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The Treasure



A boy held a valuable treasure in the palm of his hand. A perfectly round ball that when he held it up to the light, displayed brilliant and amazing colors. To the boy this tiny ball was the most valuable treasure in the world.

Because one moment it was a precious crystal which was sought after by jewel collectors who would give many other balls in exchange for the one he owned. At other times the ball was a time machine, allowing him to travel to the Age of the Dinosaurs and the might T-Rex, or to the distant future where people drove flying cars.

The ball could also become a tiny globe so much like the snow globes of Christmas-time. When the boy peered into it, he could see a different world. A world filled with tiny people busily moving about, toiling fields, riding horses, living in cities...

The tiny ball became anything the boy imagined. The boy's imagination was the source of the ball's value and why he treasured it so much...

As the boy grew older, he learned that he didn't need the ball to fuel his imagination, he merely needed to allow himself to be free. Without concentrating, he could imagine amazing things. Then he would study to learn how to bring himself closer to what he imagined. His imagination helped to inspire and motivate him.

The power of the mind is absolutely amazing. It enables us to create tremendous structures, build magnificent dams, invent medicines to cure disease, and paint fantastic works of art.

Cherish and embrace your imagination and never give it up. For in your mind lies some of the most valuable treasures in the world.  


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