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2 Simple and Effective Weight Loss Techniques You Are Likely Not Using

2 Simple and Effective Weight Loss Techniques You Are Likely Not
By Steve Brolin

If you want success in your weight loss efforts, you must be
strategic in the way you approach this endeavor. Here are some
highly-targeted techniques you can use to ensure success that
you may not be using to your advantage.

1. Set small goals. It's perfectly alright to dream of
obtaining the fittest, hottest body you can imagine. What's not
alright is to expect to get that body in a very quick period of
time, especially if you must lose a lot of weight. Losing up to
two pounds a week is natural and healthy, but striving for
something in the vein of 60 pounds in a month prompts you to
take ineffective, and likely dangerous tactics that set you up
for failure.

Obtaining your healthiest body is a journey. Take a deep
breath, relax and enjoy your travels into a fitter, happier and
healthier life. It's not a race, so give yourself milestones
that you can actually achieve and maintain. And don't forget to
recognize successes other than that of losing X pounds per week.
Reward your motivation by recognizing how much more energy you
have now than when you started, how much less your knees hurt in
month two, how much less sugar you eat now, how much heavier the
dumbbells are in week three of your strength-training, and so
on. The more you realize victories from small achievements, the
more mentally and physically prepared you'll be to take on the
big ones, and the more all these achievements will start to be
less weight loss tactics and more of a true lifestyle.

2. Utilize the Power of Intention. Want a mental edge that can
bring powerful results to your efforts? The power of intention
is a way for you to allow the things you want in your life to
manifest into reality. You do this by believing that the things
you want already exist. In the case of weight loss, you should
live each day as if you already have the fit, healthy body you
desire. In doing this, you do not dwell on what you are not,
because that only produces more of what you already have. Here's
an example. If you let your thoughts focus primarily on the fact
that you're not thin and that you're not healthy, then that's
exactly what you get more of - an overweight, unhealthy body. If
you instead focus on the fact that you are fit and healthy -
because you lifted weights today and because you ate high
quality foods, for example - then a healthy body will come to
you easily and naturally.

Since our minds influence our bodies on a cellular level, it's
imperative that we be positive in everything we do when striving
for a healthy weight. Our bodies become exactly what we imagine
them to be. Eating an orange and some walnuts for a snack is
positive. Dwelling on the idea that this food is doing wonderful
things for our body is positive. Believing that a one hour
session of yoga just made us significantly healthier and
stronger is positive.

On the other hand, eating a bag of corn chips, drinking a diet
soda, or eating a fruit pie from a fast food restaurant is
negative. It's impossible for us to imagine our bodies doing
anything productive from consuming these things. And likewise,
sitting in front of the television all weekend is not positive
and does not give our minds fuel for imagining a better self.
Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best when he stated, "You don't attract
what you want. You attract what you are." Imagine great health
from everything you say, think, eat and do, and you will get
exactly what you want.

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