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Contrary to what what you may have heard, fructose doesn't appear to make you gain weight any more than other dietary sugars. In a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, scientists have determined that sugars with the same amount of calories will have the same effect on the body's ability to gain weight.

Canadian researchers arrived at this conclusion after they conducted an extensive meta-analysis using data from MEDLINE, EMBASE and other sources. Their goal was to review feeding trials to learn how fructose consumption affects body weight.

To find the answer, the team assigned members to review different trials related to fructose consumption and weight gain.

Scientists reviewed thirty-one trials (637 participants) that consisted of experiments which compared the effects of body weight caused by consumption of fructose to those vs. nonfructose sugars in diets of similar calories (isocaloric trials). 

The scientific team also looked at ten hypercaloric trials which consisted of 119 participants. In these cases, people either added extra fructose to the amount they consumed each day or made no changes whatsoever.

When the scientists analyzed at the isocaloric trials, they noted that fructose consumption "had no overall effect" on participants' weight gain. But people who consumed excessive amounts of fructose did gain weight (hypercaloric trials).

Basically what it boils down to is this: regardless of the type of sugar, if you eat the same amount of calories, your body won't be able to tell the difference - as far as weight is concerned.  

That doesn't mean that you should go out and eat foods laden with table sugar and wash it down with high fructose corn syrup sweetened beverages. Eating too much sugar could make you fat, spike your insulin levels and put you on the fast track to diabetes.

If anything, the meta-analysis conducted by the Canadian team shows that if you eat fructose in moderation, you should be okay.

Does this change your opinion about fructose? Tell us about it in the comments.

 It may not make sense to us, but it does to God.

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