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The Race Of Your Life

Richmond, Virginia, USA

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If you're lucky your life will be a marathon - long and intense. Hopefully you'll have the stuff to go the distance. You'll pass many milestones during the race. Though you don't know quite where you'll end up, you'll stay the course, steady and true. Even when your body becomes tired your spirit will not wane, you'll keep to the race.

You press onward, your spirit honed by lessons filled with trials and joy. When finally you see the finish line in sight, you know that you've won even before you cross it because you stayed loyal to God.

Yes, if you're fortunate your life will be a marathon both long and intense. But pray that it's not a sprint that will burn out fast. 

In that way you can be like Paul who triumphantly said of his service to Jesus the Son of God "I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith!"


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