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You Are Beautiful



Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the wonderment of your life? About the inner workings of your body and everything else that makes you... you? When you stop to think about it, it's a wonder that you're alive at all.

Your body is a thriving community in and of itself. You consist of tens of trillions of living cells, grouped into twelve systems according to their specific functions. You have systems that regulate body temperature, breathing, digestion, even sleep for individualized cells.

24/7, some of your cells are on the constant lookout for enemy invaders, while others are feeding, clearing waste, talking to one another and making chemicals. At any given time, one or more cells could make a mistake that could amplify to the point of utter and deadly chaos.

You have cells that record the inner sensations and experiences of one cell's interaction with its neighbors. You have cells that remember everything that has happened to you - from the inside out.

You have cells that can create images that are so vivid that you may not even realize they're the result of chemical reactions produced by these cells.

The individual awareness of each cell builds upon its neighbors reaching a point where consciousness emerges, giving rise to your sense of identity and realization that you are in the world.

You can never fully appreciate the consequences that lead to your birth, the merging of two cells which immediately resulted in your life. The events and consequences that could have put an end to you long before now. Yet, here you are. Yet, you're still here.

When you draw breath, or feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin, or smell the scented rose, never take these for granted. For your very awareness of these is the result of countless events unfolding on your behalf - events which serve as a testament of your worth and place in this world.

So wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, take pleasure in Life, and in happiness appreciate these words: "Oh, how beautiful you are!"


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