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Elderly People With High Blood Pressure Benefit From Treatment



Elderly people with blood pressure benefit from anti-hypertension treatment, a new study shows. The results, published in BMJ, underscore the need for continuing medical care for the aging population.

Medical researchers designed an experiment to ascertain the immediate and long-term benefits of anti-hypertension medications for the elderly. They recruited 1712 elderly high blood pressure patients from Europe, Asia and Northern Africa who had been participating in the Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET).

Volunteers for the extension were drawn from two groups- those whom had been receiving high blood pressure medications throughout the HYVET, and group which had originally been prescribed placebos. During the year-long extension of the trial, all 1712 volunteers were given blood pressure lowering medications.  

Six months into the extension, there was only a minimal difference between the participants' blood pressure readings. Even better, further comparisons between the two groups showed no significant differences for stroke or heart-related events. Researchers also noted reductions in total mortality and cardiovascular mortality.

By the end of the trial, researchers concluded that early high blood pressure treatment is good for the elderly. "Sustained differences in  reduction of total mortality and cardiovascular mortality reinforce the benefits and support the need for early and long term treatment" the research team went on to say in their report.


Why Is The HYVET Study So Important To Americans?

We're living in a rapidly aging society. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are 39.6 million Americans over the age of 65. Right now, that's nearly 13% of the population, but by 2030 19% of the population - that's 72.1 million people - will be age 65 and older.

As people become older, their health often declines. Unfortuntately many of the elderly don't receive adequate medical care either due to expenses, neglect or lack of education. Therefore it's absolutely imperative that we as health media providers, spread the word about the benefits of medical intervention to members of that demographic.

We're asking you to do your part, too. If you know of anyone who would benefit from the information in this article, please tell them about it. We'll give you details how you can do that in a moment.

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