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Health Benefits of Juicing That'll Change Your Life

Health Benefits of Juicing That'll Change Your Life
By David Cheum

In today's fast-paced lifestyle, most people are too busy to
prepare wholesome, nutritious meals. As a result, their bodies
are badly lacking in vital nutrients for good health. A great
solution can be found in the health benefits of juicing.

A year after I started to drink fresh juices regularly, I met a
distant relative. And what she said was a pleasant surprise:
"You look good! When I saw you last year, your complexion was
dull. Now, it is glowing with health."

I didn't know I had an unhealthy-looking complexion in the
first place. But I'm glad it's no longer so. I believe it was
because of the benefits of juicing.

Here are some marvelous health benefits of juicing:

1. Juice Is Living Food

Cooking destroys most of the nutrients and enzymes in
vegetables and fruits. But not everyone enjoys raw vegetables.
Therefore, drinking fresh vegetables and fruits juices is an
excellent way to get living food for your body.

2. Easy Digestion And Assimilation Of Nutrients

Solid foods take 2 to 3 hours to digest before the nutrients
can be made available. Juices, on the other hand, need just 15
minutes to be assimilated to feed your cells and tissues.

Dr. Lynn Tan (N.D.), a renowned Natural Health expert, notes
two other great health benefits of juicing...

3. For Cleansing And Repairing Of Your Liver, Kidneys,
Intestinal Tracts And Other Vital Organs

There are many health benefits of juicing carrots. Carrot has
the richest source of beta-carotene. It is an effective
antioxidant to protect your body from free radical damage and
premature aging.

Carrot juice causes your liver to release bile, and excessive
accumulated cholesterol and toxins. Cleansing of the liver may
cause the effect of a slight yellowish color on your skin due to
the large amount of waste matter being released. This
discoloration is harmless.

Carrot juice also has an alkalizing effect on your blood. It
soothes the entire nervous system while toning your intestinal

4. For Toning Your Blood

Blood is the life stream of your body, affecting every cell and
system you possess. For the complex working of the body, your
blood needs a constant source of nutrients.

Millions of people suffer from a lack of iron (anaemia) without
knowing it. If you still feel tired despite having enough sleep,
you may have a form of anaemia.

Anaemia saps your energy by depriving your cells of oxygen.
This happens when your blood has too few red blood cells or too
little haemoglobin to transport oxygen through the bloodstream.

The health benefits of juicing green leafy vegetables is
tremendous in fighting anaemia. This is because it is extremely
rich in iron and other minerals. And it is very high in

Chlorophyll is a substance found EXCLUSIVELY in plants. It has
a structure similar to human haemoglobin.

During the 1940s, researchers found that consuming chlorophyll
enhances the body's ability to produce haemoglobin. Thus,
improving the efficiency of oxygen transport.

The above are just a few of the awesome health benefits of
juicing. So start drinking fresh fruits and vegetables juices
today for good health!

About the Author: David Cheum is the founder of Natural Health
Superstar, where you discover Simple Steps To Nourish Your
Health To Enjoy Life. Pick his FREE ebook today, "You Can Regain
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