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For I am Not Worried



A man came upon a woman who looked forlornly upon patrons of a supermarket, for she herself had not eaten for three days. Feeling compassion for her the man took the woman by the hand and led her inside and bought sack loads of food for her. Later the man happened upon a man whom hobbled about without shoes. Feeling compassion for him the man took off his shoes and put them on the hobbled man's feet.

Later the man came across a woman who shivered because she had no coat. Feeling compassion for her, he clothed her in his coat and she felt warm. Later, with his own soles bloody and worn, he came across a family that was being beaten with clubs. Feeling compassion for them he stood in the way and took the merciless blows giving them a chance to get to safety.

Under the weight of the blows, the man dropped to his knees, and at that instant he heard a gentle, yet overwhelmingly powerful voice which asked him: "Why did buy food for the hungry woman, give shoes to the hobbled man, clothe the coatless woman and take blows for the family?"

The man replied: "In each of them I saw You. Beaten as I am and though my soles are bloodied, in giving to them I am not worried, for could I do less for You who made me?"

With that a fierce wind came up and blew the assailants way. And the man heard the voice again saying: "What you did for others you also did for me, and what was done to you was also done to me."

Without expectation of reward, some things are done on faith, the faith that through the love of Life, there is a better way. Each of us are given a choice and we should do as we must, but never be ashamed to give of yourself because in its purest form this outpouring of your heart this act of love is an appreciation for the Light of Life which made you.

There is good in this world, even though there are those who would rather we did not know it. I decided to compose this article in response to the unhappy and violent symbolism so often promoted by the media these days. If you're ever feeling the need for something positive to counter that ugliness, this article is here for you.


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