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Citrus Fruits May Lower Your Stroke Risk

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Women who want to lower their stroke risk might consider eating citrus fruit. New research recently published in the journal Stroke suggests that flavonoids may reduce ischemic stroke risk in women.

An international team of researchers led by Aedin Cassidy from the Department of Nutrition at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom found the answer through a prospective study which investigated links between flavonoids and risk of hemorrhagic, ischemic and total stroke.

To this end they studied 69,622 women who participated in the Nurse's Health Study - one of the largest and lengthiest ongoing studies focused on women's health. Cassidy's team followed the women for fourteen years. Every four years the women were given semiquantitative food frequency questionnaires from which researchers gathered information about participant's health and dietary habits. 

During the course of the study 1803 stroke incidents occured. Women who ate very little citrus fruit were more likely to suffer an ischemic stroke than women who included these foods in their regular diet. 

Cassidy's team determined that flavonones, a subclass of flavonoids, were a primary nutritional ingredient of citrus fruits and associated with improved health with regards to ischemic stroke.

Based on these findings, Cassidy's team concluded: "Citrus fruit consumption may be associated with a reduction in stroke risk, and experimental data support these epidemiological associations that the flavanone content of citrus fruits may potentially be cardioprotective."

The team went on to say that more study is needed to support the findings of their experiment, but at this point the news is very good.

Ischemic stroke is one of the most serious forms of brain attacks, accounting for 85 % of all strokes. In addition to being potentially lethal, ischemic stroke attacks, which are caused by fatty buildup in the blood vessels, may cause permanent brain damage. 

Flavonones may improve capillary blood flow and prevent the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels thereby reducing the risk for stroke.

Cassidy's experiment which draws upon data from nearly 70,000 people, is too large to ignore. Citrus fruit may prevent strokes, and with so many varieties to choose from, it's unlikely that you'll ever lose your taste for them.

Eat healthy and live.

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