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Are We There Yet?

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There's a running gag in a lot of movies: family goes on an incredibly long road trip. The parents are exhausted and the kids unceasingly start in with "Are we there yet?"

In life we often determine our successes by how much progress we've made toward our goals. How much we accomplish determines whether we've actually made it or not. We set time - determined goals i.e. we need to get such and such done by [specified date] in order to progress to the next level. If we miss the specified date, we either abandon or revise our objective(s).

Along the way toward our goal we need to look for markers and other clues that will help us get there.

Even though it's often a source of laughs in the movies, when it comes to evaluating progress toward your goals, there's nothing wrong with asking the question "Am I there yet?"

Just remember that you're the one who's in the best position to know the answer to your own question.


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