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Breast Implants: Opting For Implants After a Mastectomy

Breast Implants: Opting For Implants After a Mastectomy

Submitted by: Dr. Jay Orringer

A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating and turns a woman's life upside down. Women are fighting and beating the disease every day. But, in the process of saving their lives, they end up losing the most feminine bits of themselves. The hair will grow back, but the breasts will not.

If you have had a mastectomy to combat your cancer, you do have options for reclaiming your womanly figure. Breast implants are often used to give back what cancer has taken away. There are physical and psychological benefits to getting implants after a mastectomy.

Physical Benefits:

Yes, your health is all that matters and if you have beaten cancer then that is all that matters. But, you are still a woman and losing one or both of your breasts changes your physical appearance. After all the chemotherapy and radiation, feeling sick and losing your hair, you want to feel sexy and look like a woman again. Opting for breast implants to reclaim your curves and cleavage give you back some of your old self.

Reconstruction with breast implants will not restore you to your exact size, shape and appearance, but it can give you something similar. A determining factor is how much skin and tissue that can be saved. Some surgeons are using procedures that completely save the outer skin and simply remove the interior portion that is affected by the cancer.

If this type of procedure is done, you have a better chance of getting the size you need because the skin is intact. All the surgeon has to do is fill in the void under the skin. Other options include choosing a smaller size or grafting skin from other parts of the body.

Psychological Benefits:

It is not superficial to love your breasts. Sure they play a role in attracting a mate, but they are also the source of nutrition for your children. If you have kids, you know that the time spent breast-feeding is special and bonds you to your child. But even moms like to feel sexy and showing a little cleavage is a common way to do this.

If you've lost one or both to cancer, you may be feeling like less of a woman- undesirable, unattractive and certainly not sexy. Getting breast implants as part of your reconstruction can help you gain back your self-esteem and confidence.

You've been living with these things all your life, you've watched them grow and maybe even lamented that they weren't big enough. But, they are yours and you are proud of them. It is very traumatic to let them go even when you know it could save your life. Depression is very common for women who have had a mastectomy. Knowing that you can regain a bit of yourself makes the decision to remove them easier.

It is very important to discuss with all of your surgeons what you want before you have either procedure. When you do have the cosmetic procedure, choose the right surgeon. He must be board certified, but also see what his experience is with reconstruction. Also, check with your insurance company because many will cover this type of reconstructive surgery.

You've sacrificed a lot for your life, but you don't have to settle for what cancer has left you with. You've taken back your life; now take back your breasts.

About the Author: After mastectomy breast reconstruction Beverly Hills with breast implants may not restore you to your exact size, shape and appearance, but it can help regain your confidence. For details on breast implant products, you can visit to learn more.

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