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The Workout At Home Weight Training Program

The Workout At Home Weight Training Program

By David L Lloyd

Create your own, workout at home schedule or weight training program that suits You! If you pick up a heavy weight, put it down, and repeat a few times and you do it often enough, you will build muscle. You will also burn calories and you will raise your metabolism, all of which will help you lose fat, and better still, maintain that fat loss for the rest of your life. Sound simple? It is.

Yet you’ll find that because there are so many ways to accomplish this simple workout at home of picking up a heavy weight, putting it down, and repeating, it's a simple weight training program and there are hundreds if not thousands of opinions on how best to do it, and we imagine that they all work. At least as long as you consistently use whatever protocol it is that you are doing.

But we aren’t just interested in the workout at home.. it works easy and well, but we are interested in what works best with an easy weight training program.. Or more specifically, a workout at home that best and fits into your lifestyle. That’s because any diet or weigh training program is only effective if you actually have time to follow through with it. For instance, consider that Australian researchers recently determined that men who lifted weights 3 days a week for 5 weeks increased muscle size by about 0.2% per day. Sure, this amount of growth is unnoticeable from a day to day weight training program,, but imagine how dramatic the cumulative effect would be if you were to workout at home, all your major muscle groups 3 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This is called consistency with your own weight training program, and it’s the true key to achieving the most success possible with any exercise program.

So with fostering consistency in mind, we set out to create a weight training program and fitness philosophy that centers on achieving the best results in the least amount of time with any weight training program. The idea is simply that most of us don’t have an hour or two to workout at home, 6 days a week. And even if we did, would that actually be optimal? After all, when it comes to a workout at home and building muscle, the law of diminishing returns always applies at some point. Research shows that performing 1 set of a weight training program, works for building muscle, but 2 sets of a weight training program would work better, but what about, say, 10 sets of a weight training program? Is this better than doing 8 sets or even 4 sets? For answers.. we rely on data from more than 50 years of muscle research, and on the practical research of a former world class martial artist turned Personal Development Coach, who is now recognized as one of the world’s foremost workout at home trainers and fitness experts.

When it comes to diets and a weight training program that suits you.. since 2008, we have kept a detailed account of every single, workout at home weight training program conducted. This effort was at first economically motivated as clients pay for the fastest results. To compete with the gym down the street, we had to find out what Works the best, and that meant collecting workout at home information and weight training program data on a large number of average men who were using a variety of different training methods.

Unlike commercial health clubs, the workout at home weight training program located in Sydney Australia, offers only semiprivate training, meaning each Workout at home is designed, monitored, and recorded by a member of the staff. Consider that in a typical Week it hosts 400 workouts at home, providing feedback on 20,800 sessions a year and to equal those numbers, a regular guy Would have to workout at home every single day for 57 years. In effect, that makes our Australian gym a bona fide research laboratory, and the gym rat clients, it seems, human lab rats,, all of which underscores the real world relevance and findings of our weight training program.

To further explain these observations, we have tried to bridge the academic research, like the kind we conduct with the practical application of workout at home sets of exercise and repetitions of weight training programs. A 19th century English biologist named Thomas Huxley once said that ‘science is nothing but organized common sense,’ which is what training should be, and we couldn’t agree more.

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