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Mental Fitness as Chronic Back Pain Remedy

Mental Fitness as Chronic Back Pain Remedy

Submitted by: Dr. Rose Windale

The total being is generally viewed as an interrelation between mind, body and spirit in essence with one having absolute influence over the other. With the intangible having the propensity to gain significant control over the tangible, much can be said about the influence of the mind on physical health as in the case of auto-suggestion and meditation. A perceptive question to mull over pertaining this theory is: Does the brain control chronic back pain or does chronic back pain control the brain? Researches have obtained findings that as much as 11% of shrinkage in the brain was indicated among sufferers of chronic back pain.

When afflicted by this constantly nagging and potentially debilitating irritant, such findings likewise manifested that the total quality of the brain undergoes major alterations. Compared to healthy individuals, chronic back pain sufferers’ brains age 20 times faster and the longer one suffers from the distress of this condition, the greater the damage is instigated. Experts suggest that chronic back pain is associated with the brain’s limbic system thereby affecting emotional states. This may be evident with the negative moods and vibrations and the sullen attitude experienced by those afflicted with chronic back pain. Such morose perspective is aggravated by the unfortunate assumption that chronic back pain is untreatable and can only degenerate.

Once beset by this potentially incapacitating condition, the nerve cells are unduly overworked and are in a perpetual state of negative activity. Researchers are of the view that chronic back pain sufferers can be motivated once they get a glimpse of their own live brain scan. By doing so, they can gain a better understanding of both pain perception and modulation which could aid them in controlling and managing chronic back pain. Once the individual instigates the initiative to send strong signals to the brain and goad it into creating positive results, that energy can come into realization. The brain is, after all, receptive and submissive to power of suggestion.

The same can be said about hypnosis and other mind practices. Adapting a positive attitude towards chronic back pain healing can trigger a beaming positive energy that can substantiate into beneficial physical outcomes when potent enough. Such is possible despite the fact that chronic back pain is hereditary. Just because the condition is within your gene pool doesn’t necessarily mean that it is irremediable. A healthy dose of optimism is therefore well worth incorporating into any health and medical regimen as much remains to be said about the influence of motivation and positivism on total wellness and a good quality of life.

Instilling a strong sense of belief that one will not be overwhelmed by their condition will eventually emerge as a positive energy that can only manifest when compelling enough. Such philosophy is applicable to chronic back pain and for other conditions as well. It is well not worth it to carry the unnecessary burden of a negative and gloomy mind set and a medical condition at the same time. Physical and metal fitness can well be the core treatment measures for chronic back pain. In accordance with your physician’s advice, breathing and physical exercises can be carried out as well.

A gradual, step-by-step process of addressing chronic back pain just might be one of the guaranteed means to remedy the condition.

About the Author: Dr. Rose Windale is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been successful with several natural health programs for many years. Rose decided to share her knowledge and tips through her website You can sign up for her free newsletter.

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