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The How-To’s of Running

The How-To’s of Running
By Stewart Wrighter

Running is a popular sport that is extremely beneficial for the
participant. The first step to learning how to run is for one to
have discipline to go on a regular basis. Running takes a lot of
energy and commitment so one must be sure that they are really
interested in continuing. Running can help people get in shape
and lose weight but it is also an activity that can be taken up
for purely recreational purposes. If one finds that they are
having trouble physically with running then a foot doctor at a
podiatry office should be consulted.

Running can be draining so one must be sure to get enough rest
beforehand. Eight hours of sleep before vigorous activity is
strongly recommended. If one plans on running great distances
like a marathon or half marathon then they should probably get
even more rest. A proper diet is also important for a runner.
Healthy foods are better for one’s body especially when it is
being exercised. Meat, fish, and vegetables are all acceptable
choices when cooked in a healthy manner using a light olive oil
or lemon juice for flavor. Fried foods are unhealthy and can
cause arteries to clog which can sometimes result in a heart

Hydration is probably the single most important part of
running. People lose a lot of their body’s water through
sweating when they are running. It is important to drink lots of
water before, during, and after running so that one can
replenish their body’s water supply. If one does not drink
enough water when running or exercising, then they could become
dehydrated. One can tell if they are dehydrated if they
experience dizziness, lightheadedness, shivering, shaking, black
spots in their vision, intense nausea, or fainting. If any of
these symptoms occur, then one should stop running, find water,
and proceed to the hospital if the symptoms persist.

Stretching before running is very important for the muscles. If
one does not stretch, then they can pull a muscle or even
collapse mid-run. This is bad for the body in general because
stretching lets your body knows that it is getting ready for
strenuous activity and it is a way of preparing one’s body for
the task ahead.

After stretching one can start off with a slight jog. When done
right, jogging can begin to quicken the heart rate which helps
to slowly ease the body into running. One should jog for
approximately one fifth of the time that they plan to run. Any
less time spent jogging could cause the body to prematurely
dehydrate while any more is just a waste of energy and time.

After jogging, one can begin to run. It is important to keep
one’s arms cocked at a right angle, making the elbow the corner.
This should be done so that one can effectively swing their arms
forward and then backwards again, an action that causes
momentum. While running, it is important to place one foot
steadily in front of the next so that one does not fall over.
One should also find a rhythm in their breathing. This will help
people to not be too out of breath when they finish running.

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