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How to Stay Fit While Holidaying

How to Stay Fit While Holidaying

By Kya Grace

Holidays are times when you look forward to eat, drink, party and indulge in all kinds of fun activities. With an increase in the stress levels in today’s world, you crave for this break from your daily routine to totally relax and chill. It is very natural to crave for different types of delicacies during holidays as that is the only time when your taste buds are on an overdrive. Here are some simple yet effective ways which could help you to enjoy your vacation in great health without lowering your spirits and appetite.

Fitness Schedule
While it is very easy to give in to laziness during holidays, understand that it is important to have a definite exercise schedule. Plan your workout regime with your boot camp trainer in advance. Ask him to chart out a combination of exercises that is both fun and engaging. This would not only burn out the calories but also make you look forward to hitting the gym regularly.

Easy way to keep fit
If you are going to miss your boot camp sessions during vacation there is nothing to worry. You still have great many options. Physical fitness is not just about lifting weights and doing cardio. You can tone your body and burn calories doing some simple activities like walking, swimming, cycling, jogging and playing outdoor games. Whatever you do, ensure that you do some physical activity every day. Enjoy these activities this vacation and the see the difference it makes to your body and mind.

If you have already made arrangements to go to a holiday destination, look out for activities the resort or the hotel of your destination has to offer. Be a sport and try different adventure games exclusively available there. Trekking, rock climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving are some adventurous activities which we do not indulge in on daily basis. Try them and see the amount of calories they burn and the confidence they bring into you.

Enjoy Your Food but in Moderation
Keeping an eye on what you eat does not necessarily mean that you have to cut down on your favourite food items. Moderation is the key word for you, if you feel depressed when you are restricted from eating certain types of food. If there is a tendency in you to go overboard try drinking a glass of water before you start eating either in a party or in the restaurant. Follow this with a bowl full of fresh garden salad. Salad is very nutritious and filling and it will naturally bring down your intake.

If you are still hungry take a single helping of the spread on the counter. If there is a particular food you are crazy about, ensure that you cut short all the other dishes and take a healthy amount of this delicious food. Eat sensibly to avoid stuffing yourself. However, it is perfectly alright to go overboard once in a while as long as you are aware that you can come back to your fitness schedule after that.
Water wonder

Water can do wonders for your body if you drink at least eight to ten glasses of it every day irrespective of anything. It flushes out the toxins in your body and keeps your body well hydrated. Dehydration can cause fatigue, weakness, headaches and countless other problems. Try replacing your cocktails with water as water can definitely help you to lose weight and give that lovely glow to your skin.

Rest and Relax
It is a holiday. There is no reason why you should not take your much earned rest now. Keep yourself active but at the same time do not forget to put your feet up and relax. Do not feel guilty about it. Remember that you deserve this break.

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