing heart disease, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure, it can lead to cancer.


Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

The good news about Yoon's study is that it provides health care professionals with more information about the dangers that obesity pose to cancer survival, thus presenting an opportunity to design treatments specific to obese esophageal cancer patients.

It also serves as a warning to keep your weight under control. Since cancer and obesity are largely preventable, healthy nutrition and regular exercise may lower your risk of being stricken by these diseases.



1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. 2 In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going." John 14:1-4

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Article Sources 

Yoon, H., Lewis, M., Shi, Q., Khan, M., Cassivi, S., Diasio, R., & Sinicrope, F. (2011). Prognostic Impact of Body Mass Index Stratified by Smoking Status in Patients With Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Journal of Clinical Oncology, 29 (34), 4561-4567 DOI: 10.1200/JCO.2011.37.1260

Coussens, L.M. and Werb, Z. Inflammation and cancer. Nature. 2002 December 19; 420 (6917): 860 - 867.


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How To Keep Your Children Healthy





Parents can reduce the likelihood of their children developing asthma by preventing them from becoming overweight. According to research published in the journal Pediatrics, overweight children are at greater risk for developing asthma than normal weight children.

Swedish scientists designed a birth cohort study involving 2075 infants in order to analyze the relationship between high body mass index (BMI), changes to BMI and children's sensitization to asthma and allergies. 

The children were followed for 8 years, wherein parents provided information on their children's health outcomes and exposure to environmental elements. Data on children's height and weight were obtained from school and preschool health care records. At 8 years of age, the analysis included information on the cohort's height, weight and asthma. 


Normal Weight Children Are Less Likely To Develop Asthma Than Overweight Children

Scientists measured children's BMI at age 4 and again at age 7. They learned that children with high BMI at 4 years of age and 7 years of age were at great risk of developing asthma by the time they reached 8 years of age. Children who were overweight at age 7 were also more sensitive to inhalant allergens than normal weight children.

However, children who were normal weight by age 7 were less likely to develop asthma or allergic sensitivities. In other words, overweight or obese children who achieved normal weight by 7 years of age reduced their chances of developing asthma.


How Does Obesity Affect Asthma?

One theory about the relationship between asthma and obesity centers around a fat-derived hormone called leptin. This hormone is produced by white fat cells and regulates the inflammatory immune response.

Lead researcher Jessica Magnusson cited evidence from another experiment performed by other researchers which found elevated hormone levels in obese children and obese children with asthma.  

Inflammation is a symptom shared by obesity and asthma.

Based on the evidence of the Swedish birth cohort study, Magnusson wrote: "Our study indicates that high BMI during the first 4 years does not increase the risk of asthma at school age among children who have developed a normal weight by age 7 years."

The bottom line: parents can keep their children healthy and reduce their chances of developing asthma by helping them maintain normal weight. 


We can only make our way by following God.

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Article Source

Magnusson, J., Kull, I., Mai, X., Wickman, M., & Bergstrom, A. (2011). Early Childhood Overweight and Asthma and Allergic Sensitization at 8 Years of Age PEDIATRICS, 129 (1), 70-76 DOI: 10.1542/peds.2010-2953


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Fat Loss and Motivation: Getting Started

Fat Loss and Motivation: Getting Started
By John Callahan

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. It is a daunting
task, something that you must face because you know that it will
save your life. Getting back to your ideal weight is easier said
than done. It is a challenge that somehow you must face and like
any other challenges in life admitting to your self that you
need help is the first real step you must take. Once you have
accepted that, the second step is to find a way to get things
started and the best way for you is to find the motivations in
your life in order to be able to take the step to weight loss.
Fat loss and motivation are very hard to put together but not
impossible. Fat loss and motivation are two words that anyone
who would want to lose weight must connect. You can find
motivations to lose you fat and weight everywhere around you.
You can probably start within you, the need to look good and
feel good is one motivation for you to win in the battle of
weight loss. Somehow each one of us wants to be physically
appreciated by others. If you feel good inside, it will also
show in the outside. If you are a mother or a father, a wife or
a husband or both your family is a good motivation for you to
lose the weight. You would definitely want to be physically
present and see your children grow up. Parents are needed by
their children to be loved and to provide for their needs. It is
but natural for parents to want to be alive and see our
grandchildren grow up too.

Being overweight opens the door for medical diseases to enter
our body. Overweight also means being obese and these can also
lead to cancer and heart diseases like high blood, enlargement
of the heart, heart attack and heart strokes. It can also lead
to being diabetic. It has been scientifically proven that being
overweight and diabetes is interrelated. Overweight people have
reduced life expectancy by 50 % and if you value your life and
would want to have the chance to live longer and that is enough
motivation for you to take the crunch and start losing weight.

In losing weight getting started is hard enough and what will
help you through are your reasons why you are doing it. Your
motivation will now become you inspiration to push through when
the going gets tough. There will always be set backs but what is
important is to pick yourself up and continue despite the fall.
Nothing can beat your perseverance, determination and
persistence to lead you to the road of success. Every one who
wants to lose weight should be able to successfully do it and
then maintain the loss in order to be able to live a happy and
healthy lifestyle. So start now, motivate yourself by finding
the reasons deep within you and this will eventually lead to fat
loss and healthy lifestyle.

About the Author: Are you looking for more information
regarding Fat loss and motivation ? Visit today!


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The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion
By Stewart Wrighter

Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations…. There are some many
gift giving events in a year. These types of events tend to call
for more sentimental gifts, if they involve our loved ones.
However, it is also very hard to decide what to give sometimes.
Scrapbooks are great solutions to this issue. They aren’t too
expensive, but provide a gift that will last forever. You don’t
have to buy fancy thermal transfer ribbons to make a good
scrapbook. Thermal transfer labels and all that fancy stuff was
just created by people who have too much money on their hands to
spend on crafts. You can make wonderful scrapbook for fewer than
fifty dollars.

You don’t need to be an artist to make a good scrapbook either.
The great thing about scrapbooks is that they can be different
for each person you’re making them for. Some people like really
tacky, quirky things while others like things very neat and
serious. Craft stores realize this and have scrapbooking
supplies for all of the different types of people. Card stock is
scrap booker’s best friend. You can make a dull page look
fantabulous with the right background paper.

If you don’t like the idea of a normal old boring scrap book;
you can do something a little different. Altered books are
amazing gifts. They are much more creative and exciting than
just a normal scrapbook. Your loved one will be floored when you
give them this gift; it will look like you invented the wheel.
Go to a thrift store or used book store and purchase a fairly
thick hard cover book. The bigger the book length and width
wise, depends on what types of things you plan to put in it. If
it is too large, you will run into the issue of not being able
to fill space, which is a lot worse than not having enough
space. However, if it is too small you may be disappointed with
the around you can fit in it. Doing an altered book is always an

The first thing do with your altered book is to rip out a few
chunks of pages. You do this because it loosens the binding,
which make it easier to be able to paint and manipulate the
pages. You have to glue chunks of pages together then. This is
something you want to do a few at a time, but not the entire
book, just in case you need more or less pages than you
anticipated. Altered books are more time consuming than
scrapbooks often, but they yield a much more exciting result.
Once you glue the pages together it is time to start the fun
stuff. Paint or collage backgrounds or collage an entire page.
You can do all the fun stuff of a scrapbook but more with an
altered book. It is one of the best gifts to give people. You
will feel like you gave them something unique and they will feel
like they got the best present in the world.

About the Author: For more information on thermal transfer
ribbons go to  .


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Send a Christmas E-Card to a Loved One

Send a Christmas E-Card to a Loved One
By Dave Matthews

E Cards are similar to a post card or greeting card, with the
difference being that it is created using digital media instead
of paper or other traditional methods. E cards can be sent to a
recipient via e-mail. E cards are environmentally friendly,
because paper is not in the end product. The sender chooses from
an online catalog of E Cards make available on a publishers web
site.The sender can personalize the card by adding a message,
photo, or a video. The sender enters the recipients e-mail
address and the web site delivers the card via e-mail. Some
E-Cards are actually printed out rather than sent via e-mail.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays on the
calendar. Christmas signifies a lot of different things to many
people, for some a memorable meal with loved ones is a very
important part of the day. For others it's a time to celebrate
with family and friends, exchanging gifts, E-Cards, and greeting
cards. The E-Card gives you many options to choose from,
decorate a cookie shaped e-card, or have a personalized song
recorded for someone and attach a E-Card.

Christmas E cards are segmented into an array of categories
such as, Christmas Business, Christmas around the world,
Birthday Christmas, and many more categories. This makes it easy
to find and choose the greeting card your looking for. For your
colleagues/boss/clients you can choose from the business E
Cards. If you have friends around the world, who speak different
languages, you may want to choose from the Christmas around the
world e cards.

It's fun and exciting to put together personalized E Cards. The
animated E Cards are as beautiful and elegant as if you were
watching them in real time. With snow falling, beautiful lights,
and many more animated scenery. Many E Cards include catchy
music that's available in various themes, funny romantic and
sentimental. Christmas Hanukkah e cards are also available.

Christmas E Cards are also a great idea for your kids to send
to their classmates. Kids would really get a kick out of
receiving a e card from their classmates. The humorous E Cards
would really make a kids day. College students would also
benefit from the Christmas E card, sending them to their
professors and fellow students makes life much easier.

Digital media has given us something that saves us time and
money. It has allowed us to send greetings via e-mail, cutting
down on the need to run to the store and purchase cards for any
occasion. Sitting at the computer and picking out the E Card of
your choice, and having the ability to personalize it, and
forwarding it to the recipient is a beautiful concept.

Christmas will be upon us very soon, and each year our list
seems to grow larger and larger. With Christmas E Cards there's
no worry or concern. If your short on time this technology
allows you to pick a Christmas E Card and send as many as you
need to many people at once. If you choose to print your E Card,
your still saving time and money.

The only thing left to do is to mail your E Cards. This is a
service that will be around for a very long time. It's
simplicity cannot be measured.

About the Author: Dave Matthews is a freelance writer, writing
on behalf of Extravision Email Marketing, supplying a wide range
of email resources, including Christmas E Cards -


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The Light of Life



Bearing a mark of deceit and armed with violence they roam about shrouded in darkness, looking for people they may devour. Misery and death are their friends, gentleness and peace are their enemies.

Though they seek to extinguish hope, the Light of Life burns brightly in people who endure. The devourers' fangs shatter against the girded shield given by Life to the people of peace.

For in the end, Light destroys the darkness.


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