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Is it Possible to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise Alone?

Is it Possible to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise Alone?

By Kya Grace

There are many speculations about the importance of diet when it comes to weight loss. The truth of the matter is that you need to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. It is your choice whether you want to create it by dieting, exercising, or both. A research study that extended up to 12 weeks, showed that both dieting alone and exercising alone caused the same amount of weight loss, but those who exercised to lose weight were much more physically fit. Here are a few tips to help you lose weight through exercise alone:

Sleep the right amount - No one loses weight while they are exercising; they lose weight while resting. Your body burns fat when you sleep. Therefore, if you do not get enough sleep, all the exercising goes down the trash. What is also important is to sleep at least two hours after dinner. Otherwise, the digestive process interferes with the fat burning process.

Cardio Training - Cardio training is important as it gets your heart beating, and helps to increase your stamina. It helps to create the calorie deficit you require to in order to reach your weight loss goal. Typically, you should do cardio training for 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. This of course, will vary depending on your stamina. The stamina that you build can be used by your body during weight training.

Weight Training - When you lift weights, you develop your muscles. Muscles are developed by burning fat. Therefore, weight training is a must if you are relying on exercise to lose weight. Its not necessary to go to the gym for this. You can buy a few dumbbells of varying weights, and progress through them as your stamina allows. Research shows that regular resistance or weight training will increase your metabolic rate by almost 15 %, helping you to lose weight faster.

Interval Training - After some time, your body will get used to the exercises and not burn much fat. You will need to change your routine or increase the number of repetitions. Another way to shock your body into burning fat is to do interval training. Interval training basically involves work out which is not regular, that is it involves so many changes in that very session, that your body can't foresee the amount of fat burning required, and has to burn a lot of fat. Going hiking, or running stadium stars with intervals is a good example of interval training.

Warm Up and Cool Down - Your body functions differently when you are exercising, for example, your muscles are flexed, your body needs more oxygen, and many other changes. It is necessary to get your body ready for them, by warming up, and to cool down before it gains normalcy again. Your muscles are prepared for action through warm up and that helps avoid injuries, stretches and cramps. Cooling down gives the body the signal to be normal again, which will bring down the increased oxygen levels that were maintained during exercise.

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