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Quick Weight Loss Diets And Healthy Snack Recipes

Quick Weight Loss Diets And Healthy Snack Recipes
By David L Lloyd

When you think of Increased Metabolism with quick weight loss
diets, just imagine your muscles literally filling up with
nutrients. You’ll not only be able to feel your muscles become
tighter and fuller, you’ll probably notice the changes in the
mirror. Why? Because you’ll be replenishing your glycogen stores
by eating a hefty close of carbohydrates. At the same time, this
influx of carbs will raise your insulin levels, which drives
even more nutrients such as the high-quality protein that you
eat to your muscles.

The result is a dramatic surge in muscle growth. And even
better, all of this occurs with out causing your body to store
fat. The reason: Whenever you enter the Increased Metabolism
Zone, your glycogen levels will be low, due to the time you’ve
spent in the Weight Loss Zone. This prepares your body to
embrace high-carb foods, without the negative consequences that
occur when your glycogen tank is overflowing.

You’ll probably notice that many of the Increased Metabolism
Zone foods are similar to those in the Weight Loss Zone. For
instance, meat, cheese, and eggs are all excellent sources of
muscle-building protein, which makes them ideal for both Zones.
However, since there’s no need to watch your carb intake in the
Increased Metabolism Zone, the approved list of high quality
protein sources expands to include yogurt, kefir, and milk. The
same goes for produce:

In addition to the options you have in the Weight Loss Zone,
you can now eat as much fruit as you want and add starchy
vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and corn to your meals.
The main change between the Weight Loss Zone And the Increased
Metabolism Zone is that you’ll now emphasize healthy, high
carbohydrate foods, such as grains and beans, and de-emphasize
foods that are high in fat. But again, the key is to keep the
diet simple, and you can do just that by following the nutrition
tactics below for quick weight loss diets.


1. Eat any combination of the Increased Metabolism Zone foods
along with the approved condiments and beverages until you feel
satisfied, but not stuffed. Again, don’t over-think this; just
eat. By following the general guidelines that we’ve laid out in
our diet plans, you’ll automatically avoid junk food, the
universal downfall of all diets.

2. Try to eat high quality protein at every meal and every 3
hours, if possible. The goal is to provide your muscles with a
steady supply of amino acids, in order to ensure that they have
the nutrients they need to grow. Think of it as if you were
constructing a new house: If you don’t have all of the necessary
building materials on hand, even the best builder can’t make

3. Consume carbohydrates at each meal. This shouldn’t be too
hard, since it’s in line with the way most people are accustomed
to eating. The idea is to boost your insulin levels at every
meal, in order to drive nutrients to your muscles. So during the
Increased Metabolism Zone, besides vegetables, you can enjoy
pasta, sandwiches, cereal, and pancakes, as well as snacks such
as fruit, popcorn, and pretzels.

4. Go easy on extra fats. The reason is simple: You can only
eat so many calories in a day without gaining fat. And since
you’ll be increasing your intake of carbs, that doesn’t leave a
lot of room for additional calories from sources such as nuts,
seeds, and butter. This doesn’t mean you should eliminate fat
altogether, only that your intake should be incidental. So limit
your diet to the fat that’s naturally found in meat or cheese,
or the kind needed to cook with, like olive oil.

5. Avoid added sugar and refined grains. Primarily, this means
foods that are made with sugar, regular soda, cake, cookies-or
with flour that isn’t 100 percent whole wheat, like white bread
and white pasta. Technically, these carbohydrates are allowed in
the Increased Metabolism Zone, when the purpose is to raise
insulin levels.

However, we highly encourage you to eat quality sources of
carbohydrates. That is, carb-rich foods that are also packed
with nutrients, such as 100 percent whole grain products and
high-fiber beans. These are what we call nutrient-dense
carbohydrates and our diet plans can be seen at the following
website link.

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